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Gameplay Secrets
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Gameplay Secrets

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Metal Gear Solid 4 Guide - Gameplay Secrets

Shake the controller to return OctoCamo to its default appearance.

Shake the SIXAXIS while talking to Rose on the Codec to make her breasts wobble. On the third playthrough she changes her shirt. Talk to her after dying and you may have a conversation about how it feels as though you have died before.

In the mission briefings drive Metal Gear Mk. II to the radio upstairs to play music. Hit the TV and large screen that the Colonel appears on similarly to see models on the screens.

When a new character is introduced with the name of a voice actor press R2 to see the motion capture actor instead of the voice actor.

Tap X to regain Psyche in the cutscenes

Call Otacon after seeing rats in the Shadow Moses vents to hear about how they helped in MGS.

While hiding in a dumpster you can press L1 to aim and fire

If you only pick up the camera in Act 4's briefing you can find secret photos already on it of Sunny and Naomi.

Kill enough enemies in one place and Snake will vomit after Liquid's taunt that he loves the killing.

Press Triangle by statues to blend in and take their pose. You can break off a rather sensitive part of certain statues with repeated use.

If it takes you longer than three minutes to kill the Boss Beauties (you can drag it out by moving away) the screen turns white and you can take pictures of them in various poses. Play "Oishii ChuhanSeikatsu" on the iPod in a Beauty fight to see them dance and pose.

Play "Oishii ChuhanSeikatsu" in a mission on the iPod and pause the game to see Sunny dancing to it.

In the Vista Mansion locate the two Akina Minami posters and use first person to see them to increase Snake's Psyche.

When controlling the Mk. II or Mk. III look at Snake to see him using a PS3 controller to manoeuvre it.

In Act 1's briefing there is a PS3 upstairs. You can see Sunny unpacking a PSP and PS3 here too.

In Act 2's briefing there is a PS3 on a table. Sunny is playing Penguin Adventure on her PSP, Kojima's first game.

In Act 2 during the Laughing Octopus boss fight lie prone on one of the beds and flip over. Octopus will try to get on top of you.

In Act 3 if you press Triangle next to the statue in the park and wait for another resistance member they will relieve themselves on you.

In Act 4 when you are asked to enter the code in Otacon's office there are various options giving you different rewards to the correct 48273, as well as two cutscenes depending on whether you get it right or wrong. Below is the list of codes:

14893: 100,000 Drebin Points
13462: iPod Track - Policenauts Ending
78925: iPod Track - Old L.A. 2040

You can also get 1,000 Drebin Points here by walking to the locker to hear an audio flashback.

In Act 4 if you are using a DUALSHOCK controller when fighting the Screaming Mantis boss you get an alternate cutscene once the ghost of Psycho Mantis appears. He tries to mimic his feat from MGS and activate the controller's vibration, celebrating the fact that it has returned. If you are using a SIXAXIS however, he complains about the lack of rumble and concedes that his powers are failing.

In Act 4 after the Crying Wolf boss fight kill one of the wolves in the area and the rest will attack you and Otacon and Rose will berate you if you Codec call them.

In Act 4 as you get to the lift to fight Vamp there is a Darth Vader helmet on the floor.

In Act 5's briefing use the left stick to alter the height of projection.

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ID #173465 | Aug 7th 2012 Guest
When It Talks About Screaming Mantis And The Controller Cutscenes, It Says That It Is In Act 4. Its Not, Its In Act 5.