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- The Truth's Missions

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - The Truth's Missions (Bone Country)

Step into the red marker in the Verdant Meadows airstrip—denoted on the radar by a plane icon—after completing the “Stowaway” mission to accept a mission from The Truth.

Mission 1: Black Project

The Truth, an old acquaintance of yours, wants you to break into Area 69—the restricted area due south of the Verdant Meadows airstrip—and retrieve the “Black Project” that is being developed there. The place is crawling with heavily-armed military personnel, so getting in and out alive will not be the easiest of tasks. The key to success here is to avoid detection. There are several searchlights sweeping the grounds around the research lab. You can shoot these searchlights out, but only two of them as the doors will go on lockdown and you will have to find another way in.

There is a vest of Body Armor near the entrance so be sure to pick that up as it will prove useful in the event that you're spotted. If you climb to the top of the searchlight tower on your right as soon as you enter Area 69, you can use this as a vantage point and snipe the guards patrolling the area around the control tower; just be ready for the guard that you will meet posted there about midway up. The control tower that houses the blast door switch is at the far end of the area, but making a beeline for it is a big mistake as the searchlights will certainly spot you. Instead, move along the fence, starting from the west end of the area, until you make it all the way around to the control tower.

Area 69


As you make your way there, pick off the patrolling guards with a Silenced Pistol or Sniper Rifle. If you're caught, however, then there is no need to proceed stealthily, switch to the M4 and mow down everything in sight. Every guard in the area is marked on your radar, so look to it before moving on. There is a guard posted in every searchlight tower too, so take those guys out as you move along. Their weapons are far more powerful and accurate than what you are likely using, so crouch to improve your aim and try to get the jump on them. Before you enter the control tower, wait until the searchlight is not trained on your path and then approach, heading straight up the stairs to step into the red marker. Grab the vest of Body Armor that is there too.


Control Tower

This will open the blast doors, which you can then use to enter the research lab. If, however, you were caught by a searchlight, you will then have to enter through a vent in the middle of the area. Both the blast doors and vent are marked on your radar with a yellow icon, so make your way to either one in order to enter Area 69. The place will be on full alert if you were spotted outside; in that case it's just a matter of killing the guards before they can kill you. If you managed to sneak your way in, keep it up if you'd like, otherwise just use the M4 and take out the guards. Once you're through the first room and on the walkway, you can find a Mini-gun and vest of Body Armor in the room to the right. There are plenty of health packs and Body Armor in the facility, so keep an eye out.



When you're ready to move on, sneak or gun your way to the control room, which is through the doorway at the end of the corridor in the next room. Step into the red marker to disable the anti-air missiles outside to aid in your escape. From the control room, return to the previous area, step off of the walkway and head east. Go up the stairs here to reach the research labs. Follow the yellow marker on your radar to reach the door to the launch bay where the black project is being held. The door is locked and requires a keycard to be opened. The scientist in the next room has the keycard and will give it to you in return for his life. Take the keycard and step into the red marker to open the door.

Control Room

Pass Card

The stairs that lead down to the black project are swarming with military personnel so descend slowly and gun them down from above to avoid taking too much damage. The black project—a sweet-looking jetpack—can be found at the bottom of the launch bay. Touch the jetpack to equip it and start ascending up the launch bay. You won't have a problem escaping if you disabled the SAM site outside, otherwise you may be in for some trouble. Once you're out of Area 69, fly to the red marker in Arco Del Oeste to complete the mission.

Black Project


Mission 2: Green Goo

A freight train from Las Venturas is fast approaching; The Truth wants you to board the train using the jetpack, waste the guards, and collect what they are transporting. With the jetpack fastened to your back, ascend and start toward the green icons on the radar. Once you are hovering above the train, start picking off the military personnel on board. With a Micro SMG, you can lock-on to targets while using the jetpack, so be sure to gun down all of the guards as the train barrels by before landing. There are three crates on board, one that contains the item The Truth is after. Destroy each crate until you find the item and fly back to Verdant Meadows. Step into the red marker to complete the mission.



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Comments for - The Truth's Missions

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May 28th 2015 Guest
I cant find the project
ID #562339
Mar 16th 2013 Guest
Thanks A lot
ID #264150
Sep 2nd 2012 Guest
just finished the Stowaway mission,but when I step into the red marker,there's only a cutscene of the black project and there's no mission after that,please help.
ID #182719
Apr 1st 2012 Guest
nece se pusti kod mene black project missions
ID #128229
Dec 25th 2011 Guest
Mujhe black project khi nhi mila. Please ans me
ID #98652
Dec 9th 2011 Guest
I just finished the Stowaway mission,but when I step into the red marker,there's only a cutscene of the black project and there's no mission after that,please help.
ID #93684
Jul 22nd 2011 Guest
What are you given after the black project the thing thate makes it all weird colours?
ID #60233
Jul 2nd 2011 Guest
use the cheat code!
ID #54080
Jul 20th 2010 Guest
as soon as i finished the mission green go and came near that red marker, video comes ans i get locked in the danger room next to the flight school.. i cant come out from there,, wat to do after tat,, can any one help please??????
ID #5309