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Follow the dark path or use the light

12: Force Multiplier

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Level 12: Force Multiplier

From our vantage point at the end of the last level we had a good position to see the Russians test-fire the scalar weapon. It is located on a plane ahead, and this level continues directly from the last in our quest to disarm it – after Preston’s team talk that is.

Other Collectibles:

You begin up high, exactly where the last level ended.

Traverse Blast Zone:
As you move through the blast-zone, the first enemies are staggering around, having been hit by the weapon. Take them out first, before looking to the warehouses on the right, where many enemies are located. You can move up underneath them, using their outer wall for cover.

Infantry will come on ground level too, so proceed with care. Pass over the train carriages, keeping one eye on the right hand side where the majority of the enemy are massed, particularly for RPG infantry.

As you approach the supply drop, an enemy squad approaches, with more moving through the warehouses. Grenade as many as possible to clear them out quickly.

Move through the blast zone to the supply crate.

Pick up a shotgun of your choice from the supply crate. You will need it for the section ahead.

Follow your squad up a ramp and into the warehouse section. You are given point through this area with very poor visibility.

Find Alternate Route to the Runway:

Grenades and shotgun blasts are the way to go here. Some of the enemies are a little further away, so you may need to break out your assault rifle again. Its 40mm grenade function is also useful in this area. Once you get to a set of stairs, an enemy will rush you, so shotgun him at point blank range.

A shotgun or quick firing machine gun is vital in the warehouse section.

Do not be drawn out of the cargo container. There are two enemies up high with an overwatch position on the bottom of the stairs, so ensure you clear the enemy down low before thinking about them. Once they are down, you can proceed upstairs. Move through the building to trigger a cut-scene. The plane is beginning to take off, so we need to sprint to it and try to get on board.

Board Russian Cargo Plane:

Follow the slope down and into a familiar-looking storm drain. Sprint to the end and climb the ladder to end this very short level.

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