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- Lost Tower & Solaceon Town

Pokemon Diamond Walkthrough and Guide

by Mogg 13-42  

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The Cobble Badge - Lost Tower & Solaceon Town

 ----------------------------------    ------------------------------------ 
| Pokemon [Lost Tower]             |  | Items or Key Items                 |
---------------- -----------------   ------------ -----------------------
| Gastly         | Lv. 19-21       |  | Lost Tower | Oval Stone, Revive,   |
| Golbat         | Lv. 21-23       |  |            | TM27, HM04, Cleanse   |
| Murkrow        | Lv. 20          |  |            | Tag                   |
---------------- -----------------   ------------ -----------------------

Lost Tower

Just climb all the way to the top of the tower. Battle trainers along the way, since some of them reward you with a good deal of cash for winning. You can also capture a Gastly and a Golbat Pokemon here. Pick up an OVAL STONE, REVIVE and the TM27 RETURN on your way up.

 ------------ ------------------------------------- ---------- 
| Trainer    | Pokemon                             | Rewards  |
------------ ------------------------------------- ----------
| Oliver     | Stunky, Kricketune, Shellos (L16)   |   $256   |
| Kirby      | Cleffa (Lv. 19)                     |   $456   |
| Leonard    | Pichu (x2) (L15), Pikachu (L18)     |   $1152  |
| Rebekah    | Bonsly (Lv. 19)                     |   $1216  |
| Belle Bob  | Ponyta, Buizel (Lv. 19)             |   $2128  |
| Mike & Nat | Murkrow, Misdreavus (Lv. 19)        |   $2432  |
------------ ------------------------------------- ----------

When you reach the top, speak to both old ladies to get the HM04 STRENGTH and CLEANSE TAG. Let your lead Pokemon hold the Cleanse Tag to avoid random encounters on your down the tower. 

Solaceon Town

Take your Pokemon to the Pokemon Center to rest and save your game afterwards. Pick the berries near the town entrance. Speak to the nearby to get the POKEMON HISTORY POKETECH APP. You can also check out the Pokemon News Press and talk to the writer there. He'll ask you to bring him a specific Pokemon and give you a reward in return.

Further north of town is the Pokemon Day Care. You can have them take care of your Pokemon. Drop off 2 Pokemon and speak to the new guy that appears in the Day Care to receive the DAY CARE CHECKER POKETECH APP. Finally, check behind the Pokemon Center, to the right to find some steps down the cliff. Jump down the second set of steps. Once you reach the bottom, enter the house, and talk to the lady there. She'll give you the SEAL CASE.

Take another trip to the back of the Pokemon Center, and take the third set of steps this time. You'll find a cave at the bottom. Go in.

Solaceon Ruins

Note : Once again, this area is completely optional.

 --------- ------------------------------------- ---------- 
| Trainer | Pokemon                             | Rewards  |
--------- ------------------------------------- ----------
| Karl    | Geodude(x2), Bronzor (L16, 17, 18)  |   $864   |
--------- ------------------------------------- ----------


You may check the symbols on the north wall in the first area. The symbols point the way to the treasure chamber at the bottom of the ruins. Take the following sets of stairs to get there: TOP-RIGHT, BOTTOM-LEFT, TOP-RIGHT, TOP-LEFT, TOP-LEFT, BOTTOM-LEFT. Though you might want to check the other rooms first. The solitary rock within certain rooms contain items. So be sure to examine them.

The "rock items" are REPEL, ESCAPE ROPE and BIG MUSHROOM. The items in the treasure room are RARE CANDY, NUGGET, ODD INCENSE, MIND PLATE. Also, don't forget to capture an Unown Pokemon anwhere within the ruins, for your Pokedex. 

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how do you get spiritomb?
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im answering both of ur questions for hearthome beat maylene (gym 3) then get dawns dex back or her go to pastora and beat wake (gym 4) then beat the grunt in the town and go back to hearthome and she will be for finding exeggcute get ur national first
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How do you find an exeggcute in the great marsh
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how do you get the gym leader in Hearthome city to show up.
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