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Game Reviews for Pokemon Emerald


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MasterMilotic7th Jul 2005, ID #109
My name is(name not included). I am the registered user MasterMilotic. Milotic is my favourite Pokemon and I myself have it in my Emerald version. I have been playing Pokemon since I was 7 years old..

Rating: 96%Read Full Review

Ninja_Rothardon18th Sep 2005, ID #186
POKEMON EMERALD is the most recent Pokemon RPG in the RUBY and SAPPHIRE saga. You play as a male or female character who has just moved to the town of LITTLEROOT. Your goal is to collect all the bad..

Rating: 92%Read Full Review

spyro madgirl23rd Jan 2006, ID #250
When Emerald came out in America, I bought it online as I couldn't wait for in to come out in the UK. I loved it already, just from staring at it's shiny box cover. I played it endlessly, and couldn..

Rating: 94%Read Full Review

Hollie Harvestgal24th Feb 2006, ID #273
Pokemon Emerald is the latest Pokemon Gba game. As a player of the game my self, I find it amazing! Your character has just moved to a small town called Littleroot Town, a small village home to a pr..

Rating: 84%Read Full Review

Sapphire Dragon29th Apr 2006, ID #310
Pokemon emerald has turned many Pokemanic's heads... And why? Well the newest game in the Pokemon adventures is new... But is it fantastic? I have battled with myself for a few seconds... I find it ..

Rating: 64%Read Full Review

charizard77729th Jun 2006, ID #340
Pokemon Emerald is the new Pokemon game that came out sometime in May last year. And it has been greeted with a mixed response. While some say that it's a horrible game, nothing more than a very bad..

Rating: 86%Read Full Review

Duddits458th Aug 2006, ID #388
Well hello, if you are reading this you probably are unsure about either buying or getting involved in the Pokemon Emerald. For starters this was one of the funnest games that I had played in a very..

Rating: 96%Read Full Review

pikachu77725th Sep 2006, ID #426
Pokemon Emereald is a game that never can be compasred to any other game. In all the cases- Pokemon emerald would win. The game is great and the whole world agrees to this. The game is famous all ov..

Rating: 84%Read Full Review

cyber_john300023rd Feb 2007, ID #548
Pokemon Emerald....he continuation of Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green. The Main-Protagonist starts out in the Hoen Region. A new place for training and battling pokemon.With new types of Pokemon to see ..

Rating: 100%Read Full Review

poketrainersean259th Mar 2007, ID #554
There have been many Pokemon games. Pokemon red,blue,yellow,green,silver,gold,ruby and sapphire.But now Pokemon emerald hits the gameboy screen. Its pretty much the same as ruby and sapphire but a c..

Rating: 78%Read Full Review

EspeonDude_18th Mar 2007, ID #570
Ah yes... Nintendo has made yet another Pokemon game. This time, a sequel to the Ruby and Sapphire series. There's a lot more to do in Emerald, including filling up the National PokeDex, beating the..

Rating: 100%Read Full Review

SCUM_OF_THE_EARTH4th Jun 2007, ID #629
Yes another Hoenn Region Pokemon game. This game follows pretty much the same story line as Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire. The Battler Frontier along with more Pokemon available inside the game are nice new..

Rating: 98%Read Full Review

T00 Sick19th Jun 2007, ID #644
Pokemon Emerald Reveiw ---------------------- My Idea: Well Pokemon emerald is a very nice Pokemon game. It is the best out of sapphire and ruby.. But I say.. It could be alot better.. There is..

Rating: 82%Read Full Review

atroxletum1st Sep 2007, ID #705
I heard about Emerald from my cousin and I wasnt really that enthusiastic at first but later on it sounded more and more interesting so I got it it was alot better than ruby and sapphire and had alo..

Rating: 82%Read Full Review


Quick Reviews

An Awesome Flash Back!!!Added 15 Sep 2015, ID #14057
I first played this game back in 1998, on my Gameboy Advanced. I never left the house without it. Now 17 years later, I have an emulator on my IPad 2, and I still can't leave the house without it! LOL Smile

Pretty GoodAdded 15 Aug 2014, ID #14002
This game does not have quite excellent graphics, but the characters inside it, along with the puzzles, the story, etc really make it beautiful.

