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Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Cheats and Tips

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A large collection of cheats including how to unlock the solar gun, passwords, increasing Snake's psyche gauge and unlocking costumes and weapons.

More Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots PlayStation 3 Cheats and Tips

We have 70 cheats and tips on PS3. If you have any cheats or tips for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Questions & Answers page.

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Rose's Breasts

When you speak with Rose on the Codec shake the Sixaxis if you want to see her breasts move about under her shirt.


The Passwords menu is unlocked after you have complete the game once. Just go look at the extras menu.

1aytmmymhk: Unlocks 1911 Custom (a powerful silenced pistol)

Abraham: Unlocks "Mobs Alive" iPod tune

Aottrykmyn: Unlocks Altair Costume

Deskyhstyl: Unlocks Desert Eagle (Long Barrel)

George: Unlocks "Gekko" iPod tune

Jmsotsynrn: Unlocks Type 17 Pistol

Mekakorkkk: Unlocks Mk.23 Pistol

Mgo2play: Unlocks the "Subsistence Action" iPod tune

Mnsoymsyhn: Unlocks Mosin-Nagant sniper rifle

Pkhhnwhsjt: Unlocks Patriot (SMG with huge power, unlimited ammo and no reloads)

Skynytktjp: Unlocks the Mk. 2 scanning plug

Theodore: Unlocks "Midnight Shadow" iPod tune

Ammo and Bandana

Complete the game once and go back to Debrin. There you can purchase various extra ammo items, different grenades and bandanas.

Otacon's Extra Passwords

If you enter the following codes instead of the code Otacon tells you to at Shadow Moses you'll receive the indicated bonus after the 'Access Denied' scene.

Unlock 100,000 DP:

Enter the code 14893

Unlock iPod song:

Enter the code 13462

Unlock iPod song:

Enter the code 78925

Increase Snake's Psyche Gauge

In the Vista mansion there are two posters of Akina Minami which if you look at them in first person view Snake will say her name and his Psyche gauge will increase.


Below is a list of over 70 weapons which are featured in the game and can be obtained one way or another.


1911 Custom

Desert Eagle

Desert Eagle (Long Barrel)

Operator (Colt .45 with Extended Barrel)

Solar Gun (Affects Enemies Psyche and Recharges in Sunlight)

Race Gun (Fires Ricochet Bullets)

Type 17 (Broom Handle Machine Pistol)

Thor .45-70 (Rifle/Pistol)

Mk 2 Pistol (Tanq)


Five Seven

Glock 18C

GSR (.45)



Assault Rifles






M4 Custom

FAL Carbine

Sniper Weapons


Sub-Machine Guns





Unlock Alternate Endings

If you use a Sixaxis controller to fight Mantis the ending is different than if you were using a DualShock 3 controller.

Cheaper Drebin Prices

ALL of Drebin's prices are cut by 50% during Act 5 and you can also get cheaper prices if you set the system date to a Wednesday or Sunday.

Statue Locations for Solar Gun

To unlock the Solar Gun you must collect 5 statues, these can be found at the following locations.

Frog Statue

Middle East - Stage 1:

On top of the Nomad vehicle in Advent Palace garage.

Octopus Statue

South America - Stage 2:

Research Lab boss room, upper right room.

Raven Statue

Europe - Stage 3:

Top floor of the human phase of the Boss fight.

Wolf Statue

Shadow Moses - Stage 4:

Behind Snake's starting spot in the human phase of the Boss fight.

Mantis Statue

Outer Heaven - Stage 5:

Near the northern-most door during the human phase of the fight.

Read Playboy Magazine

If you want to have a look through the Playboy magazine press R1 and go into first person view. Then hold L1 and press Circle to go through the pages. If the game puts you in third person view press Triangle to enter first person view to see the girls.

Refill Psyche during Cut-Scenes

If you're viewing a cut-scene and you notice Snakes psyche gauge suddenly start to decrease just press X rapidly to replenish it.

Unlocking Emblems

Complete the following tasks to get the corresponding Emblems. There are 40 in total and each ones brings a different reward, that might be a special item or weapon.

Ant Emblem

Shake down 50 enemies for items

Assassin's Emblem

Complete the game with less than 25 alerts and more than 50 of both knife kills and CQC holds. This will give you the ALtair Costume from Assassin's Creed.

Bear Emblem

Choke 100 enemies to death

Bee Emblem

Utilise the Scanning Plug S or Syringe on 50 enemies

Big Boss Emblem

Complete the game in less than 5 hours on the highest difficulty with no deaths, no alerts, no kills, no recovery items (rations, regains or noodles) , no stealth suit and no bandanna items. This will give you the..

Unlock Alternate Face Paints

The following bonus face paints can be unlocked for game use by completing the indicated task.

Unlock Metal Gear Solid Snake Face Paint:

Start the Shadow Moses level.

Unlock Young Snake Face Paint:

Start the Eastern Europe level.

Unlock Young Snake with Bandana:

Start the Eastern Europe level.

