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Bronco11's Guide to Defeating the Pokemon League

by Bronco11

 Defeating the Pokemon League can be done with just Strength, but  using Strategy is the correct way to do it!
 The first member of the Pokemon league, Sidney, uses the following Pokemon.
 Mighteyena level 46
 Shiftry level 48
 Cacturne level 46 
 Sharpedo level 48
 Absol level 49
 The second member of the Pokemon league,  Pheobe, uses the following Pokemon.
 Dusclops level 48
 Dusclops level 51
 Banette level 49
 Banette level 49
 Sableye level50
 The third member of the Pokemon league, Glacia, uses the following Pokemon.
 Sealeo level 50
 Sealeo level 52
 Glalie level 50
 Glalie level 52
 Walrein level 53
 The fourth member of the Pokemon league, Drake, uses the following Pokemon.
 Shelgon level 52
 Altaria level 54
 Flygon level 53
 Flygon level 53
 Salamence level 55
 The Champion, Wallace, uses the following Pokemon.
Tentacruel level 55
Ludicolo level 56
Gyrados level 56
Whiscash level 56
Wailord level 57
Milotic level 58

 In case you have not figured it out, each Trainer Specializes with a certain type
 Sidney= Dark
 Pheobe= Ghost
 Glacia= Ice
 Drake= Dragon
 Wallace= Water
 A good Pokemon Gamer should represent the following types
 Water/Ice = Walrein, Kyogre, Lapras, and Swampert ( Kyogre and Swampert are good and they can learn Ice type moves )
 Flying = Pidgeot, Rayquaza, Swellow, Lugia, and Crobat
 Fire = Charizard, Blaziken, Typhlosion, or Camerupt
 Electric = Ampharos, Raichu, Raikou, or Manectric.
 Fighting = Heracross, Machamp, or Hariyama.
You must have a Flygon, Absol, or Mighteyena in your party unless you have an Action Replay or Gameshark. If you have Action Replay or Gameshark
You could:
--Get Mewtwo and use hacks to teach it Crunch
--Do the same with Mew, or Tyranitar ( except with Tyranitar because he can learn Crunch normally )Note: One of these Pokemon has to know Crunch
 On Sidney use:
 Mighteyena- Fight Type Move
 Shiftry- Fight, or Fire type move
 Cacturne- Fire or Fight type move
 Sharpedo- Electric type move
 Absol- Fighting Type
 On Pheobe use:
 Dusclops- Dark Type
 Dusclops- Dark Type
 Banette- Dark Type
 Banette- Dark Type
 Sableye- A very powerful move because it has no weaknesses
 On Glacia Use:
 Sealeo- Electric Type
 Sealeo- Electric Type
 Glalie- Fight or Fire Type
 Glalie- Fight Or Fire Type
 Walrein- Electric Type
 On Drake use
 Shelgon- Ice or Dragon type
 Altaria- Ice or Dragon Type
 Flygon- Ice or Dragon Type
 Flygon- Ice or Dragon Type
 Salamence-  Ice or Dragon type
 On Wallace use:
 Tentacruel- Electric type
 Ludicolo- Flying or Poison type
 Gyrados- Electric type
 Whiscash- Grass type
 Wailord- Electric or Grass Type
 Milotic- Electric or Grass Type

 Special Thanks
 Thank You:
 Nintendo for making a sweet game,
 Prima Strategy Guide for the list of Pokemon
 SuperCheats for letting me Submit this
 This Walkthrough is Copyrighted
 (c) 2005 Michael Mandell

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