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- CRASH Missions

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Grand Theft AUto: San Andreas - C.R.A.S.H. Missions (Los Santos)

As you complete missions in Los Santos, you will eventually receive a phone call from Officer Tenpenny. After receiving the call, you can then take missions from the two officers. This mission line begins at the donut shop in the market, marked on the radar by a ‘C.'

Mission 1: Burning Desire

Follow the green marker on the radar to reach the stashed Molotovs in an alleyway and pick them up. Make sure you have a weapon of some sort before moving on to the gang house, as you'll have to defend yourself against the gang members outside. With the Molotovs in hand, make your way to the gang house, which is denoted on the radar by a yellow marker. Try to run down the gang members located at the front of the house, then step out of your vehicle. There will likely be more gang members around the side of the house, so scout the perimeter and gun down any you see.


Gang House

Now you must lob five of the Molotov cocktails through the five windows to set the place ablaze. You're holding a dangerous weapon in your hand; you'll have to throw the Molotov just right to avoid getting caught in the blast yourself. In the unfortunate circumstance that CJ is set alit, sprint around like mad until the flames dissipate. The flames can eat away more than half of CJ's health bar if you aren't careful so make sure you're a good distance away from a window before throwing the Molotov. You don't have to hit the windows directly, but the glass won't shatter if the Molotov is thrown too high. As the game instructs, do not just simply tap the Attack button when using Molotovs; hold the button down for a second or two to avoid having it land right at CJ's feet.


Be ready to switch to your handgun, as hostiles will periodically spawn while you carry out the deed. Once you've managed to shatter all five of the windows with Molotovs, it is revealed that you inadvertently trapped an innocent girl in the burning house. Well, you're not a monster, are you? Run in there and save her! Tread carefully inside, as touching the flames will set CJ ablaze. The girl is on the second level of the house, but you'll need to grab the fire extinguisher from the kitchen before heading up there. The kitchen is the room on the right upon entering the house. With the extinguisher in hand, make your way up the stairs at the very back of the house.



To put out a fire with the extinguisher, hold down the lock-on button and aim into the base of the fire. Steam will emit when you're hitting the right spot. Keep the extinguisher trained on the fire until it dissipates. Follow the blue marker on the radar to locate the girl. Once you've found her, start back towards the stairs. Stick with her at all times, because she'll quickly become lost without your guidance. Clear away the flames along the way and exit through the front door. Drive the girl home to complete the mission. She's your girlfriend now, so you can take her on dates by stepping into the red marker outside of her house.

Mission 2: Gray Imports

According to Tenpenny, the Ballas are set to meet with some Russian importers to acquire some powerful weaponry. This meeting will take place at the docks warehouse, and it's in your best interest to intervene. Follow the yellow icon on the radar to reach the docks and drive into the red marker. Start by running over the two workers up ahead. If you lack a Micro SMG, try to get your hands on an enemy SMG. While quite powerful and fairly well suited for this mission, the downside to this weapon is that you can't run and gun with it, so stick with the Micro SMG if you're carrying one already.

The two forklifts outside of the warehouse will try to run you down, but they're rather slow, so just sprint away. One of the two forklifts is carrying a couple of explosive barrels; manually aim and shoot the explosives to destroy the vehicle. A protective vest can be found atop the containers to the right of the warehouse door, so be sure to grab it before continuing. Shoot the switch to the left of the door when you're ready to face the enemies inside.

Body Armor

The warehouse's interior is packed with enemies, so take it slow here. Some helpful pop-ups explain a few combat maneuvers as you make your way through the warehouse. Aiming manually rather than locking-on to your targets is effective during close quarter combat situations such as this, as you'll need to be able to strafe to avoid gunfire, and possibly shoot conveniently placed explosives to take out dimwitted enemies. More body armor can be found as you make your way through the maze, so keep an eye out for it if yours is falling apart.

A large number of enemies occupy the very back of the warehouse, so crouch when you emerge from the maze and start picking them off. When the enemies have been dealt with, climb up the stairs at the far end of the room and chase after the arms dealer. A group of Ballas occupy the office at the top of the stairs; take them out, then grab the body armor before following the arms dealer through the door and down the fire escape.

Warehouse Shootout

If you have a Micro SMG with you, taking out the arms dealer is as simple as running after him and gunning him down. However if running and gunning is not an option, sprint a bit ahead of him and fire as he approaches. There are Ballas and Russian importers along the dealer's path, but it would be best to just sprint past them because the arms dealer is actually making a break for his car. If the car you used to storm the place hasn't disappeared and is still in one piece, you can hop in and run the arms dealer down before he gets to his ride. Whichever way you choose to take him out, the mission is complete when the arms dealer is dead.

Arms Dealer

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Gray imports mission is a tough one
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Just play calm. Its quite easy. If there is a will there is a way.
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