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Meltdown - C1

Lost Planet 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Chapter 1

Mission 1

Tap the A/X button while in mid-air to use your thrusters.

Objective: Take Down All Targets!
Targets Eliminated -- Kill all of the enemies on the shuttle during the first part of the level. If you're playing solo and kill all of the enemies onboard and still don't get this GJ award, try with at least one other player.

Toss Hand Grenades at the Battle Armor-wearing soldiers at the other end of the aisle and gun down the Sepia when they break out of their cylinders.

Objective: Get Back to the Shuttle
All Aboard -- Complete the level without any deaths on your team.

Use your thrusters to land on the shuttle. Kill all of the enemies onboard, including the Battle Armor-wearing soldier at the front, and then activate the switch by the cockpit door to complete the mission.

Use your thrusters to reach the shuttle.

Mission 2

Objective: Destroy the VSs!
Zero-G: Total VS Scrapyard -- Destroy every enemy VS on the map (Sentry Turrets included) to earn this GJ award.

At the start of the level, turn around and activate the Data Post at the bottom of the ramp. Data Post 3 is in the area below the bridge further up. There are two Sentry Turrets next to this Data Post, as well as several enemy soldiers and a turret emplacement nearby. The sensor tied to the two turrets is by the railing next to the ramp leading up to them. Disabling these turrets counts toward the GJ award, so make sure you do so.

Toss grenades down at the turret emplacement if you have any left. If not, look for a Bleed VS parked north of the bridge. There may be an enemy Bleed VS nearby, so destroy it before doing anything else. When the area is clear, use the Bleed VS to take down the turret near Data Post 3.

Activate Data Post 3 and then look north. There should be an enemy Granseed VS armed two Missile Launchers below. Hop in one of the turrets beyond the T-ENG Charger and use the turret to destroy the Granseed. Kill the enemy soldiers on the platform across the way and then use your thrusters to get to the other side.

Destroy all enemy VSs to earn the Gold GJ award.

Head up the ramp to the northeast and activate Data Post 6.  Look for red triangles on your Radar; these blips denote enemy VSs, most likely Cyclops. Be sure to destroy any Cyclops in the area before moving on.

There is a vacant Triseed VS in the T-ENG locker west of Data Post 6. Use your T-ENG Supplier to open the locker (about 1000 T-ENG should do it) and hop in the Triseed. There is a turret emplacement, two enemy Granseeds and an enemy Bleed VS in the adjacent area. Destroy the enemy turret with your Gatling Guns as you approach. One of the Granseeds has two Homing Lasers attached to it, so quickly close in and take down this Granseed.

Wreck the remaining enemy VSs, then hop out of the Triseed and activate Data Post 7 nearby. There are two Rocket Launcher turrets and another enemy Granseed in the tunnel to the west. There is a Grenade Launcher in the T-ENG chest on the runway across from the tunnel entrance; fetch this weapon and use it to clear out the enemy VSs in the tunnel.

Be sure you've earned the Gold GJ award before entering the tunnel. If you haven't, backtrack and look for enemy VSs you may have missed. Once you're ready to move on, cross the red line at the end of the tunnel to complete the chapter.

Open the T-ENG locker with your T-ENG Supplier and use the Triseed VS inside.

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