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Harbingers of NEVEC - C2

Lost Planet 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Harbingers of NEVEC

Chapter 2

Mission 1

At the start of the level, approach the pile of scrap metal at the top of the stairs and dig there to uncover two Machine Guns. Collect the Machine Gun ammo and then start down the corridor to the left of the giant conveyor belt. Gun down the two enemy soldiers as you make your way to the other end of the corridor.

Step on to the conveyer belt and kill the enemy soldiers in the windows to your left and right as you pass them. Step off the conveyer belt when a large, open area appears on your right. Take out the Gatling Gun-wielding soldier on the walkway and any other enemy soldiers below before heading down the steps. Data Post 1 is next to the conveyer belt in this area; activate it to reveal the map on the Radar.

Destroy the sensor to disable the turrets.

Objective: Destroy the Sentry Turrets!
All Turrets Silenced -- Disable the three Sentry Turrets.

In the area east of Data Post 1 are three Sentry Turrets attached to the ceiling. These turrets are identical to the Sentry Turrets you encountered in Episode 1. As such, you can destroy all three turrets at once by destroying the sensor tied to them. The sensor for these turrets is on the ground below them, on the left side of the conveyer belt. Continue along the walkway east of Data Post 1 and destroy the sensor from behind cover to disable the three turrets and earn this GJ award.

You might want to grab the Plasma Grenades next to the Shotgun on the right side of the conveyer belt before continuing on. These grenades might help you complete a couple of the GJ awards for this area, but they are far from essential.

Beyond the turrets is a large group of enemy soldiers. Fight your way to the other end of the conveyer belt to reach the Pulverizer. Anchor up to the conveyer belt to your left before you reach the end of the line.

Objective: The Pulverizer is Your Friend!
The Pulverizer is an Ally -- Earning this GJ award requires that an enemy is killed by the Pulverizer -- the large, spinning drills several of the conveyer belts in this area lead to.  Most of the time this seems to happen on its own, but you can speed up the process by stunning an enemy with a thrown Plasma Grenade while they are on the conveyer belt. Doing so will most likely not  be necessary, however.

If an enemy falls into the Pulverizer pit, this GJ award is yours.

A couple of the enemy soldiers on the upper conveyer belts are armed with Plasma Guns, and one is armed with a Rocket Launcher, so be careful. You can find Battle Armor in the T-ENG chest on the small conveyer belt platform north of the Pulverizer pit.

Start west down the conveyer belt when the way is more or less clear. Keep an eye out for Data Post 2 on the right side of the conveyer belt. There are enemies in the corridors along either side of the conveyer belt, so be ready with a grenade as you continue west.

Objective: The Press is Your Friend!
The Press is an Ally -- Like the Pulverizer award, the requirement for this GJ award tends to happen on its own. To earn this award, an enemy must be crushed by the large factory press beyond the two red lights along the conveyer belt. There's a large number of enemies on the other side of the press, so it is likely one will be unwitting enough to get crushed. You can help the process along with a Plasma Grenade if you have one.

Do not enter the area beyond the press until all of the enemies there are dead. There's a Battle Armor-wearing, VS Shotgun-toting soldier among them, and he can be deadly. To avoid being crushed by the press once you're ready to move beyond it, wait until right after it has pressed down and is rising back up before rolling past it (press the A/X button while crouching to roll; click the Left Stick to crouch).

You'll earn this GJ award if the press crushes an enemy.

Three enemies will appear in the corridor through the doorway at the north end of this area, one of them carrying a shield. Toss a grenade behind or next to the Shield user if you have one, otherwise just gun down the other two soldiers, then run around to the other side of the Shield so you or an ally can kill him.

When the way is clear, proceed through the doorway and up the ladder to reach the area end marker. Cross the red line to complete the mission.

Mission 2

Objective: Window Breaker
Window-Breaking Maniac -- Break at least six panes of glass to earn this GJ award. This is an easy award to earn; just shoot the windows in the hallway outside of the control room and you'll have this one in no time.

Objective: Infiltration Time Challenge!
Gold -- Complete the area in seven minutes or less to earn this GJ award. This is a short level, so this award will come easily with a bit of practice.

Objective: Wipe Out the Enemy Forces
Enemy Forces Annihilated -- Kill every single enemy on the map to earn this GJ award. At the time of writing, this award appears to be broken in the single-player game. This problem may stem from the two different paths one can take at the start of the level, causing some enemies to not spawn.

Smash windows to earn the Window-Breaking Maniac award.

The first path is beyond the double-door outside the control room. This double-door can be destroyed with bullets or a grenade. Follow this path and you will encounter enemies and eventually a ladder leading down to the end of the level. The second path is a stairwell filled with enemies leading down to the end of the level. To take this path, ignore the destructible door and continue to the end of the corridor instead.

If you are unable to trigger this GJ award playing solo, try enlisting the help of a friend or another player. If playing with just one other player, make sure you each take a different path. That is, one of you destroys the double-door and climbs down the ladders while the other fights their way down the stairwell.

The ladder path is the safest, as it puts you behind the final batch of enemies of the level. The stairwell path is much more hazardous, as these enemies have their weapons trained on the doorway you would emerge from. For the sake of following this walkthrough (and for the sake of saving yourself from the wait of a respawn), take the ladder path.

Break through the destructible double-door outside of the control room and fight your way to the first ladder at the end of the corridor. Don't anchor down just yet, as there's an enemy armed with a Flamethrower at the bottom of the first ladder. Toss a grenade down or kill him with your Machine Gun from above before climbing down.

