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- Hearthome City & Route 209

Pokemon Diamond Walkthrough and Guide

by Mogg 13-42  

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The Cobble Badge - Hearthome City & Route 209

 ----------------------------------    ------------------------------------ 
| Pokemon [Route 209 : Tall Grass] |  | Items or Key Items                 |
---------------- -----------------   ------------ -----------------------
| Bibarel        | Lv. 16-18       |  | Hearthome  | Poffin Case, Shell    |
| Chansey        | Lv. 16          |  |            | Bell, Pokemon Egg     |
| Mime Jr.       | Lv. 16          |  | Amity Sq.  | TM43, TM45, Amulet    |
| Staravia       | Lv. 17-18       |  |            | Coin, Spooky Plate    |
| Starly         | Lv. 16          |  | Route 209  | Good Rod, Honey, TM47 |
---------------- -----------------   ------------ -----------------------

Hearthome City

Enter the Pokemon Fan Club located next to the Poke Mart. Talk to the Fan Club chairman and he'll give you the POFFIN CASE. You need it in order to cook poffins in the Poffin House. Proceed to to the club's second floor. Speak to the girl there to get the SHELL BELL. Go back outside. Make your way to the southeast-most corner of the city, and talk to the guy standing next to the sign post. He'll offer to give you a POKEMON EGG. (You must have at least one free slot in your Pokemon inventory in order to get it.)

This particular egg will hatch into a Happiny once you've taken 10,420 steps.

Next up is the Pokemon Contest Hall, the largest building at the northmost part of the city. Mom will give you a dress. Speak to the man at standing in front of the center counter to receive a MILD POFFIN. You may participate in practice sessions by registering at the right counter. The Pokemon Contest is divided into 3 categories -- Visual, Dance and Acting. Register at the center counter to participate in the real thing. For better results be sure to pick sub-categories that best suits your chosen Pokemon.

After the contest, go back outside and try to leave the city. You'll meet up with Damion again, and he'll challenge you to a battle. He will have a different set of Pokemon, depending on which Pokemon you picked from the briefcase very early in the game. Take the southeast exit out to Route 209.

Amity Square

This area is located behind the Pokemon Gym in Hearthome City. You can stroll with any cute Pokemon here You'll find a TM45 ATTRACT northeast of the area. There is a TM43 SECRET POWER at the southern sector. A SPOOKY PLATE can be found at the northeast part of the upper level. Check inside the left stone structure for an AMULET COIN.

Pokemon Mansion and the Trophy Garden

Note : You may also check out Route 212. (Its just next to the exit leading to Route 208.) This area is completely optional.

 ---------------- -----------------    ------------ ----------------------- 
| Pokemon [Trophy Garden]          |  | Items or Key Items                 |
---------------- -----------------   ------------ -----------------------
| Kricketune     | Lv. 16-17       |  | Route 212  | TM11, Elixir          |
| Pichu          | Lv. 16          |  | Mansion    | Great Ball, Sooth     |
| Pikachu        | Lv. 18          |  |            | Bell, TM87            |
| Roselia        | Lv. 16-17       |  ------------ -----------------------
| Staravia       | Lv. 16-17       |
---------------- -----------------

Route 212

 ------------------- ----------------------------- ----------- 
| Trainer           | Pokemon                     | Rewards   |
------------------- ----------------------------- -----------
| Jeremy            | Chatot (Lv. 19)             |   $3800   |
| Reina             | Roselia (Lv. 19)            |   $3800   |
| Jason             | Luxio (Lv. 19)              |   $3040   |
| Melissa           | Buneary (Lv. 19)            |   $3040   |
------------------- ----------------------------- -----------

Continue south and you'll find a small tree that can be cut down at the left side. Get a TM11 SUNNY DAY behind it. Make your way east, then north into the Pokemon Mansion.

Pokemon Mansion

The leftmost room at the west corridor has a GREAT BALL. The maid in the next room will give you a SOOTH BELL. The first room at the east corridor has a TM87 SWAGGER. Go back to the main hall and proceed north into the Trophy Garden. You can catch a Roselia, Pichu and Pikachu there.

Route 209

 ------------ -------------------------------------- ---------- 
| Trainer    | Pokemon                              | Rewards  |
------------ -------------------------------------- ----------
| Albert     | Bonsly, Budew, Pichu (L16, 15, 17)   |   $816   |
| Emma & Lil | Bonsly, Mime Jr. (Lv. 19)            |   $608   |
| Jennifer   | Mime Jr, Cleffa, Budew (L15, 17, 16) |   $816   |
| Richard    | Luxio (Lv. 19)                       |   $608   |
| Shelley    | Bidoof (x5) (Lv. 14-16)              |   $240   |
| Ty & Sue   | Machop, Meditite (Lv. 19)            |   $2432  |
------------ -------------------------------------- ----------

Go north at the starting point for a HONEY. Continue onwards and speak to the fisherman by the dock. Agree with him when asked to receive the GOOD ROD. You can fish for a pretty high level Goldeen Pokemon in the water if you like. Proceed northwest across the dock to pick some berries.

Battle with the twins as well as Danielle along the way. Head south from Danielle's position, and go around to the top for an X ACCURACY. To the right of Jennifer's position is a crumbling tower. You can insert the ODD KEYSTONE there. After defeating Shelley, go down for the TM47 STEEL WING.

Defeat Ty and Sue. You can either proceed north to Solaceon Town or enter the Lost Tower from here. I recommend going to the tower, but you might wnd to rest your Pokemon at the town first.

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What do I do with the stone pillare in route209????
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how do you get spiritomb
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I can't get the key to the crumbling tower I get where the twins are but iI dont get where the chicks named Daniel or Jennifer are. And how do you find out the names of the people. I think i found jeniffer though.
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How do you get past the camera man blocking the entrance to route 212!
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get the egg from the traveling man first (have one spot open in your pokemon) then you can go
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there in also an awakening in the pit with a mudslide by shelly. The awakening is on the right side of the rock
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Mar 7th 2011 Guest
how do you get past the guys at the start of 209
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Oct 7th 2010 Guest
just get your bike in the fastest gear and try to get around the rocks fast without stopping and then go up the ramp.
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Jun 23rd 2010 Guest
how do you get up the ramp that you have to ride the bike up when the rocks are in the way on route 209?
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