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- Research Lab
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

- Research Lab

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Metal Gear Solid 4 Guide - Act 2: Solid Sun
Reasearch Lab

(Cut Scene 5, Length 12:17)

(Cut Scene 6, Length 11:03)

You exit the cutscene with heaps of enemies baying for your blood. Back into a corner facing the doors and set up a defensive position. You could climb near the bed facing the doors, or go prone underneath it. After taking out the first four or five enemies (shotguns, grenades or heavy machine guns are recommended) move out to clear the rest using the Solid Eye. Some may be hiding up on the ceiling and they all move pretty fast, so be sure to use stun grenades to slow them down if necessary.

The Haven Troopers get everywhere in the building

Keep watching the Solid Eye for more. You'll probably have to despatch over a dozen enemies before a cutscene is triggered, just make sure they don't sneak up behind you.

(Cut Scene 7, Length 01:06)

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ID #164008 | Jul 14th 2012 Guest
A good way is if your quick enough, you can hide underneath one of the beds and draw them to you. With silenced weapons, you can dispatch them without much trouble.