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- Sweet's Missions

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Sweet's Missions

This mission line begins after completing the “Ryder” mission in Ryder's mission line. These missions are denoted by an ‘S' on the radar. Travel to Ganton and step into the red marker to begin.

Mission 1: Tagging Up Turf

There are a total of 100 rival gang tags in Los Santos, and you'll spray paint over six of them during this mission. Get into Sweet's Car and follow the yellow square on the radar to reach the first tag. A short cutscene clears the first one for you. There are two more tags to spray over, and both are nearby. The two tags are denoted by green squares on the radar. After finding the first tag, equip the spray can, lock-on and hold the Shoot button until the Grove Family gang tag covers the rival tag. If a police officer observes the action, you'll earn one wanted star, so scan the area before you begin. Any rival gang members in the area that see this will attack, so be careful.


Cleared Tag

Once you've cleared the two remaining tags, sprint back to Sweet's car and follow the yellow icon on the radar to another red marker. Get out of the car and spray the first tag and then follow the green icon to reach the second. Two Ballas stand near this one; approach them and use the spray can to temporarily blind them. While they're blinded, quickly spray over the tag and then sprint away. Hit the next red marker, denoted by the yellow icon on the radar, and jump the two fences beyond it. Climb up onto the wall behind the small building and pull yourself up to the roof from there. The tag up here is on the wall's northern face; spray over it and drop down to the street below.



Get into Sweet's car, follow the yellow icon on the radar and hit the red marker to complete the mission. A can of spray paint now spawns in the upstairs room of CJ's house.

Mission 2: Cleaning the Hood

This mission is available right after “Tagging Up Turf.” After the cutscene, get into one of the cars outside and drive towards the yellow icon on the radar. Ryder accompanies you during this mission so you'll have to wait for him to re-enter the vehicle if you step out. When you reach your destination, get out of the car and hit the red marker to trigger a cutscene. Afterwards, return to your vehicle and follow the red square on the radar. A drug dealer can be found conversing with a fellow gang member in front of a house. A red arrow is visible above the dealer's head. Approach the two and once the gang member leaves, lock-on to the dealer and beat him to death.

Red Marker


Pick up the baseball bat that the dealer left behind and return to your vehicle. Follow the yellow icon to another red marker. Drive into the red marker, then step out of the car and enter the building there. Equip the baseball bat and start attacking the men inside. You're outnumbered here, so don't stand in one spot while fighting them, but rather move around the room and take swings at them as they approach. The dealer is the main threat here, so take out the gang members first to so you can face him without interference.



When the den is clear, head back outside and re-enter your vehicle. Make your way to Sweet's house and step into the red marker to complete the mission.

Mission 3: Drive-thru

This mission is available following “Cleaning The Hood.” Get in the car with the others and start towards the Cluckin' Bell drive-thru, denoted on the radar by a yellow square. Once you reach the restaurant, hit the red marker to trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene, your task is to prevent the car full of Ballas from reaching your neighborhood. All you have to do here is drive behind, in front of, or alongside their car so your allies can hit it with gunfire. It is best to drive ahead of them, brake, and turn your car into theirs to slow their progression while allowing your allies to fire at them.



Once the enemy car catches fire, drive as far away from it as you can to avoid getting caught in the explosion. The Ballas were carrying Micro SMGs, so if you wish you can step out of the car and pick up their weapons before moving on. Drive back to Sweet's house and hit the red marker. Afterwards, follow the yellow icon on the radar and drive into the second red marker to drop off Smoke and complete the mission.

Mission 4: Nines and AK's

Time to get some weapons; hop into the driver's seat and start towards the yellow icon on the radar. Drive into the red marker to trigger a cutscene. Once you've regained control over CJ, take aim and shoot the bottle. There are a few more exercises to complete; follow the instructions as they appear on screen, then drive Smoke back to his house.

Target Practice


Afterwards you'll receive a phone call from Sweet. He tells you that, to get any respect, you'll need to purchase some new clothes that let others know you're part of the gang. Drive over to the clothing store that appears on the radar, hit the red marker, then get out of the vehicle and head inside. Step into the red marker in front of the changing room door to get started. You have to try on a piece of clothing to see its price, but generally the clothes at Bincos aren't too costly. Buy yourself some new threads and then head back outside to complete the mission.

Clothing Store


Mission 5: Drive-by

Get in the car with the others and start towards the yellow icon on the radar. Drive into the red marker to begin. You're in enemy territory, and as the wheelman it's your job to position the vehicle in such a way that your allies can hit the rival gang members with gunfire. There are several groups of Ballas that must be taken out in this neighborhood; each batch is marked on the radar with a red icon. You can shoot at the Ballas yourself with the camera looking right or left, but for the most part you should leave it up to your allies, as your main concern should be preventing the car from getting too damaged.


