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The only way through

Bulletstorm Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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The only way through

Act 4 - Chapter 1

This level start with you trying to find a quiet way across a chasm. No such luck as your carefully placed kick sends half the city block crumbling to the ground.

Is right on the left as you walk down the path. Can't miss.

Your first real Nom Pods are in this opening area. Run up and kick them to get it to automatically land on a enemy's head. [LEAK] is for getting a headshot with a pod their head, [NOMINATED] is just for a kill with a pod on their head. Let them come to you so you can get these out of the way. Then there are some snipers at the end of the street to deal with.

Crouch and move your way into the building. There is a Newsbot to the left in the first room.

Then Leash the equipment to make yourself a way forward.

There is a DropKit with the Skillshots for the flytraps you are going to meet in this area.

As you come into the open there will be a Critical Event to witness an enemy get taken by a Flytrap.

BEFORE going on look to the left in a nook for a flight of Electroflies.

ACHIEVEMENT - Insecticide - 10 GS - Destroy 50% of the Electroflies in the Single Player Campaign.
You'll get this achievement if you've gotten the 11 we have pointed out to you so far.

Then go into the cable car and slide over to the far side.  Take out the few enemies on the far side and then there will be a long cutscene.

ACHIEVEMENT - Destroyer of Worlds - 15 GS - Cause major destruction.
After the scene the three of you will walk down a long street. At the bottom Trishka will give you 15 seconds to figure out what the do to get past the barricade. Turn around and look up the right hand side of the street and shoot down the giant globe. Blockade removed and achievement unlocked.

There is a reload DropKit on the left.

To the left of the DropKit is a small tent. The NewsBot is inside.

Jump through the windows in the room to the right and attack the enemies, I used this open area to clean up some Head Hunter Skillshots I needed. [NUTCRACKER] is for hitting a guy in the balls with your sniper bullet. The problem is the fact that they run away from your sniper bullets. The easy way to get this is to Leash a enemy and then kick him out, and then aim shot the bullet into his crouch as he flies backwards.

Fight your way through the enemies until you get on the platform. A Critical Event will introduce you to a new type of mini boss. This one shoots the Bouncer and his weakness is his backpack. The easiest way to get to the backpack is guided Head Hunter bullets. Otherwise just slide around until you get behind him, no small feat since he is targeting you the entire time. After he goes down, chapter complete.

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