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- Wu Zi Mu's Missions

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Wu Zi Mu's Missions (Las Venturas)

After the completion of “Learning to Fly” in Toreno's mission line, Wu Zi will call and ask you to meet with him at the Four Dragons Casino in Las Venturas. Make your way to the yellow and black icon on your radar to reach the Four Dragons Casino. Enter through the main entrance and make your way to the red marker off to the left. Step into the red marker to accept a mission from Wu Zi.

Four Dragons

Mission Start

Mission 1: Fender Ketchup

Wu Zi needs some help getting the new casino up and running. The first order of business is to find out who has been trying to sabotage the whole process. One of the vandals has been captured, and now it's your job to make him talk. With the goon strapped to the hood of your car, you must put enough of a scare into him to completely fill the “Scare-O-Meter” in the top-right quarter of the screen. Driving fast, driving into oncoming traffic, hand-brake turns (R1 on the PS2), and stunts will fill the meter. You, however, must avoid head-on collisions or he will die, resulting in a mission failure. You'll also want to avoid driving on the freeway because you'll earn a three-star wanted level if the authorities spot you. For this reason, stick to driving around the casino. Once you have gotten the information out of him, drive back to the casino to complete the mission.



Mission 2: Explosive Situation

If you want to pull a heist, you'll need explosives to blow stuff up. Explosives can be found at the quarry just southwest of Las Venturas. Make your way to the yellow icon on the radar and step into the red marker. The dynamite at the bottom of the quarry is to be used by the workers. You have less than three hours (San Andreas time) to reach the dynamite and retrieve it before it is detonated. Carefully climb down to the dump truck quarry in the pit and hop in. Use the truck to run over a crate to break it open. There are four sticks of dynamite in the four crates around the quarry (which are marked on your radar with green icons). Break all of the crates first, then sprint around collecting sticks of dynamite before the timer runs out.



Once you have the dynamite in your possession, you then must return to the casino. Quarry security is determined to make your escape as tough as possible, however, as they quickly show up and block the exit. There is a dirt bike nearby which you can use to make your escape. Be sure to get on the marked dirt bike, otherwise the waypoints will not appear on your radar. Follow the arrows to get out of the pit. You don't need to speed through the arrows by any means, just go fast enough to make the jumps. Once you are out, drive to the drop point that is just a short way from the quarry and step into the red marker to complete the mission.


Drop Point

Mission 3: You've Had Your Chips

It seems someone has been manufacturing counterfeit chips for use at the Four Dragons Casino. It turns out that the Sindacco Family owns a plastic factory in Las Venturas so you're going to have to put a stop to their operation. Make sure you have a powerful weapon and some Body Armor before attempting this mission. When you're all suited up, make your way to the Sindacco Family's factory on the other side of town. There are a couple of mobsters in the car right outside the factory's main entrance. You can sneak past the guards out front by walking all the way around the factory so that you are behind their car, but the other mobsters inside the factory will spot you as soon as you enter.

Plastic Factory


The place is crawling with heavily armed mobsters, so quickly turn around and head back outside to avoid getting killed. If you have a Sniper Rifle, use it to pick off as many mobsters in the factory as you can, especially the ones wielding shotguns. Do not get too close to these guys as they can cut you down in an instant if you aren't careful. Hopefully you're wearing Body Armor to help absorb some of the bullets fired your way. There are mobsters on the walkway and a couple on top of the shelves, so make sure that the factory is completely clear before you start breaking things. Destroy each one of the marked machines in the factory and then safely return to the Four Dragons Casino to complete the mission.


Mission 4: Architectural Espionage

Meet Wu Zi in the casino's maintenance room to get started. You'll need to obtain a copy of the casino blueprints in order for the heist to be a success. Get a camera by killing the tourist who is taking pictures on The Strip, then get a vehicle and start making your way toward the planning department building. Enter the building and walk up to the reception desk. Reply positively to the receptionist's questions in order to gain access to the stairwell. Head through the door to the stairwell and climb the stairs all the way up to the top floor. The Caligula Casino blueprints are in the room at the far end of the hall, but you won't be able to snap a picture with the guard nearby.



