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Treasure Borrachos - C3

Lost Planet 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Treasure Borrachos

Chapter 3

Another Overland Battleship has appeared in the desert. You must use the cannon to put it out of commission, but you'll need plenty of T-ENG first.

Start by activating the Data Post in front of you when you first spawn. Then, book it to the south end of the deck and activate the Data Post at the end of the western walkway. Activating both of these Data Posts will give you more than 4000 T-ENG, which is more than enough to wreck the enemy's battleship. Hop in the control seat when ready.

If you're playing with one or more human allies, you can charge the cannon by shooting T-ENG at it while it's in firing mode. The cannon fires at level one by default, but with T-ENG you can charge it to level three.

You'll know the cannon is charged to level three when the mass of energy on the muzzle has increased in size twice. About 1000 T-ENG should do it.

Charging the cannon really isn't necessary, especially on the Normal difficulty level. This mission is very doable solo, so don't worry if you're attempting this with AI teammates only.

Knock out the enemy battleship's cannon first.

Objective: Strip It Down!
Way to Get the Job Done! -- Destroy the cannon and all four wings on the enemy battleship in seven minutes or less to earn this GJ award.

Concentrate on destroying the enemy's cannon first. If the enemy manages to fire its cannon and keeps the beam trained on your cannon, you'll be forced out when it's destroyed and have to spend valuable T-ENG repairing it. To avoid this, take out the enemy's cannon first by focusing the beam on the cannon's body. Get the beam onto the body by aiming just below the cannon's muzzle. Only aim the beam at the muzzle when the cannon is open and readying to fire, as doing so will force it out of firing mode.

Continue firing at the cannon until black smoke starts billowing out from of it and it is being continuously lit by a series of small explosions.

With the enemy's cannon down, you can remove the four wings on their ship quite easily and without worry of your cannon being destroyed. Just keep the beam trained on one wing at a time and it will soon come off.

Keep an eye on the enemy's cannon, however, as by the time you've removed three of the wings, the enemy will have likely repaired it. When their cannon is back in order, leave the remaining wing(s) for now and concentrate on wrecking the cannon once more. When you've managed to take down the enemy's cannon for a second time, remove the remaining wings to complete the objective.

Destroying the Overland Battleship's Wings and Cannon

Objective: Storm the Ship - Again!
Your next task is to commandeer the enemy ship. There is a control unit in the hatch area of each ship. Your must capture the enemy's control unit while preventing them from capturing yours. Once captured, you must retain control of the enemy's post for one minute. If the enemy manages to control your post for one minute before you can theirs, you'll fail the mission.

The AI should be able to defend your control unit long enough for you to capture the enemy's. Once you've capture the enemy's control unit, as long as you keep control of it, it won't matter if the enemy overpowers the AI and manages to capture yours.

Drop down to the hatch area and pick up the Rocket Launcher in the northeast corner. Gun down the first few enemies that appear and attempt to capture your control unit and then exit through the doorway in the northwest corner of the area. Use your Rocket Launcher to destroy the two turret emplacements on the enemy ship's walkway. Two direct hits from a Rocket Launcher is enough to destroy one of these turrets on the Normal difficulty level.

With the two turrets out of the way, move north down the walkway and hop across to the other ship. Enter the corridor and be ready with your Machine Gun for enemy soldiers.

There is a Cakti VS defending the enemy's control unit. The VS will most likely remain around the doorway into the hatch area, allowing you to hit it through the doorway with your Rocket Launcher and grenades. If the VS isn't near the doorway, enter the room, hit it with a rocket and then duck back into the corridor to reload and recover any lost health.

Take the Control Post in the enemy's battleship and prevent them from taking yours.

After destroying the Cackti VS, enter the room and use your Rocket Launcher to clear out the enemy soldiers around the control unit. Pick up the two Rocket Launchers at the north end of the ship (behind the control unit) when you run out of ammo. Capture the enemy's control unit once the room is clear and use your Rocket Launcher to fight off the enemies that appear.

Keep control for one minute and NEVEC will initiate the battleship's self-destruct sequence. The countdown is for 90 seconds. A load of [?] Boxes will drop down from above when the countdown starts. Boxes will continue to pour in until the end of the countdown, so it's well-worth sticking around to collect them. You could end up with more than 80 boxes by the end, which makes this chapter ideal for earning Credits.

Provided you still have some Battle Gauge left, it's best to remain in the enemy's battleship until the end. You won't fail the mission if you're in the enemy's ship when it self-destructs unless the death completely depletes your team's Battle Gauge (i.e., you only have 500 points). You'll simply respawn when the ship self-destructs if you have enough left in your Battle Gauge to ride it out.

Commandeering the Overland Battleship

Objective: Team Cheer
Emote: All Players -- To earn this award during the chapter complete countdown, all four players must be performing an Emote at the same time. To perform an Emote, hold the Start button and press one of the shoulder buttons or one of the buttons on the D-Pad.

Human teammates aren't required to earn this award, however AI partners aren't always reliable. You may need to perform an Emote a few times to trigger theirs.

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