If the ‘Car Health' bar in the top right corner of the screen is depleted, the car will catch fire, forcing you to get out and leave your allies behind. If the car is destroyed, you'll have to restart the mission because the others won't follow you out. When first encountering a batch of Ballas, drive straight into them to try and run a couple of them over, then just drive around the group until your allies have managed to gun them down You don't want to remain stationary here, as the Ballas have Micro SMGs of their own and can thus severely damage your car.


Once the last batch of Ballas has been wiped out, you'll attain a two-star wanted level, which means that the police will be pursuing you quite forcefully. To lose them, seek out the spray shop as shown on the radar by a spray can. When you reach the red marker, drive into the spray shop to get a fresh coat of paint. The police won't be able to recognize your vehicle this way, but they'll remain suspicious for a short while. Don't move until the two wanted level stars cease flashing, because if you do anything deemed socially unacceptable, the cops will be right on you again. Drive the others back to Sweet's house to complete the mission.

Spray Shop

Wanted Level

Mission 6: Sweet's Girl

Before triggering this mission park a durable, four-door car in CJ's garage. If you lack a weapon, there's a Micro SMG on top of Sweet's house. Trigger the mission when ready. Sweet is in a shootout with a rival gang and needs you to get him out of there. You'll have to get there quickly because the mission is failed if Sweet's health bar reaches zero. It's a good idea to recruit a couple of gang members to help out. To recruit: lock-on to one of the gang members walking around Ganton and press the Gang Active Mode button (up on the d-pad in the PS2 version). The amount of gang members that can be recruited is dependent upon your Total Respect level, but since most vehicles can only hold a total of four people, take three at the most.



Get in the car you stored in the garage and start towards the red icon on the radar. If you need a weapon (which you definitely do for this), stop by Emmet's (marked by a gun on the radar), and pick up the weapon that's there. Make haste to Sweet's location and try to run over the line of enemies on the sidewalk across from the motel. Some of them will likely dive out of the way, but try your best to take out at least a few of them. If your vehicle begins to emit black smoke, get out before it catches fire to give yourself and your allies time to get away from the explosion.

Gun down the gang members that remain in the street, and the one located up the motel stairway. Don't stand in the middle of the street firing; crouch or sprint while shooting to avoid taking too much damage. When the area is clear, get into a four-door vehicle and drive into the red marker. A couple of cars filled with rival gang members will tail you here, but luckily Ganton isn't too far away. Now it's just a matter of getting there in one piece. Once you've lost them, drive into the red marker outside of Sweet's house to complete the mission.


Red Marker

Mission 7: Cesar Vialpando

Sweet isn't happy with your sister's new boyfriend, and he wants you to go and see for yourself. Travel towards the yellow icon on the radar to reach a garage and drive into the red marker there. The man at the garage will give you a lowrider outfitted with hydraulics. You can return to this garage at a later time with another vehicle and customize it with a variety of different mods. For now, make your way to the lowrider competition at Unity Station, which is marked on the radar by a yellow icon.


Lowrider Meeting

Once you've reached the meeting place, drive into the red marker to enter the Wager menu. $50 is the lowest you can wager, and since this is likely your first time attempting this mini-game it would be best to go with that amount. This is a simple rhythm mini-game; tilt your lowrider in the same direction as the arrow at the bottom of the screen when it reaches the middle of the ring. You don't have to perform exceptionally well here; your goal is to simply get a higher score than the opposition. The mission is complete once you've managed a higher score than your opponent.



Cesar: High Stakes, Low-rider

Cesar will phone you sometime after the completion of the “Cesar Vialpando” mission in Sweet's mission line. He invites you to partake in a race, but you'll need a lowrider to participate. If you've since parted with the lowrider that you obtained during the “Cesar Vialpando” mission, you can find a parked Blade just a couple of houses down from the red marker that the ‘CV' on the radar points to. Once you're in a lowrider, drive into the red marker outside of Cesar's house to get started.



This is a simple checkpoint race; hit the final checkpoint while at the head of the pack and you'll walk away with one grand in your pocket. Each checkpoint is marked with a directional arrow, be sure to take note of them so you'll know where to turn next. There isn't much more that can be said; hit the checkpoints along the way, easy on the turns, and gun it when you reach the pier. Reach the final checkpoint while in first place to complete the mission.


Mission 8: Doberman

Complete Ryder's, OG Loc's, and Big Smoke's mission lines and you'll eventually receive a phone call from Sweet, telling you to head to an Ammu-nation to suit up. The ‘S' on your radar now points to a red marker outside of the Ammu-nation in downtown Los Santos. Step into the red marker when you're ready to go.



