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Libera Me - C2

Lost Planet 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Libera Me

Chapter 2

Objective: Defeat the Sandraiders!
Snipers occupy this desert town. You must kill these snipers to deplete the enemy's Battle Gauge, which is visible at the bottom of the screen. Exercise caution here; just one shot to the head and your team's Battle Gauge is 500 points fewer.

Head east to Data Post 1 at the start of the level and activate it to reveal the map on the Radar and mark all of the enemies in the near vicinity. There's a Rifle and some Machine Gun ammo in the cylindrical building east of this Data Post. It's best to stick to a Machine Gun here, as taking the time to aim through the scope of a Rifle would leave you vulnerable. Equip the Body Armor in the building just east of the cylindrical building before moving on.

The desert town is full of snipers.

There's an enemy Evax VS near Data Post 2. This VS is armed with a VS Rifle, which is an exceedingly powerful VS weapon that boasts spot-on accuracy. A couple of well-thrown Hand Grenades is all it takes to destroy an Evax VS, but be careful how you approach it. Get behind the VS by walking around the buildings surrounding it and then throw two or three Hand Grenades at it, shooting the grenades to detonate them.

With the enemy VS out of the way, you just need to kill enough snipers to completely deplete the Battle Gauge. Move from cover to cover to get closer to potential targets and gun them down before they can get a shot off. Don't remain out in the open for too long and just keep moving. You have a bit of room for error if you're wearing Battle Armor, but be careful nevertheless; there's one more obstacle to tackle before this mission's end.

Objective: Exterminate the Akrid!
Akrid Exterminated -- Kill the pair of Debouse that appear to earn this GJ award.

Debouse are large, four-legged akrid that compensate for their blindness by using their large ears to track prey. When a Debouse detects movement, it will charge in that direction, bulldozing anything in its path.

Debouse are blind akrid that use their large ears to track their prey.

This akrid's weak spots are its stomach and the orange skin on its head. The Shotgun, Machine Gun and grenades are best used to take these beasts down. There is a VS Shotgun in the T-ENG chest in the building south of Data Post 2. You might also be able to find a human Shotgun behind the building next to Data Post 1 as well.

Objective: Avoid the Akrid!
Avoided the Akrid -- To earn this GJ award, all four players must avoid being detected by the Debouse while they are scanning the area. The team must avoid detection together at least once.

When the Debouse stand on their hind legs and emit a shrill sound, don't make a sound. In other words, don't move. AI partners are programmed well enough to at least cease movement while the Debouse are scanning, so you can earn this GJ award even if you're playing on your own.

If you are detected by one of the Debouse, get ready to roll out of the way, because it will come charging. Aim for the weak spots on the Debouses's stomachs but avoid standing directly under them, as they'll put you in critical condition if they step on you. If you attack its stomach enough, the Debouse might fall over; if this happens, move up and unload into the weak spot on its head at point-blank range.

When a Debouse stands on its hind legs and sticks its ears out, don't move.

Defeat the two Debouse to complete the chapter.

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