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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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In addition to all the unique weapons, equipment and upgrades available for each class that have been shown so far, there are a variety of multi-class aspects to consider. These allow Recons to play like an Assault class and Medics to play like Recons. It shakes up the dynamics of each class, and this is largely down to the multi-class weapons. Most of them are shotguns, due to the fact that there is no shotgun class itself. In addition, there are three rifles, and five pistols. The rifles really swing the balance of the classes, as they bring the range and accuracy of sniper rifles to the lower classes, but bridge the gap between long and mid-range weaponry also allowing recons to compete with the assaults.



As you might expect, most of the shotguns are all fairly similar. The first, unlocked at level 1, the 870MCS, has maximum damage, as do the SPAS-12 and NeoStead 2000, both later unlocks. These are all pretty much identical. There are two variants, however. The SAIGA has reduced damage, the same accuracy but much higher rate of fire than the standard shotguns. The USAS-12 is similar, but with lower damage, and is the last to be unlocked. Shotguns with high damage, such as the Neostead, should be used with the 12 Gauge Slugs specialisation, to increase accuracy greatly (see below).


Shotguns are increasingly popular as players look for new ways to win


There are also three rifles on offer. The M1A1 Thompson (more of a SMG) is unlocked by owners of the limited edition, while for standard edition players, it comes at level 10. It is the same machine gun as in Battlefield 1943, and can't compete with the modern assault rifles and SMGs of the assault and engineer class. Its chief function is to provide a machine gun for recon players. The other two are more useful for other classes. Both the G3 and M14 function well for all classes at mid to long range. They have lower rates of fire, particularly the M14, but higher damage and accuracy as a result. They are perfect for players wanting to be able to compete with sniper rifles in other classes than recon. They cannot be used with scopes, however, for balancing purposes, leaving it all down to accuracy via the iron-sights. The small magazines of both guns make them weak in close-combat.

In terms of choosing between the G3 and M14, the former has lower damage but almost double the rate of fire, while the latter can kill in two shots at close range. Note that Battlefield Veterans have access to the WWII M1 Garand. This has similar damage and accuracy to the G3 and M14 but much lower rate of fire. It's useful as an early rifle at medium-range for snipers or a high power gun for other classes.

The rifles are suitable for all classes

Again, the drawback to all these multi-class weapons is that you cannot use the sights of class-specific guns with them. Whether you can live with that will be down to your play style.


There are a few decisions to make when choosing your perfect pistol. First, do you want something replicating a SMG or assault rifle, a weapon with a high-rate of fire that can spread its bullets effectively at close range? If so, the M93R is your best bet, with its burst fire mode. You can spray this quite well, and it is ideal for anyone who prefers very close-quarters fighting or who struggles with accuracy. If, on the other hand, you are comfortable with your accuracy, the MP-412 Rex or M1911 are ideal. These have very high damage, but low rates of fire. One shot to an enemy's head should take them out, especially with the Rex. It is most useful at range, and snipers may like it because they usually engage from longer distances anyway.

For middle-ground pistols, choose the starting M9 or later MP443. They can be fired quickly in heated situations, which is particularly valuable when your primary weapon is out of ammo or you need to reload under pressure.

Pistols can save your life in tough combat situations

Any class can also use the Tracer Dart Gun in the pistol slot, though it is only of use to engineers.

Weapon Unlocks:

The multi-class weapons are unlocked at the following ranks:

M9 Pistol – Rank 0
M1 Garand – Rank 0
870 Combat – Rank 1
Saiga 20k Semi – Rank 2
MP-443 Grach – Rank 3
M1911 .45 – Rank 4
M1A1 Thompson – Rank 10
Tracer Dart Gun – Rank 11
MP-412 Rex – Rank 12
M93R Burst – Rank 13
SPAS-12 Combat – Rank 18
M14 Mod 0 Enhanced – Rank 19
Neostead 2000 Combat – Rank 20
USAS-12 Auto – Rank 21
G3 – Rank 22


As the specialisations cannot be quite so simply explained through a chart, below you will find every multi-class specialisation, including a description and tips about them.

