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Iron Island

Pokemon Diamond Walkthrough and Guide

by Mogg 13-42  

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Iron Island

Note : Once again, this area is completely optional.

 ---------------------------    ------------------------------------------- 
| Pokemon [Iron Island]     |  | Items or Key Items                        |
------------- -------------   --------------- ---------------------------
| Geodude     | Lv. 29-32   |  | Outside Cave  | Metal Coat, Max Ether     |
| Golbat      | Lv. 30-32   |  | Inside Cave   | Iron Ball, Super Repel,   |
| Graveler    | Lv. 29-34   |  |               | Escape Rope, Max Ether,   |
| Onix        | Lv. 31-33   |  |               | TM23, Iron Plate, Magnet, |
| Steelix     | Lv. 33-34   |  |               | Max Potion, Shiny Stone   |
------------- -------------   -------------------------------------------

You can reach this place by boarding the ship in Canalave City. Go inside the house and speak to Byron. He'll give you the METAL COAT. Leave and examine the smaller rock in front of the house to get a MAX ETHER. Continue further up into the cave. Take the left stairs down.

 ------------ ------------------------------ ----------- 
| Trainer    | Pokemon                      | Rewards   |
------------ ------------------------------ -----------
| Lawrence   | Luxio, Stunky (Lv. 31)       |   $496    |
------------ ------------------------------ -----------

Defeat Lawrence. Continue south then up the ladder to get an IRON BALL. Go back to the previous floor and this time head down the right stairs. In the next area, head south past the stairs, then west at the end to find an ESCAPE ROPE. Turn back and go up the stairs. Follow the path east then south for a SUPER REPEL. Backtrack to the stairs and go down. Continue south at the lower level.

 ------------ ------------------------------ ----------- 
| Trainer    | Pokemon                      | Rewards   |
------------ ------------------------------ -----------
| Summer     | Staravia, Cherrim (Lv. 31)   |   $496    |
------------ ------------------------------ -----------

Go up the ladder behind Summer then down the one to the left. Take the right stairs down. Go east up the ladder for a MAX ETHER.

 ------------ ------------------------------ ----------- 
| Trainer    | Pokemon                      | Rewards   |
------------ ------------------------------ -----------
| Willy      | Onix, Graveler (Lv. 31)      |   $1240   |
| Braden     | Graveler (Lv. 33)            |   $1320   |   
------------ ------------------------------ -----------

After beating Willy, turn around and head south then up the ladder. Defeat Braden and continue down the steps to get TM23 (Iron Tail). Return to the previous floor. Take the left stairs down. Riley will join you here.

 ----------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------- 
| Trainer         | Pokemon                                     | Rewards  |
----------------- --------------------------------------------- ----------
| Kendal & Tyler  | Croagunk (Lv. 35), Medicham (Lv. 34)        |  $1384   |
| Jonah & Brenda  | Ponyta (L31), Pelipper (L33), Haunter (L31) |  --      |
|                 | Sudowoodo (L33), Floatzel (L34)             |  $4020   |
| Brendon         | Onix (Lv. 29), Steelix (Lv. 33)             |  $1320   |
| Quentin         | Geodude (L27), Graveler (L31), Onix (L31)   |  $1240   |
----------------- --------------------------------------------- ----------

Head south to battle Kendal & Tyler. After beating them, keep going south then up the stairs at the end. Head north and grab the MAGNET. Go back south down the stairs. Go down the trench. You can find an IRON PLATE here with help from your Dowsing Machine. Exit the trench and return to the lower level. Continue west then north up another ladder. Defeat Ace Trainers Jonah and Brenda.

After that take the steps behind them down to the lower area. Proceed east then south. Defeat both Workers. Head southeast up one more ladder. Navigate around the area to reach an HP UP. Backtrack to where the Worker Trainers are, and climb the ladder to the left of one of them. Continue down to get a MAX POTION.

Return to Jonah and Brenda's location, head down the trench and up the next ladder. Battle with 2 Galactic Grunts.

 ------------------ -------------------------------------------- ---------- 
| Trainer          | Pokemon                                    | Rewards  |
------------------ -------------------------------------------- ----------
| Galactic Grunts  | Glameow (L32), Zubat (L31), Zubat (L31),   |  --      |
|                  | Croagunk (L32), Golbat (L34), Stunky (L32) |  $2640   |
------------------ -------------------------------------------- ----------

Riley will give you a Pokemon Egg. But you need to have  at least one free slot in your Pokemon party to actually get it. Ride the lift down. Proceed to next area. Ride the lift up, and go around to the right side. Grab the SHINY STONE. Head for the exit afterwards.

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Comments for Iron Island

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Dec 5th 2013 Guest
HELP! I have left Iron Island, have not beaten the League but have gotten all eight badges, have returned to Iron Island, and cannot find Riley! Where is he??
ID #325546
Apr 17th 2013 Guest
go ask the sailor near the ship beside the house in front of the gym in canalave...
ID #275101
Feb 21st 2013 Guest
you can still get him i beat the champion and went back and he was there. oh also on black 2 u can still get riolu. oh and guess what i am a girl.
ID #256842
Dec 19th 2012 Guest
You beat the game when you beat the pokemon league right?😯
ID #224739
Apr 11th 2012 Guest
After you beat the game, there is someone in the house. That person is gym leader Bryan.
ID #132334
May 12th 2011 Narutoadwait
theres no one in the house
ID #42669
Apr 19th 2011 Guest
the riolu is lv.1
ID #38419
Mar 2nd 2011 Guest
wat level is the riolu
ID #31141
Dec 11th 2010 Guest
There is nobody in the house at Iron island...
ID #20804
Dec 11th 2010 Guest
haha you cant get riolu anymore
ID #20794
Dec 6th 2010 Guest
Rilou is in the egg and once you level him enough he evolves into Lucario
ID #20362
Nov 21st 2010 Guest
how to get to iron tail the easiest way
ID #18861
Oct 29th 2010 Guest
After obtaining the national pokedex, you can catch a MAWILE on iron island!
ID #16656
Sep 30th 2010 Guest

But wait, what do you do if you alredy beat the pokemon league, and didnt pick up the egg yet? when i go back to the cave where i left riley, he was gone!! any help??
ID #14014
Sep 23rd 2010 Guest
well at least they can spell, idiot.
ID #13432
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