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Assault Class

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Assault Class

The Assault class is the most diverse in Bad Company 2. While not quite as efficient as SMGs at close range, the assault rifles function very well inside buildings or in tight environments. They are even better at mid-range combat, however, due to their great accuracy and high rate of fire. It doesn't end there, because with the assault rifles it is possible to compete with Recon class soldiers using sniper rifles at long-range. While Assault players cannot hope to do the same at Marksman distances, many will find themselves targeting and hitting snipers in situations where that would be impossible with a SMG.


Most of the assault rifles are pretty evenly balanced, though there are a few stand-outs. The M16A2 is the last to be unlocked, and as the chart below suggests, it is one of the best. In rate of fire it is nearly unrivalled (but crucially, it fires in burst mode), and while damage is low, its accuracy is impressive. It is probably the best assault rifle to use to kill enemies with the fewest rounds. The M416 and the AN-94 Abakan are also worthy choices, with the Abakan winning on accuracy in the assault class, and generally being a very well balanced rifle, though like the M16, only firing in bursts (and two-round bursts as opposed to the M16's three); the M416 is also statistically similar to the M16, but deals slightly more damage at the expense of a little rate of fire and accuracy.

Even the starting weapon, the AEK, is suitable for use by Bad Company veterans. If you favour accuracy, the M16, AEK and Abakan are all good choices. For those who prefer close-quarters weapons, more similar to SMGs, the F2000 is the best option. The Abakan also wins in terms of damage.

In terms of the multi-class weapons, there is little reason to favour the shotguns due to the fact that you can attach a 40mm shotgun to the bottom of your assault rifle should you wish. The G3 and M14 bridge the gap between sniper rifle and assault rifle even further, so are worth considering (see the multi-class section below).

The assault rifles specialise in mid-range combat

Weapon Unlocks:

The assault rifles are unlocked at the following xp boundaries:

AEK-971 – 0 xp
XM8 P – 3,000 xp
F2000 – 8,000 xp
AUG – 20,000 xp
AN-94 – 28,000 xp
M416 – 35,000 xp
M16A2 – 47,000 xp


Every assault rifle comes with a grenade launcher as standard. You can, however, swap this out for a smoke grenade launcher, or a shotgun attachment. These allow the Assault class to reach even greater levels of diversity and adaptability. In addition, the assault class can use C4 from the off, if using a multi-class weapon such as the Thompson or G3. After a few games, you will unlock the ammo box, allowing assault users to top up their own ammo (including 40mm grenades) and that of their allies.

Equipment Unlocks:

Assault equipment is unlocked at the following xp boundaries:

40mm Grenade launcher – 0 xp
C4 – 0 xp
Ammo Box - 1200 xp
40mm Smoke Grenade launcher – 5500 xp
40mm Shotgun – 11000 xp


On top of the 40mm attachments, gun sights can be added to the weapons. Every rifle can have iron-sights, a red-dot sight or a 4x optical scope. In addition, there is the obligatory Marksman upgrade, increasing handling and accuracy during iron-sights aiming.

Specialisation Unlocks:

The assault specialities are unlocked at the following xp boundaries:

(Primary) Red Dot Sight – 14000 xp
(Primary) 4x Rifle Scope – 17000 xp
(Secondary) Marksman Assault Rifle Training – 24,000 xp

Note: Instead of a gun sight, the iron-sights can be left intact and another primary specialisation, such as extra grenades, chosen.

Hints and Tips:

Don't be restricted by the assault rifles. While the 40mm attachments may seem to be the main bonus of the assault class, using the G3 or shotguns and C4 can shake things up a bit. Few players also use the shotgun or smoke attachments, and in certain modes, Rush in particular, such additions can be vital to your team's success.

Use the 40mm grenade launcher. While some may frown on the ‘noob tube', it is a big part of the assault class. It can destroy buildings around M-COM stations, do (a little) damage to vehicles, kill infantry with a direct hit (though it doesn't function at close range), and has impressive range.

Disrupt snipers. Most of the assault rifles can reach snipers at impressive range. Even if you can't kill them, you will often be able to get a few shots on them and knock their scopes off allied positions.

Drop lots of ammo boxes. You don't lose anything by dropping ammunition crates. In addition, you get 10 points every time someone walks over them (20 for a squad). Not only does this help your team, but you get lots of points and will level up quicker.

Don't be afraid to play as assault. Just because there are some vehicles on the map, don't feel you have to choose engineer over assault. For one thing, you may well need to top up your allies' ammunition throughout the game. More importantly, it is a fact that the assault rifles perform better at mid-range than the SMGs, and someone needs to pick off the enemy engineers repairing their tanks.

Be aware of long ammo-uptake times. It is not enough just to stand over an ammo crate until you hear the reload noise. Certain items take much longer to restock than others, and you may need to move off the box and back onto it before replenishing 40mm grenades, or, in the case of engineers, RPGs and anti-tank mines.

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