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- Wu Zi Mu's Missions

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Wu Zi Mu's Missions (San Fierro)

Wu Zi will phone you sometime after the completion of “Jizzy” in Jizzy's mission line. Follow the ‘W' symbol on the radar and step into the red marker to accept a mission from him. There is a buyable safe house right around the block which you can purchase for the benefit of a nearby save point, granted you have the cash.

Mission 1: Mountain Cloud Boys

You'll want a powerful weapon (SMG, AK47), and perhaps some Body Armor, before attempting this mission. Wu Zi Mu, who reveals himself to be leader of the Mountain Cloud Triads, asks you to accompany him to confront a local Triad who was a no-show at the last group meeting. When you gain control over CJ, walk across the street and get into the car that's parked there. Drive around the block and into the red marker outside of the Tong meeting area. The crowd gathered there quickly funnels out into the street, so something must be amiss. Approach the gate at the end of the way to trigger a brief cutscene.

It immediately becomes apparent what caused the others to flee; several Triad gang members lie dead, their cars trashed. A couple of cars packed with rival gang members roll up; crouch down and take them out as they exit. There are more of them down the alleyway, a whole mess of them, so proceed with caution. There is a dumpster that you can crouch behind when facing the gang members at the last stretch. Once they have been dealt with, you'll have to take out the cars pursuing you. Ideally you have an SMG of your own, otherwise you will have to allow Wu Zi to take them out himself. Once the rival gang's cars have been destroyed, drive Wu Zi back to his place to complete the mission and receive a cash reward.



Mission 2: Ran Fa Li

Wu Zi introduces you to one Shuk Foo Ran Fa Li, leader of the Red Gecko Tong group. The Shuk Foo would like you to retrieve a package for him, which has been dropped off at the Easter Bay airport in San Fierro. Get into a vehicle (the ZR-350 parked across the street will do) and drive to the red marker outside of the airport car park. Make your way to the blue marker on your radar and get into the car that it points to. Upon entering the vehicle you are ambushed by the Da Nang Boys. Your task now is to get this vehicle to the docks at the north end of the city in one piece.



The Da Nang will cover the car park exits with trucks, but you should be able to squeeze through them with minimal effort. Drive out of the car park and out of the airport. Be careful though, as there are Da Nang road blocks along the way. Once you're out of the airport you will be pursued by two motorbikes. They're fairly easy to avoid, however, because, luckily, the way to the garage in Esplanade North is a single road that stems out from the airport, leaving you without the added concern of having to tackle any sharp turns. If happen to be packing an SMG or Machine Pistol, you can just take out the two pursuing motorbikes for a much easier time. There will be one last Da Nang vehicle waiting for you right outside of the garage, so swerve out of the way to avoid being hit and drive into the red marker to complete the mission.

Da Nang


Mission 3: Lure

Your task now is to lure the Da Nang Boys away from Wu Zi's place so Fa Li can make it out safely. Get into the decoy car parked outside of Wu Zi's place and start towards the yellow icon on the radar. The red marker is way out in Angel Pine, so you've got quite a ways to go. You must remain in the decoy car at all times, as the Da Nang Boys are under the impression that Fa Li is traveling in the vehicle. When you reach the spot, drive into the red marker to get started.

Decoy Car

Red Marker

After the cutscene, your job is to drive the decoy car through a series of waypoints in the countryside to lead the pursuing motorbikes to the endpoint in Whetstone. The “Damage” meter in the top-right quarter of the screen represents the condition of the vehicle's doors. If the Damage meter reaches zero, your pursuers will be able to see into the car and thus realize that it is a decoy. They will then give up the chase, resulting in a mission failure. Your task is not an easy one under normal circumstances, so it is almost obligatory that you have an SMG or Machine Pistol with you to fight off the pursuers. They are relentless, and the track is of considerable length, so you'll have to gun them down while they're riding next to your vehicle. Once all of the motorbikes have been decommissioned it's smooth sailing. Hit the final waypoint in Whetstone to complete the mission.


Final Waypoint

Mission 4: Amphibious Assault

This mission can only be attempted if CJ's “Lung Capacity” skill has been upgraded a couple of times. It doesn't take very long to attain the necessary skill level, even if you have yet to swim underwater. If your skill isn't high enough, spend some time underwater—coming up for air as necessary—until your Lung Capacity skill has reached the level shown in the image below. When the skill level is adequate, step into the red marker outside of Wu Zi's place between 20:00 and 6:00 to get started.

