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Fullmoon Island

Pokemon Diamond Walkthrough and Guide

by Mogg 13-42  

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Fullmoon Island

After obtaining the National Pokedex, go to Canalave City and proceed to Sailor Eldritch's house (it is located next to the ship that sails to Iron Island). Talk to the mother and child in there. Leave the house, speak to Sailor Eldritch and sail to Fullmoon Island.

Once you get there, head for the top-left entrance to find another legendary Pokemon, Cresselia. Talk to it and it will fly away. Pick up the LUNAR WING. Take it back to Sailor Eldritch's son in Canalave City.

As for Cresselia, you'll have to go after it, just like what you did with Mesprit. I suggest going back and forth between a route and a town, until the Pokemon ends up at your location. (Track its movement with the Marking Map.) Cresselia stays in the water all the time, so you'll have to surf in order to encounter it.

| Legendary Pokemon Cresselia                                    |
| Like Mesprit, Cresselia will flee on its first turn, so you'll |
| have to capture it quick. If you still have the Master Ball,   |
| you may use it here if you like. Otherwise, start the battle   |
| with a "hasty-natured" Pokemon (like Machoke) and immediately  |
| throw a Quick Ball to catch your target.                       |

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Comments for Fullmoon Island

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Jun 4th 2013 Guest
put it to sleep. if wobbufett is lv. 22 and cresselia uses aurora beam wobufetts mirror coat leaves cresselia w one Hp. and you can catch a level 54 haunter at turnback cave and use a heart scale for hypnosis
ID #287798
Jan 31st 2013 freebird79
The best way to run in to Cresselia is to go back and forth from route 206 and 207 just north of Oreburg City.
ID #248174
Dec 24th 2012 Guest
how do you get to new moon island after you get to full moon island do you just use the walk anywhere cheat and then poof you go there? bc ive seen a couple of different ways to get darkrai
ID #227607
Aug 31st 2012 Guest
who is sailor eldritch.
ID #181918
Dec 27th 2011 Guest
i am goin after it now but what level and how much hp has cressila got, im going to check back on friday or saturday but in other words any day but in the month december so if you have seen or captured cressila please note me and if you have ever heard of binweevils or clubpenguin here is my profiles

my binweevils profile is: my clubpenguin profile is:

user name:shackybum user name:seasalts2
password:qwertyuiop password:qwertyuiop
level sixteen and no tycoon! loads of money and no member!
ID #99210
Oct 22nd 2011 Guest
Cresselia keeps running away from me. . .
ID #82002
Jul 8th 2011 Guest
how to u get 999 master balls !?!?!?!
ID #55893
Jun 14th 2011 Guest
A quick ball won`t work and it flees before I use mean look.
ID #49233
Jun 11th 2011 Guest
I have 999 master ball
ID #48548
Apr 19th 2011 Guest
I can't get cresslia with a quick ball even though it has 1-15 hp!!!!!!!!!
ID #38340
Apr 2nd 2011 Guest
How can I catch Darkrai???
ID #35282
Mar 5th 2011 Guest
Just get a master ball, and/ or a quick ball. I prefer Master Ball, tho. Quick and easy...
ID #31523
Nov 11th 2010 Guest
when i go to the sailor's house it is lock...?
ID #17869
Nov 8th 2010 Guest
You can cratch cresselia on land too.
ID #17699
Oct 9th 2010 Guest
ID #14785
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