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- The Old Chateau

Pokemon Diamond Walkthrough and Guide

by Mogg 13-42  

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The Forest Badge - The Old Chateau

Note : This area is completely optional.

 ---------------------------    ------------------------------------------- 
| Pokemon [Inside House]    |  | Items or Key Items                        |
-------------- ------------   ----------------- -------------------------
| Gastly       | Lv. 12-16  |  | Outside House   | Ether                   |
-------------- ------------   | Inside House    | Old Gateau, Antidote,   |
                               |                 | Dread Plate, TM90       |
                               ----------------- -------------------------

There are some trees to the north of the Eterna Forest exit (leading to Eterna City), that you can cut to gain access to this area. Before you go in, check the right corner at the side of the house for an ETHER. Go inside afterwards. Head north into the dining room. There, head west and examine the top-right trash can to find an ANTIDOTE. Leave the room and proceed to the second floor.

Enter the left room. Pick up an OLD GATEAU inside. Go back out and into the center room. Grab a DREAD PLATE in the left-most room and a TM90 (Substitute) in the right-most room. There is nothing else in this house for now, so you may leave.

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Comments for - The Old Chateau

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Sep 2nd 2014 Guest
i go to the tv and all i get are broadcasts what to do?
ID #443873
Nov 24th 2013 Guest
I saw a bald grandpa walking in circles around the dining room table...
ID #321865
Apr 8th 2013 kokoypogi
i think i saw one of the elite four in the hall and when i saw him he go to the dining table and i follow him and when i do he's gone and the day that i will gonna caught rotom a three ghost a little girl,a grandpa, and a grandma and i think they are following me and after i caught rotom the three ghost just talk to me and they said"You have caught my rotom" thanks to you rotom will never bother us any more and i have a gift for you.go to the frame at second door and say THE CHATEU MAKER Grandpa vyle" and their is a secrer passage in the back of the mansion and i there is a 10 item and 1 pokemon that is called vibrava
ID #271890
Apr 8th 2013 kokoypogi
to capture rotom you have to go to the old chateu at 20:00 to 22:00 and got to the tv and press a before you do that save it first before you battle

rotom is at lvl 20 in diamond and lvl 30 at platinum it is electric/ghost
ID #271889
Jul 18th 2012 Guest
where is the ghoost girl i only see the grandpa and what is the point in seeing them?
i only see granpa in the diiner table.......
ID #165937
Jul 14th 2012 Guest
i got arceus lvl 100 giratina lvl 70 and gonna catch a heatran lvl 70 and rotom lvl 15

waaaaarrnnniiiiing you need the national dex ALSO FOR ROTOM
ID #164229
May 25th 2012 Guest
I saw a ghost girl but how do u catch rotton on diamond and i beat every gym leader and elite four and every other thing
ID #145309
Dec 26th 2011 blaziken_98
you forget that you can also capture murkrow outside the chateu ( I catch it at night )
ID #98723
Apr 16th 2011 Guest
ID #37838
Mar 12th 2011 Guest
i saw only a ghost girl do you acctully battle her
ID #32370
Dec 10th 2010 Guest
my friend told me that after he caught rotom,he saw a person behind him
ID #20657
Nov 21st 2010 Guest
i saw a girl that was crying
ID #18838
Aug 15th 2010 Guest
i saw three ghosts, a dude in the dining area, a girl in a room to the right, and a grandma to the left
ID #8995
Jul 25th 2010 Guest
ok thats so weird i saw a ghost girl and a ghost grandpa wtf :o hahaha
ID #6053
Jul 17th 2010 Guest
i fourt that was a good cheat but you can also go up stears and click on the t.v and find a roltom
ID #4895
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