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8: High Value Target

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Level 8: High Value Target

Kirilenko was not in the town, but one of his men was. Sarge got him to talk, and we now know, for sure, where our target man is. We have commandeered some marines and a convoy of Humvees to assist us in this mission.
Other Collectibles:

We are back in a convoy again, directly following on from the last mission, though this time it’s a humvee one. This time we are not driving, but are in control of the machine gun up top.

Proceed to Zulu November Bridge:

Nothing happens until the bridge is reached, which is after a few dozen seconds of driving. At this point a blockage prevents further transport, and an ambush on your convoy takes place. You can’t really see the RPG units who bombard the humvees until your troop are on the move again, and your impact is initially negligible. However, another blockage prevents forward travel, and you need to try to defend your humvee from damage until it is cleared.

Once the enemy tank appears, you can begin to move again, with the blockage having been RPG’d by your own team to clear a path. More soldiers are in the river below, attempting to blast you off the road.

Air support comes in to destroy the tunnel, preventing Kirilenko’s escape.

Proceed Towards HVT Kirilenko:

Around a few more corners a road block is in place, forcing your vehicles off-road. Tanks then join the party, against which you can obviously do very little. They are assisted by RPG soldiers, however, who you should target with venom.

Watch out for RPG units along this narrow passage.

You will rejoin the main road before long, and soon start heading uphill. At the top, all hell breaks loose and you are forced out of your humvee. There is a small ditch behind the humvees which you need to try to stumble towards. This is deep enough that you are completely safe from enemy fire, except, obviously, against grenades.

Other Collectible: Pick up a XM8 off one of the dead US Marines.

Destroy Enemy ZU23:

Back to laser designating now, and you need to target the enemy anti-aircraft gun. Look for the objective indicator, before sticking your head up and targeting it with your binoculars. Red smoke will mark your designation until it is taken out.

Find Route to Kirilenko:

With all that excitement behind us, you now need to move into the desolated village to attempt to cleave a path to our HVT. At the top of the steps is a supply crate, so make good use of it.

M-COM Station #1: This is located in the back garden of the first building on the right at the top of the steps (the one with the supply crate in the front garden).

The M-COM is in the grounds of the right hand house.

Continue along the path as mortars begin to fall. Sprint through each objective marker, targeting any enemies not taken out by the ordinance. Pick up a shotgun off a dead soldier whenever possible, as Kirilenko’s men will stumble around corners and come up very close to you.

Soon you will enter a marked house and travel back outside again. Four enemies will pass by – take them out with a few shotgun blasts. More will come into range as they hear your gunshots. Pursue the objective markers until you come in sight of a drainage tunnel. Kill those guarding this route out of the area.

M-COM Station #2: The second M-COM of this level is to the left by the ford leading to the drainage tunnel.

Destroy this M-COM before leaving.

For some reason there is one enemy inside the tunnel who will jump out at you as you move through. Give him a swift shotgun blast to clear the path to the ladder at the end of this level.

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