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Follow the dark path or use the light

Dying Light

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Dying Light Walkthrough Guide

Mission 02: First Assignment

Get Your Shot
Your first task as you leave The Tower is to get to the Doc and get a shot of Antizen. TO do that you will make your way past a number of infected crossing several city blocks to the first relatively sage outpost - where there is a tractor trailer and the Doc.

When you arrive he sets you strait about what he is giving you - and what its limitations are - explaining that there is no cure, just a means of suppressing the infection.

After you get the shot you get kicked out, and chat with Rahim - who tells you to go talk to Spike to get your first real job...

Your first important quest is to get to this trailer and get an Antizen Shot

First Assignment: Get a Job from Spike
Follow the marker to the nearby hut where Spike will give you instructions - and fill you in about the enemy and how they compete for the relief air drops.

Spike tells you about the Safe Zones and Traps that are out there - and explains your task, which is to arm the Traps in order to help Brecken. On your way out you grab some Firecrackers - which are useful as a diversion with certain infected - you should read the Enemy Section to learn more.

You are then shown some tutorial information about looting and survival -

Basically you are just following the instructions that Spike gives you paying particular attention to finding and arming the different traps...

In the midst of that you get a radio call for urgent help - one of the runners is surrounded by zombies - and she wants you to help free and rescue them. This is your first trapped survivor task, just so you know... Bear in mind you want to not waste too much time - you have a lot to do and only so many minutes before the sun goes down - and you do NOT want to be on the outside when that happens!

While you are doing that you will kill some infected - and you will encounter an Ambulance. Two important elements to this - one, you WANT to search any and every Zombie you kill because they will have valuable goods on them that can be sold to merchants and/or used for crafting.

The Ambulance will be locked - you can craft lockpicks to open it - and you should because there is often valuable resources inside Ambulances, Police Vans, and the like. Something to bear in mind mates!

Your First Safe Zone
After the Ambulance you will approach your first Inactive Safe Zone - and be prompted to secure it. That is a very good idea - because every Safe Zone you secure is another place you can retreat for the night AND it is worth mondo points.

From the Doctor you learn more about the virus and the threat it poses.

To secure this area you will need to kill the infected inside the fenced area, and then open the door - to discover that you are too late to save the runner... Sigh.

To secure this Safe Zone you will need to get the power turned back on...

1. Marvin Zucker's Battle Journal Entry #1 - Inside the hut.
2. 230v Blueprint - Inside the hut.

To get the power back on you need to use the breakers inside the hut - then you need to climb to the roof to contact the GRE on your radio.

Your GRE controller adds a new objective to your mission - they want any research that the Doc may have managed.

Once you do that you can also use the storage inside if you feel the need.

Back to Traps
Now that you have dealt with the emergency it is time to get back in touch with Spike and get back on the whole Trap Arming Task.

The car where the next trap is located is surrounded by infected - so you will need to use diversions - throwing things works - to get them away so you can arm it.

You'll need to keep moving the infected down the street with distractions to get to the next car - and bear in mind that the building near you has resources you can loot too. At this early stage in the game it cannot be stressed enough that you should try to loot as much in terms of resources as you can manage because resources are literally life for you!

The more you get and the more diverse they are, the wider the variety of items you can craft.

After you do the Car Traps there will be three or four Light Traps, and then you will need to reset the power at the Substation - which has a heavy mob that will burst out at you!

The best tactic is to lure him away from the door he ripped open, and then run in there (avoiding the infected in there) and reset the breaker, then run as fast as you can manage to the Safe Zone - it is likely already dark now so that will be more dangerous than usual.

Once you get there you will have the option of sleeping - which will checkpoint you and that is the recommended action.

Blueprints can be found practically anywhere, including inside Safe Zones.

Water Current Blueprint
As you progress through the mission you picked up the Water Current Blueprint - your first elemental mod print - which allows you to electrify a pipe.

Post-Mission Brief
When you meet up with Spike you learn that things did not go well last night - and are ordered back to the Tower. You then check in with your GRE contact to update the situation as you head for the Tower to meet the leader.

Arriving at the Tower you finally get your chance to meet with Brecken - but as you are going in Jade asks you to help her convince him not to take chances... and yeah, Brecken looks pretty bad...

Side Quest: Mother's Day
When you exit the meeting Lena the medic fills you in on something that you are not really supposed to know - and enlists your aid in obtaining meds that Brecken actually needs.

Side Quest: Goodnight Mr. Bahir
On your way down you hear about Bahir being locked in his room and that something is wrong. Flagging the quest starts with you picking an easy lock.

Side Quest: Gunslinger
As you make your way through the Tower following the meeting with Brecken and Jade you see a bloke hanging out in a doorway in the hall named Dawud - he wants you to find him a gun. Specfically a pistol.

Out and About

As you head outside of the Safe Zone you should know that for once you do not have to pay attention to the time - because at least for now and until you do the Air Drop Mission in the next section time is not progressing -and that means this is the ideal time to go out on side quests and for exploring. Think of it as an opportunity to get lots of free points?.

The Drug Store is not the far from the Tower. As you get outside you hear from Lena - who has found two more vials of fake Antizen.

When you get to the Store you discover that Yusuf has already been there and ratted you out - a battle then ensues - and you have to deal with ALL of the Bandits there!

After you take out the Bandits you can strip the lab of resources and then you report to Lena and she confirms that Yusuf did indeed slip away earlier.

Defeating the Bandits activates the Drug Store as a Safe Zone.

While you can keep an eye out for collectibles as you play you can also use our collections guide to fill in any gaps.


Inside the Lab you will find Collectibles.

  • Note #01
  • Pocket Lighter Blueprint.

There is still plenty of time to do the Mother's Day quest - so hitting that marker next may be the way to go...

You can get the particulars for that quest in its section in the Side Quests area of the guide.

On the way back from doing the Mother's Day quest you have a random encounter with an enforcer and you can gather some plants for boosters as well as do some more scrounging.

Other Activities

There ARE some Safe Zones that can be restored between that location and the Mother's Day quest - so why not?

That said you may want to do some exploring first - scavenge some kit items, and unlock more Safe Zones. Just an idea but a good one since it allows you to XP up.

Each new Safe Zone you secure adds points as well as a safe place to wait out the night and store and retrieve your kit. Not counting the Tower and the Safe Zone at the next mission location there are a total of 13 Safe Zones plus the map to explore.

After you complete the Mother's Day quest you can resume the main story line...


Zombie Statue - on the train platform near the Safe Haven.
Zombie Statue - on the Radio Tower in the Safe Zone
Note #03 - on the table inside the Safe Zone you discover pas the tunnel entrance..
Assassin's Creed Flag - at the very top of the Microwave Tower.

After your first mission you have the opportunity to change to custom clothes.


Assuming you have been picking each of the locks you had the option to pick you should unlock:

Open Sesame (10g) Perform 10 Successful Lock Picks.

Return to Base

After you make it back to the Tower, having completed both side-quests, it would be an idea to hit the Quartermaster and merchants to trade, then head up to see the Doc, to deliver the pills from the Mother’s Day quest.

Dr. Lena praises you - and rewards you -

GRE Airdrop

You are next prompted to contact the GRE for an Air Drop - and to report in. Your controller praises you and you then head for the next section!

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