You're going to have to find some way to divert the guard's attention. Return to the stairwell and climb down the stairs one floor. Make your way to the yellow icon on the radar to find an old air conditioner. Punch the air conditioner to break it, starting a fire which will set off the fire alarms in the building. Afterwards, return to the top level and enter the room with the Caligula Casino blueprints. Snap a picture of the blueprints and then return to the stairwell. You'll have to gun your way down the stairwell and out of the building, so once you've taken the picture feel free to start using your guns. Return to the Four Dragons Casino with the film to complete the mission.

Air Conditioner


Mission 5: Don Peyote

Step into the red marker outside of the Four Dragons Casino to get started. CJ gets a call from The Truth; he wants you to find his friends Paul and Maccer whom he last saw at Arco del Oeste far west of Las Venturas. Make the journey to Arco del Oeste by following the blue marker on the radar and step into the red marker. You have to take Paul and Maccer to find the rest of the band, so you'll need a vehicle that can hold two passengers. There is a road north of Acro Del Oeste, so make your way down the path and jack a suitable vehicle when it passes by. Afterwards, drive back to Paul and Maccer's location and have them get inside. Next, take Paul and Maccer to the snake farm east of your current location.

Paul and Maccer

Snake Farm

After the cutscene, quickly draw your weapon and gun down the attackers, then get back in the car with the other. Drive Paul and Maccer to Caligula's Palace in Las Venturas to complete the mission.


Mission 6: Fish in a Barrel

Just a cutscene.

Mission 7: Key to Her Heart

This mission becomes available following the “The Meat Business” mission in Rosenberg's mission line. Step into the red marker outside of the maintenance room in the Four Dragons Casino to get started. After the cutscene, make your way to Caligula's Palace and drive into the red marker outside. One of the casino employee is shown leaving the casino; she knows the code and holds the keycard you need, so you're going to have to follow her. The “Spook-O-Meter” returns in this mission. The meter serves as an indication to whether you are too close to the target. If you are following behind her too closely, the meter will begin to fill. If the meter fills up completely, the mission will be a failure. Keep an eye on the Spook-O-Meter while following her; if it begins to fill up, back off until it empties.

Caligula's Palace


Your task now is to follow the woman. Don't forget about the Spook-O-Meter; you'll have to trail a good distance behind her to avoid scaring her, but not far enough to lose sight of her, because that would also result in a mission failure. If the meter starts to fill, quickly reverse until it begins to fall. When she stops at a light, immediately come to a halt until she starts moving again. She'll eventually lead you to a sex shop in Redsands East. Follow her inside. Step into the red marker at the other end of the store to spot the croupier. It appears that she will be meeting someone tonight, so you're going to have to take that person's place to get close to her. Enter the changing room that the croupier came out of and use the shirt icon to put on the gimp suit.

Gimp Suit

Once back outside immediately get back in your car and continue following her. This time she will lead you to her home on Prickle Pine. Drive into the red marker across from her home. The real gimp will be arriving shortly, so wait on the sidewalk in front of the croupier's house and kill him before he can reach the door. His appearance is unique to the other pedestrians in the game, so he's hard to miss. Once the gimp has been taken out, step into the red marker outside of the croupier's door for a… bizarre scene.


Croupier's House

It's not over yet; you need to take her out on a few dates before she will hand over the keycard. Pick her up at around 15:00 and make sure that CJ is fit, otherwise she will turn you down. Take her to the Steakhouse in Redsands West a few times (denoted by the knife and fork icon on your map) in order to raise your progress with her. Eventually she will call and tell you that the keycard and door code have been left in her bedroom where you can then pick it up.


Mission 8: Dam and Blast

Make your way to the Las Venturas airport, which is just a short ways from the Four Dragons Casino. Once at the airport, get on the plane that's marked on your radar. You will use this plane to parachute into the dam at the west end of Bone County. You should already be familiar with the takeoff procedure from the lessons you took at the abandoned airstrip in Verdant Meadows. Once in the air, turn the plane towards the dam and continue ascending until the yellow icon on your radar is an arrow pointing downwards. If the arrow is pointing up, you will need to get the plane higher.

There is a red corona above the dam that must be flown into before you can make the jump. If the corona is still above you by the time you reach it, fly past it and continue ascending. Once the yellow icon on your radar has changed to an arrow pointing downwards, turn back around and fly towards the corona. Fly into the corona and press the Exit Vehicle button to abandon the plane.



