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Turnback Cave

Pokemon Diamond Walkthrough and Guide

by Mogg 13-42  

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Turnback Cave

This area is accessible via the Spring Path (east of Route 214). At the Sendoff Spring, climb up the northeast wall and go around to the top to reach the cave entrance. The Pokemon in the cave consist of Bronzors, Bronzongs, Golbats and Haunters. The encounter rate for Haunters is pretty high, so this cave is a good place to catch one.

Use Defog as soon as you enter to restore visibility. The rooms in this dungeon seems to be randomly generated. So I can't tell you exactly where you need to go. But your guide here will be the "pillar rooms". (A room with a single pillar in it.) There are 3 of such rooms in this dungeon. and you need to access all of them to get to the legendary Pokemon.

When you get to the room in which the pillar states "3 12", then chances are, one of the exits in that room will lead to Giratina. Once you spot the Pokemon, save your game and talk to it.

| Legendary Pokemon Giratina                                     |
| I really suggest that you send out Dialga here. Since it can   |
| handle all the attacks Giratina throws your way. The only move |
| you need to watch out for when using Dialga is Earth Power,    |
| because Dialga is weak against Ground attacks. Giratana is     |
| weak against Dragon-type moves, so Dialga's "Roar of Time"     |
| will work very well.                                           |
|                                                                |
| The said move will often leave your target with a tiny chunk   |
| of HP. Once that happens, start throwing Dusk or Ultra Balls   |
| at Giratina. This legendary Pokemon is really difficult to     |
| catch, so it will take a lot of attempts on your part.         |
|                                                                |
| I'm not really sure about this, but it seems that a Pokemon    |
| with a "Hasty" nature (like Machoke) makes capturing Giratina  |
| a lot easier.                                                  |

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Comments for Turnback Cave

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Mar 3rd 2015 Guest
No worry's! If you kill a legendary pokémon, no matter what one, it will respawn after you defeated the Elite Four again. The champion doesn't have to be defeated, so don't rage all out if you couldn't defeat her. (THIS DOESN'T WORK IF YOU ALLREADY CAUGHT THE LEGENDARY YOU WANT TO RESPAWN)

(Oh, and don't look around for those right rooms, i caught Giratina with some randomizing so thats what you've got to do.)
ID #523565
Dec 13th 2014 Guest
i used 26 ultra balls, 1 dusk ball and 5 great balls. i got it at the end with a great ball!
ID #484219
Aug 26th 2013 Mario208
what do you do if you kill it?????
ID #306891
Aug 26th 2013 Mario208
I killed it with my dialga. :(
ID #306884
Aug 15th 2013 Guest
1 word starapter
ID #304911
Jul 1st 2013 Guest
I just kept breakig rocksand going right...
ID #294249
Mar 25th 2013 Guest
all i needed to do is go left 1 time then down 2 times ;)
ID #266984
Feb 2nd 2013 Guest
Put on some epic adventuring music, grab a handful of max repels, and get an Rock Smash/Rock Climb HM slave. I'm using my lv. 90 Heatran to catch it
ID #249265
Jan 2nd 2013 Guest
try going left alot. worked 4 me
ID #235107
Dec 26th 2012 Guest
I found Giratina in 5 moves, and i'm battling it with empoleon level 67
ID #228747
Dec 20th 2012 Guest
Water and Dragon moves work well against Giratina, just be careful you dont overdo it and accidentally kill it :3 Plus any pokemon with the Ability "Levitate" works well against its Ground move...only thing to watch for is its Shadow Force move. Killed my level 61 Palkia in one hit..:c Had to resort to my level 100 Empoloeon, who worked surprisingly well against Giratina. Thanks for these tips though, guys!! Really helped me so much @[email protected]
ID #225393
Nov 8th 2012 Guest
Ermm guys... I know the pattern. First, read the inscription on the very first room when you enter Turnback cave. Then go to the top door. If there is no pillar, go back and read the inscription again. Reading the inscription resets the rooms. Then go to the right door. There should be a pillar. If not, go back and repeat the steps again, but only go the top door and the right door. Pillars appear there only. Once you find the pillar, if you went in from the top, go in a clockwise direction, meaning since you went from the top, go to the right door, click on the pillar. Then go on the bottom door, click the pillar, and go the right pillar, and you see Giratina. If you went through the right door in the first place, go in anti-clockwise direction, meaning since you went from the right, go down, then right, then up and see Giratina.
ID #206715
Aug 25th 2012 Guest
you guys dont no nothin about giratana
ID #179965
Jul 23rd 2012 Guest
Thanks for the help guys!
ID #167578
Jul 15th 2012 Guest
I was looking for berries randomly found it and it was a shiny lml
ID #164582
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