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10: No One Gets Left Behind

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Level 10: No One Gets Left Behind

In the Sangre Del Toro, Preston found a book recording the origins of the scalar weapon. This links in with the first mission of Bad Company 2, back in 1944. Preston also found the real version of the device that we found as a fake on the Cold War level. B Company are now on their way to meet Aguire, when they run into some trouble.

Other Collectible:
M95S, F2000-R


Having dived out of the helicopter after the device, things are not looking good.

Find a Clearing to Land:

You need to steer the parachute into a clearing. Ideally you should clear the first lot of trees, but even if you don’t you should survive the fall.

TIP: Look at the map – do not go into the dark areas because they can end in mission failure. They lighter places are on the map and fine to land in, though you may hit a tree or two!

Find Missing Squad Members:

Follow the dirt path through the rocks and undergrowth of this jungle.

Eventually you will come across a village with an objective marker on one of the houses.

M-COM Station #1: Just as you enter the village you will see two wooden sheds – the M-COM is to the left of the left-hand one.

The M-COM is on the far left of this picture, next to the shed

With that taken care of, you can move towards the objective house to meet up with Sweetwater. Stop at the supply crate first, however, to pick up a rifle with a good scope. Sweetwater will give you a sniper rifle in the house, so ensure the range is not too great in order to keep a healthy balance.

TIP: A RPG will be needed later, and it is a good idea to take this a secondary weapon – you can swap it out once you get into the shack and then have easy access to it later.

Repel Enemy Counterattack:

Once inside the house, you should take cover against a window and assist Sweetwater in keeping the invaders at bay.

Protect your shack at all costs

The first enemies come down a hill to the left, but are soon joined by targets to the right along the main road. Swift and precise firing is required here to stop your shack from getting overwhelmed. If any do get into the mid-territory, switch to your other weapon to allow you to take them out quickly.

TIP: Use the radar to spot if any hostiles are coming up to your shack.

The most dangerous thing at this stage will be 40mm grenades and LMGs, which can rip through your cover and still do some serious damage. Move back from the windows if explosives come in and fire from a position further back. Before long RPG units will join the hunt, and they should be your priority.

Sweetwater will soon tell you that they are planning to rush the shack. At this point, ensure you have your assault rifle or other fast-firing weapon equipped and mow down any onrushers.

Things are really hotting up now

It is important that you take these guys out before they get too many shots away on their launchers. They have taken up positions on the barricades, and are easy to spot once you know what to look for. The launchers are unshielded, so a single sniper rifle shot will take out the occupant. Beware, however, as more enemies will come to man them before long. With your attention diverted, infantry are still rushing up to your shack, so don’t take your eyes off your surroundings for long.

A tank will then come down the main road. It is a BMD-3 Bakhcha, and will pulverise your shack if you are not careful. Either pick up an RPG from inside your shack (if you left one there earlier) or go back to the supply drop to get one. Get a couple of hits on it while remembering about close-quarters infantry too, and the objective will be completed.


Protect your shack and deal with the tank.


Find Missing Squad Members:

Before heading out once again, switch up your weapons at the supply drop if you wish.

Follow the path that the tank came down and you will come to an area with a house on stilts to the right. There are snipers in it, so pick them off from range if possible.

M-COM Station #2: This station is in the sniper house. To get to it, jump over the fence and locate the steps at the back.

The M-COM is up the stairs to the right of this image.

Other Collectible: Pick up an M95S from one of the snipers.

Continue up the road when ready. Once you reach the objective marker, a cut-scene will roll. We need to rescue Flynn, who has been captured by the enemy.

Find Detention Facility:

Pick up a sniper rifle from the supply drop, and use it to pick off any enemies you can see below. In particular, look for the machine guns in the guard towers. A Vodnik will appear which you can snipe the driver out of. Once the base looks clear, move down into it. Watch for a guard tower in the trees to the right on your way down.

As you get further inside the base it will begin to rain and a new Vodnik will come in. Use 40mms on it. Support for the Vodnik comes in the form of infantry, who will have a position at the back of the base. Someone will be on a shielded mounted machine gun, with another guard in the tower above. Knife the fencing and flank them on the right hand side.

M-COM Station #3: This is at the back right hand corner of the base, in the last hut of the row.

The third M-COM is in the right hand hut.

Other Collectible: Find the F2000-R in the row of shacks in this base.

You can now continue up the road and out of the back of the camp. Another detention centre will soon come into view. You can free the two hostages tied to the concrete blocks) to your left as you enter they base and they will assist you in the fight to come (though the one in the previous base could not be freed).

Move through the camp with your newfound allies, watching out for RPG soldiers. Use the indestructible log piles as cover while you move up. Use the house on the corner to protect your advance and allow you to flank enemies in the next area of the base. There are lots of enemies in the houses on stilts, so use 40mm grenades to clear them out.

You can then follow the wooden path out of the base and up through the mountains. A cut-scene will roll at the objective marker as your squad rescues Flynn.

Find Transport:
We now have a brief vehicle section to get to a helicopter.

M-COM Station #4: The final M-COM on this level is in the shack to the left of the quad bikes.

Find the fourth M-COM in this hut.

Get on the quad bike when you are ready to move out.

Reach Helicopter Depot:
This route is quite easy to follow, and your squad have a little race – see if you can win. Once you reach the objective at the helicopter depot, you are put out on foot.

Find Serviceable Helicopter:
Use the supply crate to get a sniper rifle and begin targeting the enemies inside the depot. Particularly watch for those in guard towers. Blow up the wooden bridge to take out any enemies standing on it, and the Vodnik protecting the route through. There is a path round the side that you can take to avoid the new gap.

As you move deeper in a Vodnik will emerge, so throw some 40mms at it to proceed. Watch for a RPG soldier on the rooftop as you round the bend. A tank will appear down this road. Fortunately it is dealt with, so stay out of range until you hear the explosion.

Past the tank is a helicopter. It can’t fly but you need to get in it and use its weapons against the incoming enemies.

Use the helicopter’s guns to clear the route ahead.

There are lots of infantry, but your huge weapon should make light work of them. A Vodnik will come in, but again it hardly stands a chance.

With the road ahead clear, disembark and continue uphill. At the top an enemy helicopter will emerge. You don’t need to destroy it, just focus on the infantry guarding the stationary helicopter. Hit the explosive barrels to deal with them, before climbing aboard.

Rendezvous with Aguire:

You are now on the turret of the helicopter. Watch out for RPG infantry on the roads below, and trucks too. Quad bikes will join the chase soon, before an enemy helicopter comes into your sights. Just thrash it with machine gun fire until it drops.

Take down the enemy helicopter.

Enemy trucks are on the road below now, before an enemy base you need to suppress. Having dealt with the base and another series of vehicles and infantry, one more helicopter will intervene. You may have to spin round a bit more to keep firing at the mid-section of the aircraft. Another will replace it with the first one down. After a while it turns to face you, firing missiles, and you cannot survive a volley of these.

After this dramatic flight, you will be dropped off, ending the mission.

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Comments for 10: No One Gets Left Behind

15 comments, latest first.
Aug 11th 2015 Guest
How can I beat the chopper part I keep dieing and when it brings me back at last check point I die again right away I don't want to do mission all over again
ID #596979
Dec 10th 2014 Guest
Honestly hating this level. Its always the chopper part that I don't understand. Why can't we just use an RPG? >:(
ID #482990
Oct 5th 2014 Guest
i hate this game now, can't pass the helicopter section. stupid programming.

at least let me bypass somehow. this was fun until now .
ID #455270
Feb 16th 2014 Guest
it was a great game up until this annoying point!
ID #355653
Apr 8th 2013 Guest
Its easy for the chopper par,just keep ur eye on the terrain and shoot anything that moves,and when u hear someone say theres enemy choppers,look around till u see it,and just keep shooting it,i always aim for the main body,not the tail/cockpit/Rotor blades,Hope u get passed,and Good Luck
ID #271752
Mar 2nd 2013 Guest
I can't even get past the first part where the count attack is
ID #260135
Feb 26th 2013 Guest
Excellent rundown of the mission, keep it up!
ID #258794
Jan 1st 2013 Guest
ID #233996
Oct 24th 2012 Guest
I always aim at the heli- BLADES and I've passed it a couple of times
ID #200574
Jul 20th 2012 Guest
How do I shoot the second Copper Down?
ID #166662
Mar 1st 2012 Guest
I just have to say that this heli-shooting is worst thing i've meet in this kind of games, been tryin now for couple hundred timmes,and succeed 3 times to kill first chopper,then no idea where the second comes,and die, and every time there start video,and then stops,and you were killed.... and all over again.... hate this...
ID #119524
Sep 4th 2011 Guest
shoot the helos rear takes em down faster
ID #72599
Sep 3rd 2011 Guest
On that mission I gave up shooting the guy that fires the rpg. If you aim at the bottom left corner of the map, you'll have a top down view of the enemy chopper right after you load the game. Just keep firing down at it and gradually swing your aim as the chopper moves up. If you do enough damage, it'll explode before the gunner can launch an rpg.
ID #72314
Aug 29th 2011 namar


ID #71134
Aug 29th 2011 Guest
how do I knock off these helo's I can't seem to end this mission ( level 10 ) no one will be left behind
how in the world do you end this helocopter crap. anything will help thanks
ID #71040