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- Wayward Cave

Pokemon Diamond Walkthrough and Guide

by Mogg 13-42  

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The Cobble Badge - Wayward Cave

Note : This is an optional area.

 ---------------------------    ------------------------------------------- 
| Pokemon [Cave 1F]         |  | Items or Key Items                        |
------------- -------------   ----------- -------------------------------
| Bronzor     | Lv. 14-16   |  | Cave 1F   | Potion (x2), Super Potion,    |
| Geodude     | Lv. 15-16   |  |           | TM32, Rare Candy, Escape Rope |
| Zubat       | Lv. 14-16   |  |           | Tiny Mushroom, Nugget         |
------------- -------------   ----------- -------------------------------
| Pokemon [Cave B1F]        |  | Items or Key Items                        |
------------- -------------   ----------- -------------------------------
| Bronzor     | Lv. 15-17   |  | Cave B1F  | Stardust, Max Ether, Grip     |
| Geodude     | Lv. 16      |  |           | Claw, Revive, TM26            |
| Gible       | Lv. 15-17   |  ----------- -------------------------------
| Zubat       | Lv. 15-17   |
------------- -------------

Wayward Cave : 1F

 --------------------- ----------------------------------------- ---------- 
| Trainer             | Pokemon                                 | Rewards  |
--------------------- ----------------------------------------- ----------
| Reginald & Lorenzo  | Onix (L17), Geodude (L15), Machop (L15) |  $1024   |
| Cassidy & Wayne     | Buneary (L17), Bidoof (L13), Aipom      |   --     |
|                     | (L15), Zubat (L14)                      |  $512    |
| Diego & Tori        | Cascoon (L13), Silcoon (L15), Dustox    |   --     |
|                     | (L17), Beautifly (L15)                  |  $512    |
| Ana & Parker        | Buizel, Shinx (L15), Meditite (L17)     |  $512    |
| Terry & Gerald      | Geodude (L15) Gastly (L15), Gastly      |   --     |
|                     | (L13), Bronzor (L17)                    |  $1904   |
--------------------- ----------------------------------------- ----------

Use the Flash ability to illuminate the cave as soon as you enter. Head up to reach the first fork. Go right first and examine one of the rocks there to get a POTION. Turn around to the left, smash the rock and continue up. At the next intersection, head left past the breakable rock all the way to the end and go down. Defeat the Trainers. Check one of the rocks below them to find a SUPER POTION.

Return to the split path, go left and down to battle 2 more Trainers. After beating them, smash the rock and pick up the TM32 (Double Team). Now, backtrack all the way to the second intersection in this cave, and head north. At the next split, go left then down. Battle with Diego & Tori.  Grab the RARE CANDY afterwards. Again, go back to the intersection.

From there, head right then down. Grab the ESCAPE ROPE. Continue east and down again towards another fork. Head right and battle with 2 more Trainers. Return to the split. Go south then examine one of the rocks to get a POTION. Smash the breakable rock then follow the long, linear path all the way to the next fork. There, proceed south. Defeat Terry & Gerald. Check one of the rocks below both trainers for a TINY MUSHROOM.

Turn back and follow the path northwest. Once you get to the end, examine the bottom rock for a NUGGET. Talk to the girl there and lead her to the exit.

Wayward Cave : B1F

At Route 206, proceed to the west side of the Wayward Cave entrance. Then head east 2 steps under the Cycling Road. From here, head north and you should be able to access a cave. Use Flash as soon as you enter to illuminate the area. Push the boulder out of the way and continue downstairs  to the next room.

This part of the cave involves bike jumping, and lots of it. So feel free to use Max Repels to travel in peace. Start off by heading west towards the first slope. Examine the top-left rock to get a STARDUST. Pedal up the slope on your bike. Do the same for the next one.

Shift to the highest gear on your bicycle and pedal east, jumping over all the ramps. Grab a MAX ETHER at the end. Proceed a bit northwest down the ledge afterwards. Now, bike jump over the nearby ramp, so that you land between it and the rock. Continue southeast then north.

Jump over the ramp to your left, pedal across the plank, and down the stairs. Go up then right over the ramp. Pick up the GRIP CLAW. Turn back west and up the slope at the end. Proceed east, jump past the first ramp for a REVIVE. Turn back once more, jumping over all the ramps to the end.

There, go around to the top passage. Shift to top speed on your bicycle and jump over the ramp to land next to the stairs. Go all the way down. Take the stairs up to the upper floor. Grab TM26 (Earthquake). Use an Escape Rope to leave the cave.

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Mar 24th 2015 Guest
I'm sooo lost DX I have Mira and I am literally going in circles!I feel like I'm going to be in the cave forever T.T
ID #532438
Jul 1st 2014 Guest
Strength. Where in the world do you get it? Gible is legit the last pokemon I want in my team and I just wasted my life with the first floor. Ugh
ID #409749
Oct 4th 2013 Guest
On the first floor of the wayward cave there is also a burn heal hidden in one of the rocks that is not mentioned in his walk through.
ID #312582
Jul 19th 2013 Guest
how do u get flash?
ID #298697
Oct 14th 2012 Guest
I found Mika in the cave. I didn't use flash until AFTER i found her. now how do i get out?
ID #196201
Sep 9th 2012 Guest
How can you get out of the cave? stuck inside with the girl. Do not have flash. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
ID #184707
May 26th 2012 Guest
How difficult is it to find a Gible here?
ID #145666
May 3rd 2012 Guest
wayward cave is confusing
ID #139021
Jan 2nd 2012 Guest
ID #101792
Dec 12th 2011 Guest
thanks ALOT!!!!
ID #94629
Aug 19th 2011 Guest
& if u dont have 1000 bucks, go firetruck ure selfe
ID #68445
Aug 17th 2011 Guest
For the person who said they didn't have Flash, you can buy it at veilstone city for 1000 quid.
ID #67871
Jul 2nd 2011 Guest
I needed hidden wayward cave for a gible!
ID #54179
Jun 10th 2011 Guest
Actually you just have to shift gears while jumping over ramps.
3rd gear: jumps over one spot
4th gear: jumps over two spots

thats all you need lol
ID #48209
Jun 10th 2011 Guest
how do u get her bak 2 the Xit? i feel like im in the middle of nowhere
ID #48153
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