Your goal here is to take Glen Park from the Ballas and claim it as Grove Street territory. Obviously you're going to need guns to do this, so step into the Ammu-nation and purchase some. The Ammu-nation doesn't have really anything spectacular in stock, and what is there is quite costly, so just pick up some body armor and an SMG if you can afford it. When you're ready to get started, make your way to Glen Park by following the green icon on the radar and step out of your vehicle. Find and gun down a Balla while in the purple area on the radar in order to provoke a gang war.


Gang War

Three waves of Ballas will enter the Glen Park territory currently being contested; you must survive each wave by killing all of the Ballas to complete the mission. Purple icons on the radar reveal the locations of your enemies, so keep an eye on your radar at all times to ensure that you aren't attacked from both sides. Most of the Ballas will spawn on the bridge. Position yourself near the side of the bridge and pick them off as they move down the hill to meet you. Body armor and a health regeneration pack can be found on the street surrounding Glen Park, so sprint away and grab these if you're in need. After surviving all three waves, chase down and kill the final Balla to claim the territory for the Grove Street Families.

After the mission you'll learn how the Los Santos turf war works. Claiming territory is a good way to make some money, and you can also collect weapons and ammunition from fallen enemies. To contest a territory, kill gang members in their territory until a gang war is provoked.

Mission 9: Los Sepulcros

Step into the red marker outside of Sweet's house sometime between 9:00 and 17:00 to get started. Make sure you have a powerful weapon, such as an SMG or AK47, before attempting this. Target each of the two gang members with blue arrows over their heads and recruit them. Afterwards get in the car with Sweet and the others and start towards the yellow marker on the radar. You're on a time limit here, but luckily there's plenty of time to make it. Drive into the red marker when you arrive. Climb over the wall and approach Sweet to trigger a cutscene.

Gang Member

All you have to do here is take down Kane, the Balla marked on the radar with a red square. Kane is wearing body armor, so he'll take a significant amount of gunfire to drop. First and foremost, however, is dealing with the group of Ballas that accompany Kane. Gun them down as you close in on Kane; be sure that none are left standing so you can face Kane with a number advantage. With you, Sweet, and your allies firing at Kane, he should fall quickly. Once Kane has been dealt with, get back in the car with Sweet and head back to Ganton. Drive into the red marker to complete the mission.


Mission 9: Reuniting the Families

Get in the car with the others and follow the yellow marker on your radar to reach the motel. Drive into the red marker there to trigger a cutscene. Things take a turn for the worst as a SWAT team shows up to storm the place. Once you've regained control over CJ, do not engage the SWAT outside, but inside turn around and head through the door there to enter the motel.

Motel Raid

You're going to have to be light on your feet here as the SWAT inside the motel are carrying SMGs and wearing body armor. Remain crouched at all times as you move through the hotel, because doing so both steadies your aim and allows you to quickly roll behind cover. Head up the stairs and take out the two SWAT down the hallway. As you turn the first corner, three SWAT step into the hallway; immediately roll through one of the doorways down the hall to avoid getting cut down by their gunfire. At the end of the hall, some SWAT grapple down from a helicopter through a skylight. Kill them off, then those down the adjacent hallway as well. As you move down this hall, turn into the first room on your left to meet with the woman there; she'll replenish your health bar.


Health Replenish

Sweet is at the very back of the motel, so move to the end of the hallway and take out the SWAT there. Move slowly down the hall, as enemies will step in as you progress. Meet with Sweet in the room at the end of the hall to get to the roof. Lock-on to the SWAT hanging off of the helicopter and take them out, then manually aim at the helicopter and unload into it until it loses control and crashes. Follow Sweet down the fire escape to meet with the others.



This is an on-rails sequence; you are armed with an AK47, and your job is to prevent the car from being totaled by the police pursuing you. Pound the police cars with gunfire until they explode; hit their fuel tanks for instant destruction. Occasionally an officer will jump onto the hood of the car and start punching you; shoot him off quickly, as getting hit makes it difficult to aim and also lowers your health. Make it to the end of the line with the car intact to complete the mission.

Mission 10: The Green Sabre

This is the mission that will get you out of Los Santos. It's a good idea to clear any missions left undone in Los Santos before attempting this one. Hit the red marker when you're ready to go. Answer the phone once you're out of the house. It's Cesar; he wants you to meet him under a freeway in Verdant Bluffs. Stop by the Ammu-nation in downtown Los Santos first and pick up a powerful weapon and body armor if needed. Follow the yellow marker on your radar, drive into the red marker and step out of your vehicle. Get in the car down the alleyway to trigger a cutscene.


After the cutscene, immediately get in a car and speed towards the yellow icon on the radar. You have to make it to the site before Sweet's health bar is depleted. Drive into the red marker to save Sweet. Now you must fight off the Ballas until the police arrive. Crouch down behind cover and pick them off one by one. Keep an eye on your radar at all times to avoid getting hit from behind; the red icons on the radar denote the position of Ballas. After several waves of reinforcements, the police arrive and the mission ends.


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