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- Pastoria City

Pokemon Diamond Walkthrough and Guide

by Mogg 13-42  

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The Fen Badge - Pastoria City

Pastoria City

Enter the house closest to the city entrance. Talk to the lady there to get a berry. Next, use yout Dowsing Machine at the puddle of water south of the city. (The one surrounded by trees.) to find a FULL HEAL. Proceed to the Observatory located north of the city. Talk to one of the ladies at the counter to play the Safari game for $500. You'll be given 30 Safari Balls to capture Pokemon with. I recommend that you try this since there are several new Pokemon that can be captured in the marsh.

Great Marsh

Talk to the girl at the entrance to get the HM05 DEFOG. You can take the tram to different areas in the marsh. You can capture a Skorupi and Marill in Area 2. There is also a GREAT BALL here. You can find a Honey in Area 3. Azurill and Quagsire Pokemon are in Area 4. There is also a POKE BALL and SUPER POTION here. You can find an ANTIDOTE in Area 5. And lastly, a GOLDUCK can be captured in Area 6.

When attempting to capture a Pokemon, don't waste turns throwng baits at it, since your target will flee after several turns. Just throw Safari Balls until you catch it.

Pastoria Gym

 ------------- ------------------------------------ ----------- 
| Trainer     | Pokemon                            | Rewards   |
------------- ------------------------------------ -----------
| Jacky       | Buizel (Lv. 26)                    |   $104    |
| Walter      | Barboach (Lv. 26)                  |   $832    |
| Damian      | Wingull, Wingull (Lv. 24)          |   $768    |
| Caitlyn     | Azurill, Marill (Lv. 24)           |   $96     |
| Samson      | Shellos, Shellos, Wingull (Lv. 24) |   $768    |
------------- ------------------------------------ -----------

You'll have to solve a water puzzle before tou can get to Wake, who is waiting up north. You must either raise or lower the water level to cross the bridges. The red switch drains the water completely, the green one fills the water halfway, and the blue fills the water to full.

 ------------ ----------------------------- ---------- 
| Leader     | Pokemon                     | Rewards  |
------------ ----------------------------- ----------
|            | Gyarados (Lv. 27)           |   --     |
| Wake       | Floatzel (Lv. 30)           |   --     |
|            | Quagsire (Lv. 27)           |   $3600  |
------------ ----------------------------- ----------
| The Gyrados can be a pain because it knows Swagger, |
| which greatly boosts your Pokemon's attack power    |
| and inflicts Confuse at the same time. I suggest    |
| using Bite repeatedly since it causes the target to |
| flinch and lose a turn. Use healing items if        |
| necessary.                                          |
|                                                     |
| Bring in a grass-type Pokemon to deal with Floatzel |
| and Quagsire. Abilities like Mega Drain and Razor   |
| Leaf can knock them out in one shot.                |

You'll receive the FEN BADGE and TM55 (Brine) from Wake.

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Jul 22nd 2012 Guest
how do i get to snowpoint city,mt.cornet is blocked by boulders and none of my pokemon have strength?
ID #167257
Nov 20th 2011 pokemonmaster654
ID #88818
Sep 1st 2011 Guest
OMG thxs SOOO much!!!!!
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Jul 16th 2010 ermac1124
where is the observatory
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