Pure Awesome for past genAdded 19 Mar 2014, ID #13980
This game is really fun, having it's downs for long talks, annoying battles w/ Zubats or the plant things that's the first move is poison, 'sides that, this game in it's gen really great, fun, oh and you get lost a lot of times and don't know what to do past 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th badge, I'd give it 8.9/10, 89/100

Poke Master has spoken! XDAdded 20 Feb 2014, ID #13973
I still own Game Boys so I have played on that game system as well as on the Emerald GBA and ever since I started playing Pokemon games (it was a LONG time ago!), Emerald has always been my favorite! It has always been the easiest one for me (this could be due to the fact that the first time I played it my oldest sister's game was still on it and it had a level 60 something Sceptile on it and I didn't delete it! XD!) and the one with the strongest Pokemon in the wild! I give it 100%!

FS Review: Pokemon EmeraldAdded 26 Mar 2011, ID #13441
Pokemon Emerald is a 3rd generation Pokemon game that, in all honesty, kinda dropped the ball. As enjoyable as it was during the first playthrough, it got quite repetitive at times, as the storyline was so generic for the Pokemon Series. Boy with no father starts out in a small town, finds out there's some evil team in the region, fights and defeats the evil team, and then goes on to become champion of the region all in a few days.

No real surprise in it, though one good thing for this game was the Pokemon. 3rd generation had some bad ones, but it also had a lot of good Pokemon that a lot of people enjoyed. One of the most famous from this region would be the Lati's.

This game would probably last you a day, so it could take up some of your time at school if you just play it in class to pass the time. A bit predictable and outdated as far as the plot goes, but enjoyable.

7 out of 10 as an overall.

well done!!Added 20 Aug 2010, ID #13202
pokemon emerald is a very good game in terms over all. the game is perfect game for kids who want to be able to have some thing to pass the time, or perhaps a game of strategy or just the abilty to roam free. unlike pokemon sapphire and ruby you can find more things and you have more choices. you have all the glories of the previous pokemon games and then some. if you have little brothers, sisters, cousins, children, or even your self this game would be ideal for any body.

Pokemon is backAdded 8 Oct 2006, ID #9432
And with a bang......

Over the years there have been many great pokemon game none more greater then emerald.

Graphics:8/10 Its for gameboy so what did your expect?

Sound:7/10 I think your atraction to the soundtrack depends upon gender

Lastability:5/10:this game wont last you too long before gettin sick period.

Gameplay9/10:basically the same as all the other games.

Overall :8/10:almost perfect.

I DO NOT HAVE A TITLE TO WRITE DOWN!Added 25 Sep 2006, ID #9296
Well, it is, after all, a remake of the RUBY and SAPHIRE versions. but it is better. the story has been slighly changed and you can catch more pokemon in this game. you get the chance to catch Rayquaza, Groudon, and Kyogre. this game is the best game in the pokemon series, after the GOLD, SILVER, and CRYSTAL.

The game is slightly better than Ruby and Saphire. You should try to play it, and believe me, you would not want to put it down and you will be wacked by your parents to play so much on the GBA.

Pokemon emerald!Added 1 Sep 2006, ID #9125
Pokemon Emerald is way worth your money you should get it if you don\'t and if you don\'t like it then don\'t tell people to not buy it they might like it.
An awsome game the sound gameplay and graphics are great.The desihners where only making a Ruby and Sapphire remake but they made the story a lot more interesting and the fact that you can get a lot of the old pokemon and jhotot starters to.Overall 10/10 a great game!!

Pokemon Emerald VS. Dragon Ball Z- Buu's FuryAdded 3 Jul 2006, ID #8483
My comparisions:
Pokemon- 8/10
DragonBall- 7/10
DragonBall\'s graphics are good but are not 3-D even for a second. emerald is 3-D for 20 seconds

Pokemon- 5/10
DragonBall- 9/10
Pokemon background music is cool but default volume is low. Sound of DragonBall is great. Volume is high too.