Unlock Big Boss's Face Paint:

On a Single-Player session get the Big Boss emblem.

Unlock Drebin Face Paint:

Buy and keep more than 60 different weapons.

Unlock Raiden Mask A Face Paint:

Using the Metal Gear II during the intermission scene shock Sunny.

Unlock Otacon Face Paint:

Using the Metal Gear II during the intermission scene shock Dr. Emmerich.

Unlock Raiden Mask B F..

100,000 DP points

Enter the code 14893 when you are in the Shadow Moses at Otacon's office to get 100,000 DP points. If you enter the code correctly when you are asked you will hear the monkey confirmation sound. The code is a reference to the Codec frequency (148.93) that Drebin calls you on. You can also see the last three numbers of the code (893) on Drebin's truck.

Metal Gear Solid Optical Camoflage

To get this camouflage which will make you totally invisible you must complete the game in Single-Player mode without triggering the alert phase. It can also be purchased from Drebin for 5,000,000 DP when you start another game session after completing the game.

Metal Gear Solid 4 Guide have now published their guide to Metal Gear Solid 4 and Metal Gear Online.

There is a complete walkthrough, details of all the unlockables and some hints and tips.

The guide is accompanied by screenshots from the game and in-game videos.

It's free to look at, and there is a printer friendly option on all the pages.

The guide can be found here:

Unlock New Game+

Complete the game and create a saved game file, then reload the saved game and encounter Metal Gear II in the first stage to retain Drebin points, weapons, ammunition, special items you collected in the original game.

Unlock Weapons

Get these weapons by completing the indicated task during gameplay.

Unlock World War I Colt 45:

On a Single-Player session earn the Hound emblem.

Unlock Desert Eagle (Long Barrel):

On a Single-Player session earn the Fox emblem.

Unlock Thor 45-70 (Rifle/Pistol):

Earn the Fox Hound emblem on a single-player session

Unlock Patriot Future Assault Weapon:

On a Single-Player session earn the Big Boss emblem.

Unlock Race Gun:

Clear the Single-Player game once. This weapon fires ricochet bullets.

Unlock Solar Gun:

Using non-lethal means on their respective idols collect the 5 statues (4 Battle Beauties and the Frog Soldier/Haven Troopers in stage 1). This weapon affects enemies psyche and recharge..

Unlock iPod Songs

When you have beaten the game once on any difficulty setting go to the 'Extras' screen and then 'Password' and enter the following passwords to unlock the corresponding iPod song.

Unlock 'Gekko' iPod Song:

Enter the password george

Unlocks 'Midnight Shadow' iPod Song:

Enter the password theodore

Unlock 'Desperate Chase' iPod Song:

Enter the password thomas

Unlocks 'Mobs Alive' iPod Song:

Enter the password abraham

Codec Easter Eggs

Check out he following videos to see the locations of ALL the codecs in the game (there are a total of 6).

Part 1

Watch the video

Part 2

Watch the video

Part 3

Watch the video

Completion Bonuses

When you complete Single-Player mode once the following features will become available options.

Unlock New Combat Vests:

Complete Single-Player mode once.

Unlock Big Boss Extreme Difficulty:

Complete Single-Player mode once and then save the cleared game data.

Extra Batteries

It is possible to get 3 extra batteries instead of the allotted one by completing the game and then going to the mission briefings and working your way back from Act 4 to 2.

Double Battery

During Act 1 save the game and then go to the 'Mission Briefing' screen. Select the saved game from Act 1 and press Square to control the Mk II while on the plane. Move the Mk II upstairs and search for an extra battery. When you find it the operating life of ALL battery-powered devices in the game will double.

Unlock Costumes

The following disguises which will help you remain undetected during the different stages of the game are unlocked when you go to the indicated area or complete the corresponding task.

Unlock Civilian Clothes:

Start Eastern Europe level

Unlock Altair (Assassin's Creed) Rags:

Get the Assassin emblem

Unlock Middle East Militia Disguise:

Go to the safe house in the Middle East.

Unlock South American Rebel Disguise:

Go to Cove Valley Village in South America.

Unlock Business Suit:

Clear the game once.

Discard Camouflage

If you have no more use for any camoulage you may be wearing and want to discard it shake the Sixaxis controller and Snake's Octocamo will return to it's neutral black and blue pigmentation.

Unlock Equipment

These useful items which will help you in missions are unlocked by completing the indicated task during gameplay.

Unlock Bandanna:

On any difficulty complete a Single-Player session without killing anyone. This item will give you infinite ammunition.

Unlock Stealth Item:

Without setting off a single alert (doesn't include Cautions) complete a Single-Player session on any difficulty setting.

Unlock Scanning Plug S:

On the same profile as your Single-Player game have more than 10 hours of Metal Gear Online play time. When you have his you can purchase the item from Drebin.

Digital Camera:

Found in the Nomad vehicle during the mission intermission. A special photo is unlocked when you collect this item in stage 4.

