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Challenge: Gnome Invasion

Gnomes are invading the apartment and dealing with them earns you a 1.07 point modifier.

This is a strange Challenge in that unlike all of the other Challenges, it actually has a starting trigger that must be shot in order to activate the remaining three targets. What am I talking about? Watch the video and you will notice that when we look in the two windows and on the side-deck there are NO targets to be seen, however after we shoot the first Gnome (who I might add does a good job at blending into the background) the three new targets suddenly appear as is illustrated by their presence where they did not exist before!

So, targeting the first Gnome is pretty much required, and then we proceed logically from left to right taking out the remaining three sneaky Gnome Soldiers, thus saving the world from what is clearly a Gnome invasion! Can you imagine the danger that the bloke sleeping on the couch in that flat was in? And he would have had no warning until those Gnomes were ripping his throat out with their bare teeth – I am just saying!

Dispatching the four Ninja Gnomes to Gnome Heaven

Dispatching the fourth Gnome completes this Challenge, and good on ya mates!

Garden Gnome Trivia
Originating in 19th century Germany, Garden Gnomes – known as Gartenzwerg (literally "garden dwarf") in German-speaking countries, are thought to be intended to provide protection from evil sorcery, evil spirits, and supernatural threats. Popular in Western culture since the period of the Renaissance, Garden Gnomes enjoy the additional special presence of having their own mythical, historical, and real presence in the world of video games.

The video game incarnation of Garden Gnomes is best illustrated by their presentation in The Sims game series, in which their secretive but dangerous nature is clearly revealed, in that Garden Gnomes have the ability to move in the dark, when they are not being observed by human eyes, with much the same supernatural presence as the Weeping Angels from “Blink” (the 10th Episode of the 3rd Series of Dr. Who). Garden Gnomes may not be the benign and friendly impish presence that many humans presume them to be. In fact they could be downright evil, people-eating monsters!

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