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- Jubilife City & Route 204

Pokemon Diamond Walkthrough and Guide

by Mogg 13-42  

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The Forest Badge - Jubilife City & Route 204

| Items or Key Items                            |
 ---------------- ------------------------------ 
| Jubilife City  | Fashion Case                 |
| Ravaged Path   | TM39                         |
| Route 204      | Awakening, TM09 Bullet Seed  |
 ---------------- ------------------------------ 

Jubilife City

Head north to Route 204 and you'll meet the Professor and Lucas, being bothered by Team Galactic. You'll be participating in your first double battle soon after. It will be you and Lucas versus the Galactic Grunts. Lucas' Pokemon will be different depending on which Pokemon you picked from the briefcase early in the game.

 ------------------- ------------------------------- ---------- 
| Trainer           | Pokemon                       | Rewards  |
 ------------------- ------------------------------- ---------- 
| Galactic Grunts   | Zubat (L 9), Wurmple (L 7)    |   720    |
 ------------------- ------------------------------- ---------- 

After the battle, a woman from Jubilife TV Station will approach you and hand over a FASHION CASE. Have a look inside the TV Staton if you like. Otherwise continue north towards Route 204. There, make your way to the cave to the north of the area and go in.

Ravaged Path

If you haven't picked up the ANTIDOTE here earlier then do so now. Go west, smash the rocks, and grab the TM39. Turn back east, smash more rocks and
head for the exit.

Route 204

You'll end up on the higher section of Route 204. There will be more Pokemon Trainer battles to participate in.

 ------------------- ------------------------------- ---------- 
| Trainer           | Pokemon                       | Rewards  |
 ------------------- ------------------------------- ---------- 
| Taylor            | Budew, Cherubi (Lv. 7)        |   $224   |
| Brandon           | Kricketot, Wurmple (Lv. 7)    |   $112   |
| Liv & Liz         | Parichisu, Parichisu (Lv. 9)  |   $288   |
 ------------------- ------------------------------- ---------- 

Grab the AWAKENING after defeating Taylor, then snag the TM09 BULLET SEED after winning against Liv & Liz. Continue onwards to Floaroma Town.

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Feb 11th 2011 Guest
I would like to comment that you can battle a news crew in the tv station and gain some accessorys for your fastion case. I don't remenber reading it and I thouht it may be helpful. 0//0
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