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Counterstrike - C2

Lost Planet 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Chapter 2

Mission 1

Objective: Activate the Data Posts in Order
There are six Data Posts on this map. You must activate these Data Posts in the order they appear on your Radar. The blue diamond marker on the Radar points to the next post you must activate.

Objective: Break Through the Enemy Lines Quickly!
Gold -- Complete the level in seven minutes or less to earn this GJ award.

Head up the ramp in front of you at the start of the level. Head down the walkway and kill the two soldiers you encounter. After killing the soldier around the corner, look northeast to spot the first Data Post below. Pick up the Disc Grenades along the walkway and throw one at the two soldiers by the Data Post. Shoot the grenade when it reaches the soldiers to kill them. With that, jump down, pick up the Shotgun in the corner and then activate Data Post 1.

Objective: Fight Off Enemy VSs!
All VSs Destroyed -- Destroy all of the enemy VSs (three Bleed VSs, one Evax) on the map to earn this award.

Follow the blue diamond blip on the Radar to locate the next Data Post.

After activating the first Data Post, anchor onto the suspended battleship east of the post. Throw a Disc Grenade toward the sensor at the other end of the deck and detonate the grenade by shooting it when it reaches the sensor to destroy the sensor and disable the two Sentry Turrets. Move up and blast the enemy Evax VS with your Shotgun at point-blank range. This VS is armed with a VS Shotgun, so only attempt this if the pilot is distracted by a teammate.

Once you've destroyed the enemy VS, kill the soldiers that jump onboard. Drop down the hole in the middle of the deck to find Data Post 2. Activate the second Data Post and then pick up the two Gum Grenades in the corner. Then, anchor back onto the deck and pick up the Rocket Launcher at the east end.

The third Data Post is on the platform southeast of the battleship. Fire a rocket at the group of soldiers standing by the Data Post and then hop down. Activate Data Post 3 and then start toward Data Post 4, which is in the area beneath the suspended battleship. There is an enemy Bleed VS near this Data Post; hit the VS with two rockets (on the Normal difficulty level) to destroy it.

When Data Post 4 is online, face east and look up. Anchor up to the stairs there and climb up to find some Body Armor. Drop back down and make your way northwest to Data Post 5. Two Bleed VSs and two boats full of enemy soldiers will appear in the water next to the post. There are a couple of snipers and one Rocket Launcher-wielding soldier among these enemies, so be careful. Blast the soldiers with your Rocket Launcher before they scatter and then destroy the two Bleed VSs.

Be ready to face a wave of enemies at Data Post 5.

Activate Data Post 5 and make your way northeast to the sixth and final Data Post. Fight off the enemy soldiers near the post and then activate it to complete the objective. Cross the red line in the doorway along the adjacent wall to start the area complete countdown.

Mission 2

Objective: Time Challenge: Steal a Sub
Lightning Quick -- Complete the level in seven minutes or less to earn this GJ award.

Make your way to the other end of the corridor and gun down the enemy standing outside. Cross the bridge across the doorway once it lowers and open the T-ENG chest on the other side to find Disc Grenades. Throw a Disc Grenade toward the group of three enemies standing around the Data Post across the canal and shoot the grenade when it reaches the enemies to blow them away. With that, cross the bridge and approach Data Post 1.

Objective: Fight Off Enemy VSs!
All VSs Destroyed -- Destroy all of the enemy VSs (two Nida VSs, two Evax VSs, two turret emplacements) on the map to earn this award.

There's a turret emplacement hanging from one of the support beams above the canal. Hit the turret with a Disc Grenade;  just one should do it on the Normal difficulty level. Activate the Data Post once the turret is down and then open the T-ENG chest next to it to find a Rocket Launcher. This Rocket Launcher only has two rockets, but you can use it to destroy the enemy Evax VS that's posted on the bridge at the other end of the canal.

Destroy all of the enemy VSs on the map to earn the Gold GJ award.

Stick to the western walkway and you'll soon come across another Rocket Launcher, this one with five rockets. Collect this Rocket Launcher and cross the next bridge you come to.

Objective: Commandeer a Sub!
Not a Scratch -- Steal the sub and escape without any deaths on your team to earn this GJ award.

Activate the Data Post at the north end of the eastern walkway and pick up the Rocket Launcher next to it. There are two enemy Nida VSs, an Evax VS and a turret emplacement in the area east of Data Post 2. Use your Rocket Launcher to destroy these VSs.

Cross to the two T-ENG chests along the northern walkway when the area east of Data Post 2 is clear. Both of these T-ENG chests hold Battle Armor. Open one of the chests, equip the armour inside and proceed west to the sub to the docked sub.

Activate the Data Post on the sub to start a short on-rails sequence. Enemy soldiers will appear on the walkways as the sub moves through the tunnel. You'll also encounter enemies on Fastrey VSs. Use grenades and whatever ammo left in your Rocket Launcher to fight them off. An enemy sub will appear partway down the tunnel; toss a grenade over or fire a rocket when they pile out the door.

All in all, you don't have to worry much if you're outfitted in Body Armor.


Commandeering the sub


The level will end  when the sub reaches the exit.

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