You must guide CJ towards the red marker as he falls through the air. Don't let CJ freefall for too long, otherwise you won't have time to guide him down. After you have deployed the chute, pull back on the control stick to move towards the red marker. When you're over the marker, release the control stick and wait until CJ gets to the ground.


Red Marker

Your weapons are missing, so you can't run-and-gun your way to the other side of the quay. There is, however, a knife behind the red cargo container partway down. With this knife you can stealthily take care of the guards along the quay. To perform a stealth-kill, crouch down (preferably) and approach a guard with his back turned, then lock-on to the guard and press the Attack button when CJ raises the knife. Each guard is marked on the radar by a red icon and you can determine which way the guard is facing by looking at the arrow at the end of the icon. Take care of the two guards, then step into the red marker at the end of the way.


Once you've made it inside, your task is to plant a charge on each of the five generators. Start by removing the two patrolling guards on the bottom level. Both guards walk back and forth in a straight line; wait until the guard is walking away from you, then sneak up behind him and use the knife to stealth-kill him. With both guards out of the way, move to the far end of the room and take the stairs up to the walkway. There are two patrolling guards up here too, as well as some workers, so kill them in the same fashion to avoid trouble. When the way is clear, approach the first generator and plant a charge. Move down the walkway and plant a charge on each of the five generators.



Head for the exit once the explosives have been planted to complete the mission.

Mission 9: Cop Wheels

Your task now is to acquire four police bikes to be used in the heist. One of Wu Zi's men is driving a Packer on the Julius Thruway. There are four stationary police bikes marked on your radar; you have to jack each of these and drive them onto the Packer truck. There is a time limit, though it is quite generous so time shouldn't be too much of an issue. While the bikes are stationary at first, an officer will likely hop on when you reach one and drive off. Follow the bike and backend it to knock the officer off, then hop onto it yourself and start toward the truck.

Police Bike

Packer Truck

Once you have one of the bikes, drive it to the Packer truck and slowly up the ramp until it is attached. Afterwards, step off the Packer truck, get yourself a ride and start toward the next closest police bike. Open up your map to determine which bike is closest and place a target on it if that helps. Your actions, of course, are not without consequence; the authorities won't like you stealing their vehicles so you may have a two-star wanted level for the duration of the mission. Just try your best not to actually kill any officers or cause any trouble once you have a bike and you should be able to shake off a one-star wanted level. Get all four police bikes onto the Parker truck to complete the mission.

Mission 10: Up, Up and Away!

Step into the red marker outside of the Four Dragons' maintenance room between 20:00 and 6:00 to get started You're going to need a van now, and a helicopter must be used to safely airlift it away. Take the time to pick up a powerful weapon and some Body Armor from Ammu-nation, as this is a gun-heavy mission. Make your way to the yellow marker to reach a military fuel dump. The gates will only open for a military vehicle, so you'll have to wait until one arrives and passes through the gates.

Fuel Dump

The gate will open when the military vehicle reaches it; at this point, speed through the gate and get yourself to the back of the parking lot. Here you must exit your vehicle and stand your ground. Pick off the soldiers as they approach. There is also a soldier stationed on the roof of the building, so be careful. Be sure to pick up the fallen soldiers' M4s, as the M4 is a powerful, long-range weapon that will come in handy.



Once the parking lot is clear, head into the warehouse at the northern end of the dump. The place is crawling with MP4-wielding soldiers, so quickly find some cover. There is a health pack and Body Armor in the middle of the warehouse, but make sure that the area is clear before going to pick them up. When the warehouse is clear, pick up the health items and exit through the door at the back. Kill the two soldiers outside and head for the stairs. You will encounter more soldiers as you progress, so remain vigilant. When you reach the top of the first set of steps, a pair of gunships will appear to intercept you. Sprint towards the gun emplacement and use it to shoot them down.

Gun Emplacement

Afterwards, take the last set of stairs up to the helipad, get into the helicopter and start toward the depot. At the depot, lower the winch attached to the helicopter onto the van to pick it up. Drop the van off at the abandoned airstrip in Verdant Meadows to complete the mission.



Mission 11: Breaking the Bank at Caligula's

If you don't yet have the keycard and door code from Millie, you'll have to get them before this mission can be attempted. Be sure to complete this mission before “A Home in the Hills,” because that mission will bring you back to Los Santos.