Pokemon- 10/10
DragonBall- 8/10
DragonBall gets boring at times. Pokemon has fantastic gameplay throughout.

Pokemon- 7/10
DragonBall- 10/10
Buu\'s Fury may be the simplest DBZ game ever but it still beats Pokemon by a long mile.

Game Legnth:
Pokemon- 8/10
DragonBall- 7.5/10
Pokemon games have no comparision when it comes to game legnth.

Pokemon- 8.5/10
DragonBall- 8.5/10
The story of both the games is brilliant.

Repeat Value:
Pokemon- 9/10
DragonBall- 5/10
Atari games lose when it comes to repeat value. Nintendo\'s can be played infinite times.

RPG Value:
Pokemon- 8/10
DragonBall- 9/10
DragonBall is great when it comes to exploration.

Mini Games:
Pokemon- 5/10
DragonBall- 1/10
Pokemon may not have good MiniGames but they are better than DragonBall\'s.

Pokemon- 7/10
DragonBall- 6/10
Pokemon is statistically better, but I say, go for Dragon Ball Z- Buu\'s Fury.

10 on 10!Added 30 Jun 2006, ID #8477
Great game, is all i have to say. but i have to say more or my review wont be submitted. the title if this review tells everything. i give this game 10 on 10. this game has good graphics, good story, good gameplay and good effects. the best part is the end. in the end the game gets 3-D. the way the orbs shine, the way kyogre and groudon fight and the way rayquaza comes in to save the heonne region. this game is brilliant. the first time i played it, i threw the cartridge away after the fourth gym badge. i thought it was boring. them after a month or so, i tried the game again and when i played it properly, i simply loved it. till the fifth gym badge, i thought it was just like Ruby/Saphire, but after it, the game totally changed. it was different from any other Pokemon game. not only different. it was way beter than all of them. this game was not repetitive. that is all i have to say.

have i written more than 400 characters? will my review be submitted now?

my rating (i know that my review is getting boring but i have to complete 1000 characters!):


5 words to describe this game awesome awesome awesome awesome awAdded 14 May 2006, ID #8117
This game is like the best game ever the best part is that there is an extra challenge at the end of the game battle fronteir and you can catch practically every legendary except:

mewtwo,articuno,moltress,zapdos,entia,siucune,raikou and can catch rayquaza,groudon,kyogre,mew,lugia,ho-oh,jirachi,deoxys,latios,latias.if you complete your pokedex you can get one of the johto starters totodile,chikorita and cyndaquil

Over all 9.9 out of 10

A nice game and it's worth your moneyAdded 13 Jan 2006, ID #7380
Pokemon Emerald is surely a nice game that holds the Pokemon Name. Yes you may prejudge it as a replay of Ruby and Sapphire, but it\'s actually much better than that. Although the goal, pokemon and graphics are the same, it surely has many additions that can satisfy any avid gamer like the battle frontier...the pokemon you can catch...and the safari zone extension...very nice and a sure boost on the replay factor...pokemon emerald also improves the hardness from pokemon ruby and sapphire with the revision of the gym leaders\' pokemon, revision of the elite 4\'s pokemon, a new champion, and the case wherein you have to stop both Team Magma and will surely take you hours before you finish the game...

In short, it\'s a very nice get\'s worth your money...

The best Pokemon gameAdded 21 Dec 2005, ID #7278
This is by far the best pokemon game.

I love the way you can battle gym leaders again after defeating the elite 4 and i like the idea of being able to catch rayquaza kyogre and groundon. also the i like the battle frontier.

graphics:superb 8/10
gameplay:great 8/10
length:good 7/10
pokemon:good amount 9/10
dificulty rating:a bit easy for me 7/10
controls easy to get to grips with 8/10

Overall I would rate this game 8/10

The best Pokemon game everAdded 2 Nov 2005, ID #6807
in the history of pokemon, this is the best game yet. the graphics are really good and the gameplay is the best. i got the game about six months ago and i cant stop playing it. and the game it self is kind of challening. sence the game is so addicting, the first night i got the game, i stayed up all night playing the game. my favorite part of the game is the battle frontier. i like the battle frontier because it is challenging.

