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[Q&A]---->Why did the status(HP too) of my Pokemon so low when I

This is because that your Pokemon did not receive the Effort Ribbon.The Effort Ribbon shows that you have worked hard for your Pokemon,so when the moment you receive the Effort Ribbon,your Pokemon's status and HP will increase a little bit.
To get to Effort Ribbon,go to Slateport City and talk to the girl besides the Energy Guru.He is in the market.
When your Pokemon get the Ribbon,you can level it with the Rare Candies using the clone method.
I have a Pokemon lvl 100 and the HP is 369.
Pls Rate because this is my first submission. ^_^

Added 4 Dec 2008, ID #12496, by Acroboy and get

The Clone Cheat

Hello I will list the steps to cloning pokemon.
1. Beat the elite four.
2. Gain access to the Battle Frontier.
3. Go to the Battle Tower.
4. Go to the lady to the far right of building (inside)talk to her then when she asks to save the game, save game with the Pokemon you want to clone then decline her.
5. Now deposit all of your Pokemon except the last one (whitch you can't clone) talk to her again save the game like you did before in step 4. Decline.
6. Go and get the Pokemon you deposited and withdraw them.
7. Save the game once more and right about when you have saved the game turn of the power to the GBA.
8. Then check your PC and you should have Pokemon were you deposited and the same in your bag.
EX9. To doplacate items give the items to the Pokemon you are going to clone and it clones the items too.

Hope you all like this cheat
took for ever to figure out.

Grovyle Sevi,.

Added 18 Nov 2008, ID #12459, by Grovyle Sevi

the way to clone anyone

1. Go to the battle tower and stand infront of the pc.
2. Deposit all but one pokemon(1 being one you don't duplicate, also able to enter battle tower.
3. Save the game. ABSOLUTLY NESSESARY.
4.withdrawl anyone you wish to duplicate(along with a battle tower appropriate, to make two.)
Walk to link battle sign up girl
5.apply your two Pokemon and click confirm.
She will say "I need to save", say yes.
6. There will be 5 second pause of no words.
7.she will ask again in different words. Say no. Turn off and back on(or soft reset(a+b+st.+sel.))
8.all will be in your party and all taken out of pc will be in pc.

This will work for anyone.

Added 10 Oct 2008, ID #12405, by ch94


Go to the battle tower and go right from the Pokemon center then go up into the first battle tower (make shaw you have got the Pokemon that you want to clone in your party) go to the pc and select move Pokemon and move the Pokemon that you want to clone into an empty box. (this just makes it easer) then go out of the pc and save the game. After the game has saved go back and get the Pokemon that your cloning and stick him/her back in your party then go up to the first lady on thr left and say yes to everything when it says saveing do not turn of power turn it of an start it back up again and go into the pc and you should have the Pokemon that you want to clone in your party and there should be another on in your box. (this cheat only works on emerald)

Added 24 Sep 2008, ID #12380, by hazzaboy

roket 100%

People have said that in 100% ride to mon and you find dioxis
That is not true
How to get one persent
Every friday at 12:00 there is one persent
Right now I have 120 persent
And please people type other than cloning items we alredy know that
and about stuff that is not true

Added 9 Sep 2008, ID #12366, by berdewiijj

Best Team for Beating the Arena Tycoon Greta

Here are the best team for battling Greta:
Blast Burn

Shadow Ball
Meteor Mash

Dragon Claw
Fire Blast

Please Rate
( **)

Added 27 Aug 2008, ID #12356, by Darkrai_dude_21

Clone items without cloning pokemon

1.Go to the battle tower
2.Go to the PC
3.Then go to Move Items
4.Give the item(s) to whichever pokemon
5.Save the game
6.Take the items from the pokemon
7.Go to the first lady that you see and talk to her
8.When she askes you if you want to save the game, say yes. There will be a short pause to the save menu.
9.When the save menu appears, press reset (A+B+Select+Start)

That's All!
Please Rate

Added 12 Aug 2008, ID #12327, by Darkrai_dude_21

Copy your pokemon!

