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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Insignias are worth many more points than pins. They can only be gained once, unlike pins, and take a lot of play time to unlock. Some, such as gaining two platinum stars on two weapons, will take even die-hard players months and months of play.

Weapon Insignias:

500 kills may sound like a lot, but a regular player should be able to get all of the following insignias without too much trouble. Just play as one class and it shouldn't take too long. 100 mine kills is probably the hardest, because you can usually get one knife kill each game if you go looking to flank snipers.

Long Service Assault Weapons Combat: 500 kills with Assault Rifles [5,000 points]
Long Service Light Weapons Combat: 500 kills with SMGs [5,000 points]
Long Service Support Weapons Combat: 500 kills with LMGs [5,000 points]
Long Service Sniping Weapons Combat: 500 kills with Sniper Rifles [5,000 points]
Long Service Tactical Weapons Combat: 500 kills with Shotguns [5,000 points]
Distinguished Sidearms Combat: 100 kills with handguns [5,000 points]
Distinguished Explosive Combat: 100 kills using mines [5,000 points]
Distinguished Melee Combat: 100 kills with the knife [5,000 points]
Exemplary Marksman Combat: 100 Sniper Rifle marksman headshots [5,000 points]
Elite Melee Combat: 200 knife kills [10,000 points]
Distinguished Grenade Combat: 100 grenade kills [5,000 points]

Combat Insignias:

Some of these will take you a good while to achieve, particularly 5,000 kills, 200 vehicle damages, and 100 C4 kills. Engineers should be able to get 50 double kills with vehicle attacks.

Distinguished Marksman Combat: 100 headshots [5,000 points]
Elite Marksman Combat: 500 headshots [10,000 points]
Distinguished Combat Efficiency: Earn 50 Combat Efficiency pins [5,000 points]
Distinguished Combat Excellence: Earn 50 Combat Excellence pins [10,000 points]
Elite Multiple Target Combat: 50 double kills [5,000 points]
Distinguished Remote Explosive Combat: 100 kills using C4 [5,000 points]
Distinguished Retaliation Combat: Earn 5 nemesis pins and 5 payback pins [5,000 points]
Anti Vehicle Combat: 200 vehicle damages [5,000 points]
Distinguished Anti Vehicle Combat: 500 vehicles destroyed [5,000 points]
Combat Veteran: 5,000 kills [5,000 points]

Equipment Insignia:

Most of these should be relatively quick to get, providing you are playing as one class for an extended period. 100 mortar strike kills may take the longest. Note that repairs, ammo and tracer darts can all be repeated on the same target to speed things up a little.

Long Service Radio Warfare: 100 Tracer Dart plants on enemy vehicles [5,000 points]
Long Service Resupply Ops: 100 ammunition resupplies for teammates [5,000 points]
Long Service Maintenance Ops: 100 friendly vehicle repairs [5,000 points]
Long Service Medical Ops: 100 teammates healed
Long Service Surveillance Ops: 100 motion mine spot assists [5,000 points]
Distinguished Artillery Combat: 100 mortar strike kills [5,000 points]

Squad Insignia:

Clearly, to get any of these you need to play in squads, and while random squads are still an option for this, getting an organised group together will make things go markedly quicker. Attack and defend orders involve using the spot button (Back/Select) to target M-COM stations or flags to advise team mates on a strategy. They must be acted on (so a base must be taken or defended) before the statistics are awarded.

Squad Resupply Ops: 100 squad resupplies [5,000 points]
Squad Repair Ops: 100 squad repairs [5,000 points]
Squad Medical Ops: 50 squad heals and 50 squad revives [5,000 points]
Squad Surveillance Ops: 50 squad motion mine assists [5,000 points] Squad Combat Assistance: 100 squad assists [5,000 points]
Squad Teamwork Ops: 20 squad defend and 20 squad attack orders [5,000 points]
Squad Retaliation Ops: 20 squad avenges and 50 squad assists [5,000 points]
Squad Tactical Ops: 200 squad spawns on your position [5,000 points]

Game-mode specific Insignia:

Quite simply you must play Conquest and Rush to earn these.

Rush Good Conduct: 100 M-COM destroys [5,000 points]
Conquest Good Conduct: 100 flag captures [5,000 points]

Veteran Insignia:

If you thought some of the above took a long time, these will require an intense investment of time and effort. In particular, to play online for 120 hours, or five days, and to get 2 platinum stars, is something very few players will ever be able to achieve.

Distinguished Vehicle Knowledge: Earn all vehicle bronze stars [5,000 points]
Exemplary Vehicle Service: Get all vehicle pins [5,000 points]
Distinguished Weapon Knowledge: Earn all weapon bronze stars [5,000 points]
Exemplary Weapon Service: Get all weapon pins [5,000 points]
Exemplary Combat Service: Get all combat pins [5,000 points]
Elite Service: Get all pins [10,000 points]
Distinguished Battlefield Knowledge: Get all bronze stars [10,000 points]
Exemplary Battlefield Knowledge: Get 10 silver stars [10,000 points]
Elite Battlefield Knowledge: Get 5 gold stars [10,000 points]
Valorous Battlefield Knowledge: Get 2 platinum stars [10,000 points]
Superior Service Duty: Played online for 24 hours [5,000 points]
Distinguished Service Duty: Played online for 48 hours [5,000 points]
Elite Service Duty: Played online for 120 hours [10,000 points]

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Mar 27th 2014 Guest
i got elite service duty stusurf11
ID #368673
Nov 15th 2023 zFPWdwPk
ID #781874
Jan 8th 2011 Guest
There is no way you got all pins and insignia's in 11 hours.More like 111 hours and maybe you might have 3/4 of everything you can achieve.
ID #24515
Jul 17th 2010 Guest
lol u must b rubbish 2 fink gettin all them was hard i only need 7 more then i got them all and i only played 11 hrs
ID #4887