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Follow the dark path or use the light
Bravely Default Pack Shot

Bravely Default

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Bravely Default

Vampire Castle Part 1

After defeating Breav in the Eternian Central Command, you can return to the Vampire castle to the west . During the scene, you’ll be advised to find the 6 keystones to open the door. You have to clear Everlast Tower and awaken the crystal before you can get access to the airship again.

Once you have access to the airship, you have to find 6 keystones , each with a guardian dragon you must defeat. The keystones are sealed in obelisks scattered in the world map and you can do them in any order. The Ranger’s Dragon Slayer move works wonders against these mighty beasts, which can be further damaged by exploiting their elemental weaknesses, debuffing them and buffing your party. Since you have five support ability slots now, it’s easier to combine skills from different jobs to suit your battle style. For example, you can have one or two ninjas as your main attackers, with Hunter or Spell Fencer sub-class. If you want a powerful attacker, the Monk/ Pirate combination is perfect for dealing heavy damage for every turn. You can also opt for a Valkyrie with a powerful two-handed weapon as well. A Performer also gives you an edge by being able to cast buffs to the entire party and give your attackers the necessary BP boost with One More For You skill.

The dragons also have their signature “Eye” move which will cause inflict the elemental weakness the dragons are strong against to your party. These elemental weakness are still counted as status ailments so having BP Recovery in each of your characters will give you two BPs which basically allows your healers to remove the status ailment and do another action as well.

Having a high-leveled Spiritmaster or White Mage will help a lot in out-healing the possible damage. Make sure to have your spiritmaster/ white mage equip a shield. It will benefit them a lot if you can also have them use the Knight’s Shield Lore support skill to get the most protection out of their shields. If you’re even considering playing a “tank healer”, you can level up your Knight class until you learn the Dual Shields skill to even raise their defenses to outstanding ratings. Healing Lore and/or Holy One are also good support skills for your healers. Angelic Ward is an invaluable addition to all your characters just in case you don't have good support abilities to compliment the "build" for your specific character.

Earth Keystone

Beach, southwest of Eternia.

HP: 99,999 Weakness: Wind, FAM: Dragon

Ladon is an earth-elemental dragon using Earth Charm or Abate Earth will help a lot in mitigating the damage. It can use Earth Eye to instill earth weakness to your party then follow it up with Megaton Press, a very damaging earth attack that has a high chance of paralyzing your party. Bite seems to be the basic physical attack of dragons; it shouldn’t be a problem if you have high evasion or p.def.

Fire Keystone

Beside the mountain range, southeast of Starkfort

HP: 99,999 Weakness: Water, FAM: Dragon

Scorching Eye instills fire-weakness to your characters while Fire Breath deals heavy damage to everyone. Use Flame Charms or Abate Fire to have extra protection against its fire attacks. Fortunately, this attack causes no status ailments except for the fire-weakness caused by Scorching Eye.

Dark Keystone

Northeast of Lontano Villa

HP: 99,999 Weakness: Light, FAM: Dragon

Jabberwock’sFearsome breath deals heavy dark damage and has the chance to cause dread. The Evil Eye instills dark weakness to everyone in the party. You should be able to defeat this easily with the Dark Shield and light-based weapons you acquired in Central Command and Everlast Tower.

Water Keystone

Island northeast of Twisted Treetop

HP: 99,999 Weakness: Lightning, FAM: Dragon

Icy Breath deals heavy water damage to all party members without any status ailments. Freezing Eye will make your party members weak against water attacks.

Light Keystone

Forested area northeast of Yulyana Woods Needleworks

HP: 99,999 Weakness: Dark, FAM: Dragon

Make sure to remove all light weapons you have equipped to avoid healing this dragon. Holy Breath heavy light damage and can blind your characters. Make sure your attackers have Blind Immunity for them to keep landing those attacks. Your healers don't need to be healed of Blind status immediately but if you have Esunaga, you might as well get rid of it. Celestial Eye instills light-weakness to your team.

Wind Keystone

Desert northwest of Ancheim

HP: 99,999 Weakness: Fire, FAM: Dragon

Tempest Eye makes your party members weak to wind attacks. Stormy Breath deals heavy wind damage to all your characters.

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Feb 2nd 2015 Guest
When it comes to accessing the airship, you don't actually have to clear Everlast Tower. There's a door on the bottom floor of Eternian Central Command that leads to a n area outside which is wide enough for Grandship to land.
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