For this cheat to work you must have beaten the elite 4. Heres the cheat.
1.Go to battle tower.
2.withdraw the Pokemon you want to copy. (only withdraw 5 for now untill you get the hang of it then do 6)
3.Deposit the Pokemon you want to copy.
5.Withdraw the Pokemon you are going to copy and go to the closest person to you. (the closest person that signs you up for the battles not some random person in there)
6.Talk to her and press open lv then enter any Pokemon and she will say you have to save before entering you say yes and when it sais saving don't turn off the power turn your gameboy off then look in your party and pc.

P.S This is not a scam I swear I do it all the time I have 37 lv 100's from it try this and if it doesn't work don't rate it but when it works rate it.

Added 11 Aug 2008, ID #12324, by Irule123345

getting jhoto pokemon at the beginning of the game

If you have Pokemon colliseum and you it you can trade any Pokemon off of the game you just need to get the pokeballs first

Added 8 Aug 2008, ID #12315, by juggalo_warrior_boy

Want to clone items without the Pokemon? HERE'S HOW!

You must be in the Battle Tower to do this cheat. First, put 30 Pokemon in Storage PC 9, 10, 11, or 12. Give them all the item that you wish to clone. Exit the PC and SAVE. Then, go back on the PC and go to "MOVE ITEMS". Remove all of the items and close the PC. Then, talk to the LINK MULTI-BATTLE ROOM lady. Select CHALLENGE, then OPEN LVL. Select any two Pokemon to enter in the challenge. She will then ask to save the game. Agree, then, when you see the message, "SAVING, DON'T TURN OFF THE POWER..." as soon as you see the word POWER, shut off the game. THIS IS VITAL! Do not let the game save because you'll have to do it all over again. Also, do not try the A+B+START+SELECT restart thing. It does not work while you are saving. Lastly, turn on your GBA/DS. After the PRESS START screen, a message will appear saying, "The save file is corrupted. The previous save file will be loaded.". This is supposed to happen. When you begin playing, you'll be back in front of the lady. Check your bag. If you've done this right, you should have the items that you removed from your Pokemon. Go check your PC. All of your Pokemon should still be holding the items. And there you go! 30 items easy! Enjoy

Added 3 Aug 2008, ID #12295, by 0ddw0r1d


Get a nincada and have one space in your party level up nincada to level 20 and it will evove in to ninjack and in your extra space will be shedinga it only has 1hp but it also has wonder gard only ataks that ar super evfective will hurt it but sandstorm and hail will hurt it and pioson and burn and curse and nightmare will hurt it too

Added 27 Jul 2008, ID #12269, by blazeken200

totally cool clone

First you go to the battle fronteir. Go into the battletower and go to the pc(make sure you have the Pokemon you want to clone in your party) deposit that pokemon. Get out of the pc then save log back in and withdraw that Pokemon then go talk to the receptionist that's closest to the pc. Talk to her and put open battle select any Pokemon to participate and while it is saving turn the game off and on.( pressing a+b +start +select wont work)she'll say that your match has been cancelled go to the pc and say hi to your toyally cool clone.

Added 25 Jul 2008, ID #12263, by neji huyga

How to get Torchic,Mudkip and Treeko

You will need two game packs and two gameboys for this(and a connecter cable). First start your game it doesn't matter what your name is yet because you won't use this file(oh,you are going to want to have a pretty new game without much progress on it). Go through the begining and chose one starter. Keep going to the next town after you have your first battle and get your pokedex. Then trade it to the other game(you must have at least two Pokemon to trade). Keep doing this until you can trade all the starters back to the original game and then you should have all the starters! I hope you can understand this and best of luck!

