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100% Completion

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - 100% Completion Requirements


Listed below is every factor that contributes towards the 100% completion stat.

- Complete all 96 missions (that includes optional mission lines such as Zero's).

- Purchase all available property in Los Santos (6), San Fierro (8), Las Venturas (9), the Badlands (5), and Bone County (4). All purchasable properties appear on the pause screen map, denoted by green house icons.

- Spray all 100 Tags in Los Santos.

- Take all 50 Snapshots in San Fierro.

- Collect all 50 Horseshoes in Las Venturas.

- Find and collect all 50 Oysters in the waters of San Andreas.

- Complete side missions: Reach and complete level 12 of the Paramedic, Firefighter, and Vigilante missions; reach and complete level 10 of the Pimping missions; complete at least 2 levels of the Freight missions; complete at least 50 Taxi missions; complete at least 8 levels of Trucker missions; reach and complete level 5 of the Valet missions; reach and complete level 7 of the Quarry missions.

- Complete all courier missions in Los Santos (Roboi's Food Mart), San Fierro (Hippy Shopper), and Las Venturas (Burger Shot).

- Compete in and win the BMX challenge in Los Santos.

- Compete in and win the NRG-500 challenge in San Fierro.

- Compete in and win all three Mt. Chiliad challenges.

- Compete in and win the Blood Bowl, Dirt Track, Kick Start, and 8-Track events at the stadium.

- Compete in and win all 22 street races.

- Complete the Pistol, Micro SMG, Shotgun, and Ak-47 challenges held at Ammu-Nation.

- Earn fighting styles from the Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas gyms.

- Pass every test at the Driving, Flight, Boat, and Bike schools.

- