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Mission 06: The Pit

Dying Light Walkthrough and Guide by CMBF
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Mission 06: The Pit

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Just as Jade starts to run there is an explosion and an attack - it is night and you need to find Dr. Zere - when you arrive you find that the Doc has been kidnapped and his trailer set on fire. You have to rescue Zere but, since the timer is now stopped it would be an idea to head to the Tower and sleep till morning so you do not have to do this at night.

Brecken tells you that some spotters saw the group that probably took the Doc. Once you have slept and it is morning, before you set off on this mission you should hit the Quartermaster and the merchants, use any Skill Points you have and craft the supplies you think you will need for this.

We recommend Medkits, some Molotov Cocktails, and perhaps some Firecrackers if you do not already have a supply made.

Rais' HQ

When you get outside set your marker for the HQ and head there. When you arrive you discover that the HQ has been locked up - the doors secured, and no obvious way in!

Actually if you think about it that can only be a good thing - after all it is not like they are going to welcome you with open arms right? They are going to want to kill you! On sight! So sneak your way around the HQ looking for a way in - and that means looking for an obvious entry point - you know, like that burning red van?

Climb up on the van and make your way along the path it gives access to, going higher and higher, Eventually you reach a window you can go in - and inside is an enemy so kill him! Loot the room, then head out the door onto the roof, and eliminate the other armed guard at the far end. There will be a few more guards to take down and, once you do you can access the hatch to get inside which is in one of the other roof hutches.

Say hello to your first Bolter! Ugly right?

Rais's Garrison

Going through the trap door enters an instanced zone - and as you get in you call your GRE contact only to discover that the military has taken over and they plan to carpet bomb the city... You try to persuade them - and you manage to get them to delay the bombing so you can get the cure data. They give you 48 hours. Easy-Peasy!

To proceed you go down the rope in the lift shaft - looting along the way - and hey there is a LOT to loot!

Eventually you take out one guy in the room with the computer, and then two more come to you so that you can introduce them to their own personal Jesus. That done, you continue down and take out any of the enemy you encounter until you reach the end of the “0” Level you radio Brecken and he suggests you check the basement. Well duh!

When you get downstairs though the game is changed the enemy have guns - so you ma want to just sneak past these guys - or not. Your call. But it appears that the game wants you to be all stealthy here and ninja-like. Because you can.

IF you get discovered remember you are INSIDE a building - so using firearms here is OK!

Eventually you battle your way down to the room that the Doc is in - as you try to get him on board with a rescue he tries to tell you about his research. He explains that he gave the packages to Jade - and that he needs you to help deliver them. Then the lights go out!

It is not obvious right now but later the Bolter type of Infected becomes very important to you - and it has its own Achievement too!

When they come back on you are surrounded, Rais knows who has the research, and you two? Yeah you are dead! Well, the Doc is dead - YOU are on your way to the Pitt!

The Pit

Considering the name of the mission and what Rais said before this is really not a surprise, right? Right! When you wake up you find yourself again surrounded - and Rais is talking to you. He fills you in on his perspective of the situation - and then you are again temp incapped only to wake up on your back in the Pitt as darkness falls.

You need to gather resources - you can find some on top of the containers here so go get it!

Once you have a weapon you can start to work on the infected in here. You should know that thrown knives WILL detonate propane canisters. So using the Firecrackers to lure the infected near it and then throwing the knife will allow you to take out a number of them very quickly.

Continue to scrounge kit - yeah it sucks that you lost all those firearms but still there are plenty of weapons and crafting resources laying about, so make use of them. Work your way through the infected as best you can.

Bear in mind you do not have any Medkits - so you need to NOT get damaged badly. That means playing a strategic game here. Remember the point to this is to survive the Arena not become Mad Max...

The best strategy here seems to be to get up high and lure all the Virals in one at a time and kill them - that gives you more freedom to move below when all that are left are the slower infected.

The Demolisher

After you take out the first wave, Rais preaches to you again, and then more infected are lowered in via crane and container - specifically a Heavy.

This Heavy likes to pick up and throw heavy chunks of rubble and concrete - you want to avoid being hit by them. His throw attacks are actually pretty fast so the best strategy in dealing with him is to attack from above and then run away before he can hit you.

You can use the smoke machine for strategic cover - but remember this guy is very fast on the attack so you want to hit and run quickly. Eventually you will whittle away at his health - but you have to watch out for the regular infected who are also here as they can sneak up on you too!

You can use the propane canister but remember that when you do it will call in any Virals who are in the area!

Have you noticed that Kyle Crane is the zombie-game equivalent of MacGyver? Except way better looking hair!

Once you take out The Demolisher Rais gives another preaching session - and then drops a Medkit for you - and then reveals that he knows you are a GRE Operative!

The next wave is... Rais! He comes down and has a more personal conversation with you in which he again imparts his wisdom to you - by ordering that the file be published.

Here is where you find out that the GRE was not working on a cure at all - they were working on a Virus Weapon. Then he orders them to kill you!

A CS triggers in which Crane does a pretty good job at being Mad Max - killing the enemy and cutting Rais's hand off! You then escape the Pitt and get outside - running away from the enemy and having you an escape. At night. In the Quarantine Zone.

But all hope is not lost - the sun is rising!

The trick here is avoiding bullets and bombs until you can get into one of the buildings and the relative safety that its cover provides.

Follow the markers down the lift shaft and head through the building and you really will have you an escape - hitting the door to exit its instance.

Finally outside you can now RTB - and unlock the Achievement: Snake in the Grass (15g) Escape the Arena. You will also have unlocked Everyone Knows Kyle (10g) Reach Survivor Rank Level 12. You should also have unlocked the Achievement: String (25G) Reach Power Prof. Level 10.

Your current goal is to RTB and report to Brecken. You need to pass on the information you have learned to him and it might be nice to know what is up with Jade?

When you reach the first Safe Zone head inside and grab all of the stuff from your Stash that you need - all of the kit you had was put there by the game when you went into the Pitt - and if you plan to continue crafting and doing quests you need to get it all back!

As you make your way back to the Tower you start having the Viral Seizures and that wipes out your Agility - so you can not run! Be careful not to let yourself get in a position where you need to run because like I said, you can't.

Eventually you wake up in a Safe Zone - and Brecken is there.

He fills you in during the CS explaining what has happened. You tell Brecken that you are going after Jade and the other Doc - and Brecken explains the route in. You learn that the air drops have ceased, and Brecken explains that the endgame is approaching.

He returns your radio and your gear - so if you did not restore your gear earlier you can do it now.

That wraps up the mission.

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