The best Pokemon Game Ever!Added 3 Jul 2005, ID #5664
In Pokemon Emerald you get to take on both Team Aqua and Team Magma all in one game. When you get to the Elite Four instead of Steven being the champion Wallace (Steven\'s mentor) is the champion. You can catch Kyorge, Groudon, and Rayquaza all in the game. Rayquaza is located at the Sky Pillar like he is in Sapphire and Ruby. Groudon is located in Terra Cava and Kyogre is located in an underwater cave!!!!!! pokemon Emerald is a combination of Pokemon Sapphire and Pokemon Ruby. You can trade and battle with Pokemon Sapphire, Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon Firered, and Pokemon Leafgreen. I give Pokemon Emerald a 100 out of 100.

Pokemonmaster :-)

Bronco11's Short and Sweet Review on Pokemon Emerald!Added 20 May 2005, ID #5113
I do not have this game. However I know everything about it. Here is what I have to say: If you have not yet bought Ruby and Sapphire, get this game because of the awesome features and differences from Ruby and Sapphire. The Battle Frontier is perhaps the sweetest addition to this game. Those who long for a good battle once in a while, or for those who just want to check there skills against others. You can catch Rayquaza, Kyogre, and Groudon without trading. And the Battle Tents are places to put your battle skills to the test even before you battle the Pokemon League! These are in the places where the contests use to be in Ruby and Sapphire. Which means Lilycove is the only places where you can enter contests. It is the best place to blend Pokeblocks so just Blend them, use them on your Pokemon and walk right over! All the ranks are in Lilycove. The only problems in this game are that those Pokemon that were thrown into this game can be caught in Ruby and Sapphire with an Action Replay. And it takes so long to beat the game! And Wallace is the Champion of the Pokemon League. I hope you liked my review!

Changes from Ruby and SapphireAdded 12 Dec 2004, ID #3845
• Kyogre and Groudon no longer can be captured at the Cave of Origin. Instead, you will have to awaken Rayquaza in the Cave of Origin after kicking the Magmas and Aquas out of Kyogre and Groudon's preliminary abodes so it can stop the meteorological feud between the two. After you defeat the Pokémon League, Kyogre can be found on the eastern seaboard while Groudon takes up residence in the vicinity of Mount Chimney. Rayquaza can still be caught at Sky Pillar. And for the record, both Kyogre and Groudon's levels have been inflated to 70.

• In Emerald, you decide whether you want to face Latias or Latios. After that news bulletin, your mother will inquire for the colour of the Pokémon. Say 'blue' and you're looking for Latios; say 'red' and you've got yourself a Latias goosechase.

• The Altering Cave that appeared in Fire Red and Leaf Green appears on Route 103.

• Birch gives you the National Pokédex after you defeat the Pokémon League.

• It is now possible to obtain both the Root and Claw Fossils. In the Desert you will find Illusion Pillar; at the top are the two fossils. Select one and the pillar collapses. After you defeat the Pokémon League, go by the Fossil Maniac's house and you should come across a new cave. The fossil that you failed to pick up will be in there.

• You can face the Gym Leaders again after you defeat the Pokémon League.

• Steven has resigned from the post of Champion, leaving it to Wallace. Ardan takes Wallace's place in the Sootopolis Gym.

• Team Magma will appear at the Space Station.

• A new Battle Tower wilol appear to the north of Mauville.

• After you defeat the Pokémon League, the Safari Zone expands to include a larger denomination of Pokémon.

• All of the Contests have been moved to Lilycove City and take place under one roof. Where the old halls were are now Battle Tents, the procedures in which are a little like the ones in Pokémon Stadium 2.

• All Pokémon sprites in battle are animated.

• There are several new tournaments taking place, and they're on an island locale remote to Hoenn.

• Deoxys takes a Speed-optimised form in Emerald.

• Sudowoodo and Smeargle can be caught in the wild.

• Mew can be caught on an island accessible with a ticket.

That's all I have now; I'll submit more as I find out more.

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