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Bad trouble a knockin'

Bulletstorm Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Bad trouble a knockin'

Act 6 - Chapter 2

Right at the start.

Then you're going to drop into some nice toxic waste. So run run run to the far end where your friendly Burnouts are waiting for you. Then you'll walk and talk and kick down some debris in a narrow outdoor hall.

This will separate you from the other two and put you in some serious close quarter action. Flailgun gang bangs do a LOT of damage quickly and can get you out of here will little trouble. Move forward to meet up with the other two and more Burnouts. This area is littered with explosive though so they go down quickly. 

After the last battle you'll come out onto a large series of platforms. On the high left as you enter is a walkway and the Newsbot is up there.

After that more walking and talking. Seems to be a lot of that this act. You'll lose Suranno for a bit. Least the platform to you and you and Ishi will have a little heart to heart talk.

You'll see this swarm over the liquid pit as the cutscene plays. When you retake control turn back towards the pit to eliminate this swarm.

Kick down a couple of gates and leap over some small ledges and you'll be back into the action in no time. Creep Snipers.

A convinently located DropKit so that you can get yourself a Head Hunter to take out these snipers.

There are 3 to the left, then 3 to the right, and finally 4 behind. If you have the money Charged Head Hunter shots get the job done quickly!

Then a TON more of walking and talking. Opening door and riding on lifts. Just all kinds of fun stuff buddies do together when there is no killing to be done. Leash a series of platforms down and then a RT LT sequence and you'll see these green scorpion like creatures again. Move forward and you get to a large platform elevator with a mini gun before it.

Grab the mini gun and activate the platform. You'll get a Critical Event to see one of the green creatures try to destroy the platform. Now you need to shoot them before they destroy the platform and drop you all to your death.

One comes up the right side. Two on the left and one fast one on the right. Reload or cool down the mini, and then repeat. 5 times. It can be a tough sequence if you don't get your timing down but keep at it and you'll be fine.

Up top work through the building and back outside for a very long wire drop to the ship and chapter is complete.

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Comments for Bad trouble a knockin'

2 comments, latest first.
Apr 9th 2011 Guest
Meh, as the video shows, you slide through - ignoring the enemies.
ID #36568
Apr 9th 2011 Guest
At the top of the lift shaft, I keep getting killed by flying squirrels (face huggers) or something. I manage to kill one, maybe two but then always get face hugged - is there a best sequence for this part. Stay on the elevator? Run to wall? Other?
ID #36551