When you have the required materials, step into the red marker outside of the maintenance room in order to get started. Get yourself a ride and make your way to Caligula's Palace. Put away your weapon and step inside. Once inside you have four minutes to get the team in. Do not \sprint or draw a weapon while in the casino, otherwise your cover will be blown. Make your way to the staff room door and use the keycard to gain entry. Head down one set of stairs, enter the backup generator room and throw a gas grenade down the vent at the back of the room.

Staff Room


Next, make your way to the second swipecard door and use Millie's keycard to open it. When the lights go out, select the night-vision goggles from your inventory and equip them. Follow your radar to the roller door. The door is unlocked, but you will need something to lift it. There is a forklift in the adjacent room; get in the forklift, drive it up to the roller door and lift it open.


Rollup Door

You now have seven minutes to get the money and get out. The corridors are packed with security, so slowly move forward and start clearing the way. When you've reached the end of the corridor, follow the others down to the safe. You'll receive word from Zero that someone is trying to reset the generators. Pick up the satchel charge that is next to the downed security guard and head back up the stairs to the backup generator room. Kill both of the security guards in the room, place a satchel charge on both of the generators, then leave the room and use the detonator to destroy them.



Return to the team at the safe. When the door is blown, step inside and pick up the Body Armor. Leave the safe and fight off the mafia when they arrive. Once the team has the money, start towards the van. The corridors are crawling with enemies so stay ahead of the others and clear the way. When you reach the van and the others have escaped, follow your radar to the elevator. Step into the red marker in front of the elevator and make your way up to the roof.



There is an escape copter waiting for you atop a nearby building; you have to grab the parachute at the other end of the roof and use it to glide over to your disguised allies. As soon as you have the parachute, equip it and leap off the building. Deploy the chute as soon as you are in the air, then pull back on the control stick and move toward the helicopter. If you don't make it, however, you will then have to get to the Verdant Meadows safe house. Step into the red marker at the safe house to complete the mission and earn a substantial cash reward.

Mission 12: A Home in the Hills

This mission will take you back to Los Santos, so make sure you have tied up any loose ends in Las Venturas before accepting it. Buy yourself some Body Armor and a powerful weapon, such as the M4; it's pricey, but you should be doing well financially with the earnings from “Breaking the Bank at Caligula's.” You'll also need an SMG with plenty of ammo, so pick up one of those as well. Big Poppa, a drug dealer, has seized Madd Dogg's mansion; you and a few of Wu Zi's men are going to take it back. When CJ jumps out of the plane, immediately deploy the chute and guide him down to the mansion roof. Stand your ground on the helipad and gun down the droves of gangsters that appear. When the Triads arrive, lead them down into the mansion once the roof is clear.



The interior is crawling with enemies, so proceed with caution. When you reach the corridor, take out the enemies that appear at the other end while the Triads empty the rooms. There is a vest of Body Armor in the second room on your left, but make sure that the way is clear before going to pick it up. When the corridor is clear, make your way downstairs to confront Big Poppa. When you encounter him, Big Poppa will run to the exit. Follow him to the other end of the mansion and step outside. He gets in a car and takes off; there is a second car there, so hop in and start the pursuit.

Body Armor


Drive up next to Big Poppa's car and hit it with gunfire until it explodes. His car is fast, but not very durable, so it shouldn't require much to take him down. The mission is complete once Big Poppa has been dealt with.

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Apr 26th 2015 Guest
On the ios version, Dam and Blast is very literally impossible. You cannot parachute down because it will not show you the "exit plane" button unless you're on the ground. Also, the plane you are in will stall and crash when you get anywhere near the height you need to enter the dam.

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Jul 23rd 2012 Guest
how do u get tenpenny to call u after robinging the casino
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Nov 1st 2011 ana saja
i was have key card from millie but until now i dont have the mission to breaking the bank at can i continue my mission???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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after getting key card no mission is coming
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How do i get the doorcode from mille?? plz help
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yuv have to continue more story mode missions then with the right amount the green money sighn will appeear again
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[spoiler][/spoiler] [size=12][/size] i am on hat to i havent got any more missions and i have got the key card it is ruining the game 4 me soplease tell me :(
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Jan 3rd 2011 Guest
in Key to Her Heart
i got in her house and picked up the key card but now i dont have any more missions what do i need to do
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