Added 20 Jul 2008, ID #12239, by pokeman_2.0

pokemon copy glitch

Ok this is my first submission so ill make this worthwhile. So you must of beaten the elite four and must be in the battle tower. So lets start off;
#1:go inside and go to you're PC
#2:deposit the Pokemon ud like to copy then "save"
#3:then after it saves get the excact Pokemon you deposited and withdraw them
#4:once uve done that go talk to the closest lady from u(link multi battle room lady) and press challenge
#5:now when it's about to save turn the game "off"
#6 turn it on and ull see that you have the Pokemon in you're PC and in you're iventory

Now only do this you one Pokemon at a time and don't get greedy by copying all you're legendarys

Happy gaming


Added 13 Jul 2008, ID #12216, by pokeunit


This is a cheat on how to clone Pokemon on Pokemon Emerald.

If you can't access the battle tower you cannot use this cheat.

WARNING: If you try this on Ruby or Sapphire it wont work and will probably delete your game.
(I did it and I had to start again)
This can delete your game if not done properly.

So if you can get to the battle tower...

Step 1: Go to the Pc and put the Pokemon you want to clone in box 13(Very important).

Step 2: Exit the Pc and save the game without moving.

Step 3: Get the Pokemon you want to clone out of the box and put it in your party. Then put two other Pokemon that are alowed in the battle tower in your party with the one you want to clone.

Step 4: Walk to the Link battle lady (First one after the Pc) and talk to her. She will ask what level you want to battle. Select 'Open Lvl'. Then she wil ask for the Pokemon you want to battle. Select the two you do not want to clone.

Step 5 (the tricky bit): After selecting the Pokemon she asks if you want to save. Select yes. Then there will be nothing at the bottom for a while. Then it will come up, 'Are your sure'. At this point turn off your game. Make sure the full message has appeared before you turn it off.

Step 6: Turn on your gba/ds/sp adn you will have the Pokemon you cloned in box 13 and in your party.

See it works. You can do this any number of times and it is great for cloning items. Master balls, Rare candies, etc.

I have over 10 boxes of Mew and over 100 Rare Candies and Master balls from this cheat.

Happy Cloning


Added 1 Jul 2008, ID #12184, by Mousekid1404

Johoto Pokemon

After you beat the Elite4 head to safari zone.Go up and addmidillity turn left.then you will see older Pokemon from gold and silver games.

Added 28 Jun 2008, ID #12163, by the mew masher

Glitch (Have to have AR for this...)

Go to the tower where you find Rayquaza.
You will notice that at the top, there is a pathway you can walk up to him, but there are also places that if you step on them, you will fall through. But you will ALSO notice you ant step on them because it's out of bounds. However, if you have an action replay cheat for "Walk Through Walls" on, you can go on the steps that are ready to crumble. Step on one and it will colapse and you will fall Petalburg City. You will land infront of the house in the south part of the "City".

Added 26 Jun 2008, ID #12159, by A55

Rare pokemon

Beldum: Found in Stevens House in Mossdeep city
Bagon: Found in meteor Falls Where you find TMdragon claw
Corsola:Can be caught by fishing under water fall at ever grand city
Corpfish:Can be caught in ponds with th super rod
Ditto: Can be caught in desert under pass
Smergel: can be caught at Granite cave at the Battle fronteer
Swudowoodo:Can be caught at the battle fronteer buy watering it

Added 24 Jun 2008, ID #12150, by the mew masher

How to get Latias or Latios!!!

After you beat the Elite Four before you exit downstairs look on the T.V. It should say something about a flying Pokemon or something then after your mom will ask you which color the T.V. Said so....
It does not matter which one you choose their both legendary'sand both really good I prefer Latios because I like blue better lol but yeah.

Added 21 Jun 2008, ID #12141, by Iownpokeeemons


Sorry if this is already here but once you have finished the elite 4 go to the new land you unlock(sorry I forgot the name) and go to battle tower. Deposit 1-5 Pokemon in your box that are eligable of challenging(only need 2 Pokemon eligable)once deposited exit your box and save the game. Then put the Pokemon you deposited back in your party. Talk to the last lady closest to the PC. Challenge there using the open lvl but when she asks to save dont. Say yes 1st and then no. Turn off your game and you'll find the Pokemon that you deposited in your party and your box.
P.S:Putting items on the Pokemon your cloning works as well.
Have Fun!!!!!

Added 10 Jun 2008, ID #12102, by Liam2250
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