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lots of codes game shark code for Pokemon Emerald


lots of codes

Master code
B749822B CE9BFAC1
A86CDBA5 19BA49B3

Rare candy
Master ball
128898B6 EDA43037
427AB7E FA5ACF46
2C5BA800 A658112C
401245E0 7D57E544
D027D341 E184CF59
E9EF5CA7 0B0030CF
1CA7B8D8 B774D7CE
6AC40667 8D0908BC
D7645936 7D7326D0
062E3C09 E0221DDD
EF460FBA 18A8BA67
CD3D995B 40231BAD
BA157150 E9CE0D76
02F783F6 2979B272
A8AF08CF 3BEC2145
BF2729CF FF00080C
1E78B119 A3ECF1F4
7C7C1496 7E6BB02D
A452C892 CE4E0111
AB8A705F 3A30F6D8
DE293378 1BEE391D
921B908A 24D8CB83
D0ED151F 60B2ADE0
Those are cool codes...
Always have the master code on because those codes work only with the master code.if you don't put it the codes don't work.

Added by: luis265 Jan 5th 2010, ID#12971


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Feb 10th 2016 Guest
How do you use them
ID #634365
Feb 11th 2016 Guest
gameshark and the rest is obvious
ID #634629
Feb 9th 2016 Guest
I tried your mewtwo code and it crashed my pokemon emerald and now it doesn't work
ID #634199
Feb 8th 2016 Guest
master ball, rare candy son los unicos que funcionan
ID #633958
Feb 7th 2016 meer
do these work for VBA10? I am on a S3
ID #633712
Feb 7th 2016 meer
They all seem to work except the rare candy. Which is the one I really want.
ID #633713
Feb 10th 2016 Guest
It works but you have to go to a poke center than to a pc and go to the second to select pc en go to withdraw items you can find them there
ID #634384
Feb 6th 2016 MC Celestia
Bulbasaur's full code is 4427AB7E FA5ACF46

Tested on a GBA emulator and it worked.

