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- Boss: Raging Raven
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

- Boss: Raging Raven

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Metal Gear Solid 4 Guide - Act 3: Third Sun

Echo's Beacon / Boss: Raging Raven

This is a pretty simple boss fight and is easier than Laughing Octopus in that there is far more room for you to maneuver, and Raven shows herself far more readily.

Climb up the various sets of stairs quickly, ignoring the sliders that burst through and the explosions going off around you.

Head up the stairs

Once you reach the top go to the balcony and begin taking out the sliders flying around. A powerful machine gun should be your weapon of choice here, with the machines fairly easy to despatch for good Drebin Points and annoying Raven, reducing her attack power.

As Raven (she looks like a slider with a large body) stops to fire grenades at you, take shots at her with a machine gun (a scope is good for this) or rocket launchers, which deal a heck of a lot of damage with each hit, but are equally easy to miss and will undoubtedly require you buying more from Drebin. Roll and retreat inside when she launches her grenades.

RPGs are great here, but leave you exposed if you miss

Once you get Raven's health down to halfway you will probably have to go down a few floors to lure her back into the action, before returning to the top as the optimum position. If you are getting too bombarded by her carpet bombing retreat inside the building and pick off her sliders as this reduces her attack power before you expose yourself to take her out. If she knocks you off you should just fall down to the outside balcony of the level below.

Continue to barrage her with rockets and bullets until her health reaches zero; she may decide to go down lower again, in which case just continue to go down and lure her back up. On the top level there is an iPod track, Essence of Vince from Metal Gear Acid.

The tactic for defeating Raging Raven

(Cut Scene 11, Length 02:48)

Raging Raven becomes Raging Beauty. Prepare for a similar experience to the one that Octopus gave you in the first boss battle as Raven sheds her suit and lumbers towards you. This again is easier than Octopus as there is far more room to back away and just pummel her with bullets. Take down her new health bars to finish the battle and the act and receive the MGL-140 grenade launcher.

Move back while firing to finish her off

(Cut Scene 12, Length 04:45)

(Cut Scene 13, Length 02:52)

(Cut Scene 14, Length 27:21)


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Comments for - Boss: Raging Raven

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ID #91256 | Nov 28th 2011 Guest
Remember that Non-lethal victories are always an option! As with Laughing Octopus, if you want the non-lethal win, do it quickly before the Beauty dies. Food will help greatly in this case.