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Rush Game Mode

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Rush Game Mode

This guide is going to focus on the two most popular game modes, Rush and Conquest. Later on will be brief guides to what the minor modes, Squad Rush and Squad Deathmatch offer.

Rush involves two teams and a varying number of bases. These bases each contain two boxes, called M-COM stations. These can be armed and destroyed, and when both stations in a base are terminated, the base is captured and the fight moves on to the next one. Teams take turns to attack and defend, with each map being played twice to ensure fairness.

The M-COM boxes can be armed by holding the action button (the same as to pick up a kit, which can cause problems – though if you hold it down you should avoid any difficulties). They must then be protected by the attacking team until the detonation occurs. The defenders will be battling to disarm them in the same manner. There are other ways to destroy the stations, however. Some are in buildings that can be destroyed with Destruction 2.0. This means players can use tanks, UAVs, RPGs, mortar strikes and C4 to destroy the M-COM station building, which also takes out the box inside. The developers have made some of the buildings in each map indestructible to prevent a team from being overwhelmed by ‘cheap' M-COM destructions.

You can also destroy the M-COM box itself manually, using the same explosives as above. They take about 12 C4 explosions to destroy, while tanks are very effective at this too.

The map moves every time a base is lost, opening up a new section and shutting off the previous one (except for on the first two bases of Isla Inocentes). The attackers then get different vehicles, suitable to assaulting the new base. The attacking team also has a limited number of tickets (the defenders have unlimited lives), meaning that every time one is killed, they come closer to defeat. Once their 75 tickets are exhausted, the game is won by the defenders. Medic revives can retrieve a ticket that would otherwise have been lost.


The shotgun C4 combination is a favourite in Rush.


Each Rush map is explored in detail opn the following pages of this guide.

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