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13: Airborne

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Level 13: Airborne

The team successfully got on the plane before it took off. They now need to fight their way to the weapon to deactivate it.

Other Collectibles:
AKS-74U R, AKS-74U

The start of this level is pretty stealthy, but the rest is all guns blazing!

Neutralise Target and Take His Weapon:

You begin only with a knife, trying not to alert the rest of the crew. Unfortunately, the guard up ahead has a friend further back, who was shrouded in the smoke so that your team could not see him. Knife the first guard, before taking his weapon, reloading (why he didn’t keep it loaded is anyone’s guess) and killing his ally.

The second guard runs at you with his knife, but you should have plenty of time to take him down.

Other Collectible: You receive the AKS-74U R off the first guard.

Follow the corridor and go upstairs to get some much-needed ammunition.

Locate the Weapon Room:

Sneak through the next set of doors and pick off the guard you can see inside. Another will come to investigate. Pick up his gun to fill your arsenal.

Other Collectible: Find the AKS-74U on the bodies of soldiers in this area.

In the next section take the left hand door, as Sarge will deal with the guard to the right. There are lots more guards at the back of this room, guarding the weapon. Some may remain hidden until you approach before jumping out from behind the cargo.

You will then find yourself outside the weapon room. There’s no way round, so we need to locate the cockpit to find Kirilenko.

Storm Cockpit:

Haggard will throw you a shotgun to make the next section a lot more exciting with all-out attack gameplay.

Shotguns at the ready.

Sarge breaches the door, enabling you to fight your way through. Use the seats for cover. It’s not exactly ideal protection, but it deflects the bullets enough to keep you alive. Move through the first room, and into the second – much like the first – full of hostiles.

Continue to push through and you will eventually get to the cockpit. Kirilenko is nowhere to be found. He comes through over a video link from the weapon room. B Company heads back downstairs with a plan.

Haggard places C4 on the edge of the weapon room, blowing the glass out of the wall.

Destroy Weapon Compound:
Use the pistol you are given to fire at the weapon’s centre. The explosion will cause the plane to break apart. Luckily your team thought ahead, bringing parachutes. Haggard and Sarge jump out, while Sweetwater is carrying your chute. Kirilenko comes out of nowhere and pushes Sweetwater out to get your parachute. You have no choice but to follow.

Terminate Kirilenko:
You will find yourself hurtling towards earth. Your task is to take out Kirilenko using your pistol. You are moved much closer to Sweetwater and the Russian as you fall, so wait until you can easily hit him before risking a shot.

It’s probably much harder than this to accurately use a pistol while free-falling towards earth...

With that done, Sweetwater hands you the spare parachute and the game is completed! Congratulations.

You land in Texas, and are greeted by the US army. It turns out that while you have saved the US from the Russian threat in the south, they are invading in the north through Alaska. Setting up another game in the series, you are required to move north to help out.

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