Take the ladder route to wind up behind the group of enemies at the end of the level.

There's another destructible double-door at the bottom of the first ladder; break it down to enter the stairwell and gain access to Data Post 1. If you happen to have taken the stairwell path instead, break through this double-door after activating the Data Post to switch to the ladder path.

Activate the Data Post before dropping down to the bottom of the second ladder. Go through the doorway at the bottom of the ladder and climb up the ladder you come to. Toss a Hand Grenade into the room full of enemies and shoot the grenade to set it off. This room is packed with enemies, and several are heavily armed, so fall back down the ladder to recover your health if necessary.

Kill all of the enemies that appear and then proceed through the doorway at the north end of the room. Climb up one of the ladders at the other end of the corridor and cross the red line to complete the area.

Mission 3

Objective: Destroy the VSs!
Total VS Scrapyard -- Destroy at least nine VSs before the level ends to earn this GJ award.

Drop down to the area below and move up to the sandbags and Shotgun. There is an enemy Nida VS and some soldiers further up. If you're out of grenades, you can use the Shotgun to bring down the VS. Pick off the soldiers with your Machine Gun first, then equip your Shotgun and get close to the VS. Aim for the VS's unarmoured  parts, which on the Nida VS means everywhere but the metal plate on each leg.

Open the T-ENG in the elevated tunnel and use the Rifle inside to snipe the enemies below.

Data Post 1 is up ahead. There's a vacant VS in one of the storage units east of the Data Post, but leave it alone for now, as the enemies in the next area can destroy it in record time. Instead, get up onto the walkway north of the Data Post and kill any soldiers there. Then, look up at the elevated tunnel hanging north of the walkway and kill the soldiers visible through the opening. With that, drop down from the walkway and kill any enemy soldiers by the ladder that leads up to the elevated tunnel before climbing up.

Open the T-ENG chest in the tunnel to find a Rifle. Use this Rifle to eliminate the enemy soldiers standing around the VS at the north end of the map -- especially the soldier with the Rocket Launcher and the soldier with the Plasma Gun on top of the VS storage units. Most of the enemies below won't be able to reach you, allowing you to effortlessly pick them off. There is one enemy below wielding an Energy Gun whose attacks can reach you; once he's down, take your time killing the remaining soldiers with headshots to conserve your ammo.

Drop down to the area below when the enemy soldiers below are dead and only the enemy VS remains. Don't go for that VS just yet, as the Grenade Launcher attached to the enemy VS on the other side of the bridge would likely wreck it instantly. To make matters worse, a VS armed with two VS Shotguns will break out of one of the storage units when you cross the bridge.

Rather than face these two VSs in a VS of your own, jump down to the area below the bridge and look for a VS Rocket Launcher at the east end of the tracks. Anchor back up to the end of the bridge opposite the two enemy VSs and fire the VS Rocket Launcher at them from afar. As long as you don't miss, you should be able to destroy both VSs with the six rockets provided.

Activate Data Post 2 on the south side of the bridge before crossing over. Pick up the nearby VS Shotgun as well. Don't forget to activate Data Post three on the bridge.

Destroy the two VSs on the other side of the bridge before crossing.

Objective: Use the VS Weapons!
VS Weapons Strategically Used -- Kill at least 10 enemies with VS weapons to earn this GJ award.

There is a vacant Nida VS armed with a VS Rocket Launcher and Shotgun in the storage unit across the bridge. If you're playing with human allies, one of you can backtrack to Data Post 1 and take the VS in the storage unit there -- this one armed with a Pile Bunker and a VS Shotgun. Additional Pile Bunker ammo can be found in one of the adjacent storage units.

If you picked up the VS Shotgun near Data Post 2, add that ammo to the VS Shotgun already attached to your VS (or ditch the VS Rocket Launcher and go in with dual VS Shotguns).

Objective: Eliminate All Survivors
Once you've crossed the bridge, you then must deplete the Battle Gauge that appears at the bottom of the screen by wiping out the enemy forces that spawn. Enemy soldiers will continuously spawn from the doorway in the small area along the walkway. Ignore these soldiers for now and concern yourself with the two enemy Drio VSs that spawn at the west end of the walkway.

Before moving up to engage the enemy VSs, use your VS Shotgun to break the signs hanging above the walkway, as these signs will fall when you walk under them and likely severely damage or even destroy your VS.

Use the Nida to wreck the enemy VSs.

Blast the two VSs with the Rocket Launcher as you approach and then the Shotgun at point-blank range to quickly destroy them. A cargo train will then stop on the tracks at the west end of the walkway and another enemy Drio VS will appear -- this one armed with a VS Shotgun and a VS Rocket Launcher. This VS is deadly, so hit it with your VS Shotgun and VS Rocket Launcher as soon as it lands and hopefully it will stagger, allowing you to take it out with a couple more Shotgun blasts before the pilot can get a shot off.

When the first three enemy VSs have been destroyed, an Osprey will fly in and drop a Nida VS by Data Post 3. This VS is armed with two Gatling Guns, so nothing you or your allies can't handle. It's best to leave this VS for your allies (even if they are AI), as the two VSs that spawn on the tracks at the west end of the walkway are difficult to get closed to. One of the VSs has a Cannon and the other a Rocket Pod. Damage these two VSs by jumping up and blasting them with your VS Shotgun. Repeat until both VSs are destroyed.

Continue killing enemy soldiers until the Battle Gauge at the bottom of the screen is completely depleted to complete the mission.

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