Lung Capacity

Make your way to the docks once you're all suited up and step into the red marker. You'll first have to follow a series of checkpoints out into the open waters. A couple of the checkpoints are underwater rings which you must swim through an underwater tunnel to get to. The bare minimum Lung Capacity needed to start this mission is enough to get past these tunnels without any trouble, just swim through as quickly as possible and resurface for air as soon as you're through.



Your target is the tanker out at sea. You need to swim over to the tanker, get onboard and plant the bug somewhere. Unfortunately the waters surrounding the tanker are being patrolled by Da Nang Boys, so this will not be a walk in the park. If you are spotted by one of the boats, immediately dive under the water and wait there until they forget about you. You have to swim around the tanker to get to the stairs that lead up onto the deck, all the while avoiding the searchlights that are scanning the waters. When you reach the stairs, climb out of the water and head up the stairs.



Once onboard, your task is to plant the bug at the back of the tanker. There is a knife at the top of the stairs which you can pick up. This knife can be used to quietly remove any hostiles in your path. To stealth-kill an enemy, sneak up behind him with the knife equipped, lock-on and press the Attack button when CJ raises the knife. Avoid firefights if at all possible, but you can go guns blazing if you have the means to. If you want to play it stealthy, crouch down and start moving forward. The cargo containers on the deck provide some nice cover, allowing you to peek around corners to see if there is anyone waiting for you there. All of the men on the deck are marked on your radar with red icons, so refer to that to avoid being spotted.



When you reach the back of the tanker, head through the doorway and climb down the steps until you reach the spot to be bugged. Step into the red marker and plant the bug when the prompt appears. Afterwards, make your way back to the deck and jump ship. You have to swim over to the red marker below the docks; the Da Nang Boys patrolling the waters are still keeping an eye out for would-be-intruders, so follow the same routine as you did when approaching the ship. Step into the red marker across from the tanker to complete the mission and receive a nice cash reward.

Bug Spot


Mission 5: The Da Nang Thang

You'll want some Body Armor for this one, so take the time to stop by the Ammu-nation in Ocean Flats if you need a suit before stepping into the red marker. For the first part of this mission you are strapped into a helicopter for a short on-rails sequence. Your job here is to use the mounted Mini-gun to kill off the Da Nang Boys on the ship as the helicopter flies by it. You can miss every single one of them and still pass this bit, but it would be beneficial to you to take some of them out before you have to step onboard. The helicopter will be hit by an RPG as it winds around the ship, causing it to crash into the water. CJ miraculously survives the crash, though you are now without your weapons, save for a knife. Swim over to the freighter and into the red marker.


As you are without a ranged-weapon, you'll have to stealthily take out an armed enemy to get your hands on one. The enemy nearby fits the bill; to stealth-kill him, sneak up (moving while crouching) behind him with the knife equipped, lock-on and press the Attack button when CJ raises the knife. Pick up the guy's weapon, though you will probably want to keep things low-key for as long as possible. Climb up onto the cargo containers and try your best to quietly take out the hostiles in the vicinity. Once you've got your hands on a Machine Pistol, use that to kill your enemies instead.



You must make your way down into the hull of the ship, the way there being located at the other end of the deck. You'll have to traverse a couple of cargo container stacks to make it there. The enemies onboard are not marked on your radar so you'll have to move slowly and check those corners. There is a health pack on board which can be used to refill your health bar if need be, so keep an eye out for it. Drop down into the hull when you reach it and hit the red marker to get started.



There is Body Armor in the enclosed space off to the right which you can pick up for some added protection. The way from here to where the refugees are being held is littered with Da Nang Boys, so tread carefully. Kill off the guard at the end of this area and then approach the marked cargo container. Take aim and blast the padlock to free the refugees inside. Once they have been released, your next task is to kill the katana-wielding man on the bridge. Make your way to the other end of the hull and climb back up the stack of cargo containers to reach the deck.


Climb up the containers to get a clear view of the bridge. Gun down the enemy standing by the door, then hop down onto the walkway. Head through the open door and take out the enemies at the top of the stairs. Head up the stairs until a brief cutscene is triggered. The Da Nang leader will throw you a katana with the intention of facing you in a duel. Forget honor; whip out a gun and blast him before he gets too close! Once he has been dealt with, meet the refugees on the deck to complete the mission.



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