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Constructing a Good Pokemon Team by Bronco11 and Bleepman:Part 1

by Camerupt773

Bronco11 and Bleepman's Guide to Constructing a good
Pokemon Team: Part 1 

In my 7 months on SuperCheats I have seen and rated many teams.
I have always been going hard on the ratings, and I have not told people why. Now I bet I have you asking "why have you been going hard on ratings?" Well the answer is simply that people have not been balancing their team types. Lets say my Team was The one below:
Deoxys level 94
Lugia level 95
Mew level 93
Mewtwo level 96
Latios level 94
Espeon level 93
You are probably thinking to yourself "Wow that team is so powerful!" Well let's get something straight here. These Pokemon are all Psychic. This means they could get easily beaten by a good Dark type or Ghost Types.
Bring in the Ghosts to send everyone except Lugia Packing [ Since everyone except has bad Special Defense ] Then if you have a Ghost type with very high Attack, or Dark type with good Special Attack and you use a good Dark or Ghost type move [ like Crunch or Shadow Ball ] and they will probably have Lugia fainting in a few moves since they all have STAB, and since it's weak against dark and ghost types. You could also bring in an Electric type with a High Special Attack and use a move like Thunderbolt which will also get STAB and you will probably get an even better results. Your opponent won't have any idea how you beat them.
Now I need to tell you how to avoid this. I bet your thinking "I should never bring in 6 Pokemon of the same type and you are right about that, but the hard part is to never bring in two Pokemon of the same type at all, unless they are Flying or Dragon type, one has to have a second type and it needs to be different than the first. You are probably thinking "Oh that is so hard!"
Well it is not. Let me explain it to you.
The first thing you need to do in this process is pick 3 Pokemon out of the 4 main types. The Main Types are Water, Fire, Electric and Grass. Now you MUST have a Water Pokemon in this so it will be easier to knock down those Rock, Ground, Fire and lots of other types. [ since the only two Grass Pokemon that are worth using are Sceptile, Meganium and possibly Venasaur if you will use him as an annoyer ] Then you can pick any of the three other types but they can not be two of the same types.
I'll give an example below: Water type= Blastoise
Electric Type= Raikou
Fire Type= Camerupt [ Note that if you use Camerupt there should not be any other Ground type on your Team because Camerupt is both Fire and Ground Type ]  Grass Type= None

Water Type= Swampert  [ Cover Ground types ]
Grass Type= Sceptile
Fire Type= Houndoom  [ Covers Dark types if you like to use Darks ]
Water Type= Kyogre
Grass Type= Venasaur 
Electric Type= Jolteon
[ This is called a Colorless main group since nothing covers anything ]
Now that you have he Main types down lets go to Secondary Types.
Secondary Types are basically all the rest of the types that have not yet been listed. There is 1 Type that you must have in here: Ground, and of course if you have Camerupt that spot is already covered. Ground is the only thing that can beat Electric types. These are where the other legendaries get covered. I recommend throwing in a Flying type here but it's your choice.
Psychic Type= Lugia [ One Flying type ]
Ground= Donphan
Flying= Salamence [ This is why I recommend Latios and Rayquaza. Rayquaza covers the Flying spot and Latios takes thy Flying. I call this the Double-Dragon-Duce or the Triple D. Of course you don't necessarily need a Flying and Psychic Type. You can use just plain Psychic ]
Normal Type= Snorlax
Ground Type= Rhydon
Flying Type= Pidgeot
This is obviously called a Coverless Secondary Group
Ground Type= Flygon [ One Dragon type ]
Psychic Type= Mewtwo
Normal Type= Blissey
Well that is basically it. Unless you want to see  what a Good Team I created by doing this. Perhaps I ought to show you: ________________________________________
Milotic level 100 Item Petaya Berry
Surf, Toxic, Recover, Cosmic Power
Rayquaza level 100 Item Leftovers
Earthquake, Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw, Thunderbolt
Raikou level 100 Item Ganlon Berry
Recover, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Reflect
Camerupt level 100 Item Salac Berry
Rock Slide, Flamethrower, Recover, Earthquake
Machamp level 85 Item White Herb
Swords Dance, Sky Uppercut, Earthquake, Rock Slide
Latios level 100 Item Soul Dew
Recover, Calm Mind, Thunderbolt, Psychic
Yes that is my Team. My friend Bleepman should be writing one on movesets soon. If you apply mine to his, you will have unbelievably good Pokemon.
NOTE: Always have a lengendary on your Team. They will give you a boost in battle with the high stats legendaries always have.

This Walkthrough is  Copyright.
2005 Michael Mandell

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