Statue Locations

Search the indicated locations using the Solid Eye to find the statues required to unlock the Solar Gun. Use non-lethal weapons during their beast form, not beauty to defeat them (Moisin Nagent or 40 mm grenade launcher with flash bang ammo). The Solar Gun will be unlocked after you complete the game and meet Metal Gear Mk. 2.

Crying Wolf Statue:

In a side of a bulding just where you start after killing her beast form.

Frog Soldier Statue:

At the garage at the end of the battle.

Laughing Beast Statue:

On a bed in a little room.

Raging Raven Statue:

On the upper floor on a corner.

Screaming Mantis Statue:

On the corridor where you started.

Drebin points with no effort..

Okay firstly put in the password in the extras menu for the patriot with infinite ammo (pkhhnwhsjt). Then play your way through the game until you reach Act 5 just before the corridor with the microwaves. There will be a series of metal platforms with some of the dwarf gekko things there..they will keep regenerating. Put on auto aim and equip the patriot..then secure the L1 and R1 buttons with some sticky tape etc...come back a few hours later and your D.P. Will have increased..although the dwarf gekko aren't worth much it's easy money for minimal effort. And because Drebin's prices are low in Act 5 it's a good way to get the bandana/stealth gear before the end of the game..enjoy.

No alert in shadow moses

When protecting the MK.3 a Gekko will appear and try to stop otacon's little robot from opening the door.IF you're going for the stealth suit and trying not to get any alerts then quickly move under the gekko while he's in the second floor and take cover by the big missiles.Take out any assault rifle with a lot of bullets and start shooting at it.Caution will appear in the top of the screen and the gekko will remain in the second floor trying to scan the area,looking for you.Stay in the same area while shooting at him so he doesn't spot you.Once otacon is done throw a chaff grenade and quickly head over to the door.

Naomi's skirt

When inside the research lab with Naomi,snake in one of the scenes will drop his cigar.He's going to bend down and pick it up.Before he picks it up,press L1 ,even though it wont tell you to,and look to the right and snake will look at her skirt.

Defeating Vamp

First, use the Tranq. Gun to reduce Vamp's psyche to zero. He should pass out. Then quickly equip the stringe/Anti-Nano shot and use CQC to grab Vamp then press Triange. You must be not holding anything but the stringe, otherwise it won't work. Instead of cutting the throat, Snake will 'give' Vamp a shot of the Anti-Nano, making Vamp mortal, which will make him able to die and to stay dead.

Good Hunting!

How to defeat screaming mantis

Ok here's how you defeat screaming mantis first you have to use the syringe to free yourself from her control if you don't do it your'e screwed then you aim at the glowing blue doll that stops her control over the dead frogs I know your'e thinking you must save meryl just us CQC and use the syringe on her she will go down and not get up for awhile you must focus on the bigger threat namely the dead bodies with guns they can't die so you must keep hitting the blue doll once she drops it you must pick it up then she can't control the dead bodies start firing on the gold glowing doll when you knock that down screaming mantis is almost defensless she only has two attacks and you must use the gold doll on her and you kill her

Shadow moses

If you are trying to get past the little black balls in shadow moses without getting an alarm just use smoke grenades as diversions.Throw them to a corner of the room you are in(wherever there are little robots)and they will automatically go to wherever the smoke is coming from.

Akiba (Johnny) Trademark Pose

When fighting with Meryl and her Rat Pat. 01 squad, try knocking out or tranquilizing the members of the team.

Both Ed and Johnathon go down normally, Meryl is unaffected by the darts, and as for Johnny, or "Akiba", he sticks his rear end high in the air, much like he did in MGS1.

Thought it was a cool little quirk.

Beauty Bosses Photoshoot

With all the B&B bosses, while in their beauty stage, if you wait around for about two minutes, you'll find yourself in an all white level, just you and the beauty.

As an added bonus, when you pull out your camera, the beauty will make different poses for your camera. Probably a quirk that the beauty bosses were modeled after actual models.

Easter (Egg) Island

In Shadow Moses, when proceeding through the now non-elctrified area, stop and look through one of the glass doors. You can see a Moai statue head on a file cabinet. Statues like this are scattered throughout most Kojima games.

M1911 Code!

The code for the M1911 has been revealed! It is 1aytmmymhk (use lowercase letters) The M1911 is the gun used by Naked Snake in MGS3. It's superior to the Operator and uses the same ammo. Unlocking the M1911 will also unlock M1911 suppressors for purchase from Drebin.

Half-Off Sale AND Exclusive Sale!

Half off sales are always at stage 5 at the Outer Heavens. Drebins' shop will be half off price. Also, on Wednesdays and Sundays, the sales will be 20% off. Some people might think being in the Outer Heaven on Wednesdays or Sundays will net them 70% off sale. But it won't, the most you can is 50% off. Just to help out people trying to get the bandana.

How to easily follow the resistance member

Use the beauty face camo and the resistance member wont recognize you as an enemy. The pmcs will just ignore you

How to beat Vamp

The trick to beating Vamp is rather simple, drop his health down to zero and run up behind him, equip the syringe Naomi gave you and inject him using Triangle.

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