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How to Summon Heroes

Shining Beyond Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Shining Beyond is a mobile game where players need to build a team of heroes to clear dungeons and challenges. You’ll start off with the default starter crew but in order to tackle harder challenges or even compete with PvP, you’ll need to expand your roster and get more powerful heroes to join your party. In this page, we’ll discuss the game’s summoning system.

How the Summon System Works

If you haven’t played any mobile game before with the gacha system, then you’ll need to read this portion of the guide first to set your expectations. Gacha is akin to the lottery system where the characters you’ll get will be based on the chance and the banner you’re summoning from.

The rarity of the heroes will affect their appearance rate or the chance that you’ll get them whenever you pull. The rate is around 60% for R tier, 35% for the SR tier, 4% for SSR tier, and 1% for the UR tier. There’s no assurance of what hero you’ll get; you can be very lucky and get powerful, high-tier heroes or get unwanted ones.

Summon Banners

There are several banners to choose from. Some banners have “uprates” of specific heroes, meaning that the featured heroes will have an increased chance of appearing whenever you pull from that banner. As mentioned above, the character’s rarity will affect their appearance so even with the uprate applied, the chance to get them is still considerably small. As an example, let’s look at the featured banner below.

The featured SSR hero for the banner above is Artemis. By tapping the small question mark icon on the upper-right corner of the banner (beside the Contents button). For this banner, all SSR has a 0.22% chance to appear. Since Artemis is the featured hero, her appearance rate is at 1.28%. Significantly higher than the standard rate but also incredibly low nonetheless.

The Featured Summon banner highlights specific characters that will gain an uprate (temporary boosted appearance rate) for a limited period. There can be several Featured Summon banners available at the same time. You can summon individually using tickets or use 2700 gems for a 10-pull. As explained above, even with the rate-up, the featured character’s appearance rate is still really low.

Step-up Summon Banner is a three-step summoning process where you have to spend the specified amount of gems to get various bonuses and a featured character’s shards. In the example below, you have to spend a total of 6900 gems to get the items listed below. Usually, the first step alone is already worth it, since you’ll get an assured SSR hero by using the ticket, albeit randomly selected for you. It’s recommended to go through this banner completely only if you can afford it and if you really want the character.
* SSR Ticket
* 150 featured character shards
* 20 hero pulls (summons)
* 7-star featured character weapon

SSR Hero Summon and SR Hero Summon banners are what they’re named for, which requires SSR and SR tickets respectively. The possible heroes you can pull will come from the determined pool of heroes. Usually, event-exclusive or newly-released heroes will not be part of the summoning pool.

Class Summon banners further compacts the selection of characters you can pull, depending on their class. Thankfully, SSR heroes (as well as new characters) can be included in their respective class banners. The only downside is that you can only use Class Summoning Tickets for these banners. (for example, Acolyte Tickets for the Acolyte Banner, Warrior Tickets for the Warrior banner and so on)

The Grand Hero Summon is a permanent banner where you’ll get a free daily draw. After getting your free draw, all succeeding pulls will cost 300 gems each or 2700 gems for 10 pulls. Since this is a standard and permanent banner, new or event-exclusive heroes may not be included in the pool.

Finally, we have the Friendship Point Summon banner. However, unlike the other banners, you can only obtain shards from this banner. Collect the required number of shards to unlock the hero. If you got shards for heroes you already own, you can use those shards instead to Promote them.

Summoning Cost

There are different “currencies” used for summoning. The common method is by using the premium currency called Gems. Individual summons cost 300 gems but if you do a 10-pull (or 10 summons per batch), it will only cost 2700 gems. This can be very costly since gems can be quite hard to come by.

The next method is by using summoning tickets. These are usually acquired through various events, mail-in rewards/bonuses, etc. These are different summoning tickets and can be used on their respective banners. While the character you’ll get is still not assured, the summoning ticket used will determine the rarity of the character at least. For example, SR summoning tickets can only summon random SR characters while SSR tickets can summon a random SSR character.

For Class Summoning Tickets, you can only use them on their respective class banners and the rarity of the heroes you’ll obtain will range from R to SSR.

Finally, Friendship Points can be used to pull for Hero Shards in the Friendship Point Summon banner. You can acquire friendship points by sending and receiving FP to/from your friends.

Milestone Summon

Every draw you make, regardless of banner, will generate 1 Milestone Point. Once you have 100 Milestone Points, you’ll have the chance to get one of the following options:
* An SSR Selector
* Summon the current Event Hero(es)
* Get a random Valiant Hero.

You can check the potential heroes you can get from the Milestone summon by tapping the Contents button on the upper-left corner of the screen.

Duplicate Heroes

If you get a copy of a hero you already own, the newly summoned hero will be turned into shards. Shards can be used to promote a hero. Promoting a character will permanently increase his/her stats and increase their skill levels. Promoted heroes will also gain one star rank.

That concludes our dedicated guide for Shining Beyond’s hero summoning system. Please check out our other individual guide pages for this game, especially our page for the game’s highest rated heroes and the Tier List for other hero classes. Thanks for reading!

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