ID #633701
Feb 7th 2016 MC Celestia
I can also confirm that all codes, aside from the rare candy, work on the My Boy! emulator
ID #633716
Dec 10th 2015 Guest
masterball caode not working pls HELP!!!
ID #632362
Dec 10th 2015 Guest
Everyone,listen to me,the codes only work on actual systems,not on an emulator.An emulator code is like this'00000000 000'.get it?
ID #632324
Dec 8th 2015 Guest
I Put Master Code in then other pokemon codes and game freezes and changes colors
ID #631985
Dec 4th 2015 Guest
Bulbasaur not working
ID #630962
Dec 10th 2015 Guest
Yes its bec. The code wasnt complete
ID #632368
Dec 4th 2015 Guest
I typed the master code in and it doesn't work
ID #630922
Dec 1st 2015 Guest
i love pokemon very much
ID #630086
Nov 29th 2015 Guest
The codes made my game crash and the colours are swaped kind of like alternate colours and made my screen go black
ID #629788
Nov 27th 2015 Guest
It does not work for mine
ID #628881
Nov 23rd 2015 Guest
Worthless codes.
ID #627827
Nov 22nd 2015 Guest
I put in the codes and they say they are on but they are not workin
ID #627522
Nov 17th 2015 Guest
Most of y'all are retarded and can't read clearly he said "always have the master code on because those codes work only with the master code.if you don't put it the codes don't work."
ID #625972
Dec 2nd 2015 Guest
You can't call someone or many people stuipid or "retarded" after saying "y'all" then your arguement is imediatly dismissed.
ID #630405
Dec 5th 2015 Guest
"Y'all" is acceptable in many southern cultures plus he was probably writing shorthand and wasn't really thinking about the grammatical structure of his reply
ID #631152
Nov 13th 2015 Guest
no money cheat?
ID #624840
Nov 21st 2015 Guest
Get the rare candy cheat and sell a couple stacks
ID #627203
Nov 13th 2015 Guest
so many cheatssssssss! -Rusty @omgitspokelover
ID #624729
Nov 10th 2015 Guest
Regice just makes my screen black
ID #623950
Nov 3rd 2015 Guest
it wont work any help
ID #622073
Oct 29th 2015 Guest
I can'tell get the rare candy cheat to work please help
ID #620695
Nov 5th 2015 Guest
disable master code and other cheats. then activate the the master code then rare candy.
go to a pc and it will be listed to withdraw from your items.
ID #622566
Oct 31st 2015 Guest
It works you just have to go to your pc
ID #621085
Oct 28th 2015 Guest
How do u activate rare candy cheat when ur just playing on an emulator on ur android
ID #620496
Oct 27th 2015 Guest
Only master ball and rare candy work pokemon I go to my pc and it goes purple and pink and green
ID #620182
Nov 18th 2015 Guest
That means the game cracked
ID #626246
Oct 31st 2015 Guest
Me 2
ID #621074
Oct 25th 2015 Guest
Rare candy aint working
ID #619657
Oct 25th 2015 Guest
Almost all cheats are not working
ID #619567
Oct 24th 2015 skills91
It says I got mewtwo well it pops where Do I find him or where is he after I put the codes?
ID #619440
Oct 28th 2015 Guest
You gotta run around the grasses like how you find regular pokemon.
ID #620530
Oct 24th 2015 Guest
It says I got mewtwo well it pops where Do I find him or where is he after I put the dcodes?
ID #619438
Oct 22nd 2015 Guest
this works!!!
ID #618640
Oct 19th 2015 Guest
Which master code shall I use?
None of them are working
ID #617903
Nov 15th 2015 Guest
Its all just one code not 4 seperate codes.....
ID #625483
Oct 17th 2015 Guest
rare candy and master ball dont work
ID #617375
Oct 24th 2015 Guest
Look in your PC when its on
ID #619433
Oct 15th 2015 Guest
Master ball and rare candy not working already went to the point and still nothing
ID #616627
Oct 15th 2015 Guest
Make sure the codes are put in right, it really does work
ID #616701
Oct 14th 2015 Guest
gave me life
ID #616481
Oct 13th 2015 Guest
im using androidphone and I got GBA emulator but i dont know gow to put the cheats does the master code need to be written by that way Bxxxxxx xxxxxxxx then Axxxxxx xxxxx? like that? or it is separate?
ID #616259
Dec 10th 2015 Guest
It will not work on android emulator,sorry.
ID #632326
Dec 12th 2015 Guest
Of course it Works on Android emulator ;-)
ID #632781
Oct 24th 2015 Guest
Space em
ID #619265
Oct 15th 2015 Guest
Ask youtube there is Tutorial for Everything.
ID #616647
Oct 10th 2015 Guest
Guys its legit on what code u use it worked for me
ID #615474
Oct 9th 2015 Guest
None of them work for the my boy app
ID #615135
Nov 5th 2015 Guest
It worked my my boy
ID #622601
Oct 14th 2015 Guest
only works for vba emulater on pc
ID #616534
Oct 8th 2015 Guest
Dosent let me get lugia it takes me to the start again 😔 Help me please....!
ID #614930
Oct 6th 2015 Guest
When I put it in and try it out It takes me back to the start
ID #614480
Oct 3rd 2015 Guest
It will be easier to copy and paste the cheat code.
ID #613672
Oct 3rd 2015 Guest
Master ball and rare candy Not Working -.-
ID #613429
Oct 11th 2015 Guest
It work. Just go to the computer. Then boot your pc. Then withraw item
ID #615559
Oct 2nd 2015 Guest
Hey I got a bad egg in my Pokemon list wat do I do ??? Plz help me
ID #613144
Oct 12th 2015 Guest
i was able to deposit it on a pc and it's gone
ID #616170
Oct 7th 2015 Guest
U can't do anything

If u use cheats that's the price
ID #614689
Sep 29th 2015 Guest
Where would I find the Pokemon after putting in the codes?
ID #612613
Oct 3rd 2015 Guest
I'm any grass area like a normal pokemon are sure to turn cheat off or only that pokemon will appear
ID #613447
Sep 28th 2015 Guest
Its Fake How Is It Suppose to work huh
ID #612355
Sep 24th 2015 ssj2kenshin
you dont need the master code. i just tried it and it work.
ID #611101
Sep 24th 2015 Guest
Ilove this website keep ip the good worrk guys 5 stars from me and a thumbs up too
ID #611031
Sep 19th 2015 xxlaggin24
these work on the X and Y rom hack for GBA...... yay
ID #609751
Sep 27th 2015 Guest
Where did you downloadthe x and yY hack for gba from?
ID #612120
Sep 19th 2015 Guest
Whatkind of cheat type should I put on
ID #609577
Nov 22nd 2015 Guest
You should do rare candy. turn all cheats off. then, turn on master and rare candy, and go to the pc, withdraw 1 rare candy, then wttness the results!
ID #627600
Sep 19th 2015 Guest
So I can't get your codes to work I even seperated the master codes but raikou and master ball are the only ones working so please let's us know step by step cause from my understanding if I put all codes in correctly I should be able to access all those pokemon plus the master ball plus rare candy from the beginning !!??..
ID #609546
Sep 17th 2015 Guest
where can i find wobuffet code
ID #609028
Sep 15th 2015 Guest
All codes work except for the bulbasaur code. When you side the rare candy code, they will appear in you PC storage items
ID #608555
Sep 13th 2015 Guest
i have put in the codes but i didn't get the pokemon how do i get the pokemon than
ID #608032
Sep 15th 2015 Heartattack
Make sure both matter code are activated. There should be a check next to the codes when they are activated. Put the codes in one at a time.
ID #608556