(Primary) Lights Combat Equipment – Rank 5:

This increases the speed of sprint. There are no players this is really redundant with, as even snipers need to relocate quickly. However, engineers benefit from it due to their necessity to flank behind tanks, while C4/Shotgun recons need it to get up close to their targets.

(Primary) Ammo Hip Bandolier – Rank 6

This doubles ammunition capacity. Use this if you are not playing as assault (as they can stock up their own ammo anyway) and regularly find that you run out of ammo. Successful snipers may have this problem, as might players with fast-firing weapons. Note that it does not double tracer dart capacity.

(Primary) Grenade Vest – Rank 7

This doubles the amount of grenades a player spawns with. It is a popular specialisation because of this, and indeed, it also doubles the number of 40mm grenades, making it a good choice for assault class soldiers.

(Primary) Explosives Leg Pouch – Rank 8

Like the grenade vest, this doubles ammunition, but for explosive weaponry, such as RPGs, anti-tank mines and C4. Clearly there is no point in medics using it, but assaults with C4 could, and engineers and recons are most likely to.

(Primary) 12 Gauge Slugs – Rank 16

The last primary upgrade to be unlocked, this tips the balance of power towards shotguns. It combines the pellets of most shotguns into a single ball, firing more like a sniper rifle. If you have ever wondered how you are being shotgunned from mid-range, this is why. Just be thankful you can't put sights on the shotguns,

(Secondary) Extended Shotgun Magazine – Rank 9

This doubles the capacity of a shotgun magazine. As such, you may run out of ammo a lot quicker, and so this is best suited to assault class or in conjunction with Ammo Hip Bandolier. If you are not playing as an assault, ensure one is in your squad to top up your ammunition.

(Secondary) Ceramic Body Armour – Rank 14

This increases health, much like Modern Warfare's Juggernaut. It does not protect you from explosions, only bullets, anything body armour would be able to protect you against.

(Secondary) Magnum Ammunition – Rank 15

This increases the potency of every bullet you fire. As a result, you inflict more damage on enemies and bullet drop is reduced, making it very popular indeed with snipers. It is also useful if you are picking a low-powered weapon with other attributes as this will balance it out a little.

(Secondary) Improved Demolitions – Rank 17

This increases explosive damage dealt by the player. As such, it also increases the effectiveness of RPGs, mortar strikes and C4 against tanks, benefitting engineers in particular. People also enjoy using it with the Carl Gustav against infantry.

Vehicle Specialisations

Electronic Warfare Package –1,200 xp

This highlights enemy C4 and anti-tank mines near your vehicle. It's worth swapping this in if you find yourself playing on a map where such methods are being regularly employed.

Active Armour Upgrade – 2,300 xp

This increases vehicle health.

Improved Warheads Package – 3,600 xp

This increases damage dealt by your vehicle. It can give you the edge against an enemy tank.

Quick Reload Package – 5,000 xp

This reduces the cool-down time of vehicular weaponry.

There are lots of maps that are simply unwinnable without vehicles

Smoke Countermeasures Package – 6,500 xp

This employs various countermeasures to protect your vehicle. In tanks, it is a cloud of smoke. This stops people from accurately hitting the tank, but allows recons or assaults to plant C4 using the shroud for cover. Helicopters drop flares, which deter enemy RPGs following a tracer dart. They have become more useful since the patch increasing tracer speed. Finally, the UAV drops smoke grenades.

High Power Optics Package – 8,000 xp

This gives vehicles increased weapon zoom. The main advantage to this is helping in the bombardment of M-COM stations of conquest flags.

Alternate Weapon Package – 10,000 xp

This adds an additional weapon to every vehicle already fitted with one. Most importantly, UAVs get a machine gun, tanks get a machine gun, APCs and helicopters get anti-tank missiles, while the gunner of a helicopter also gets a tracer to fire. These are advantageous if you feel your vehicles are underpowered and need an edge in combat.

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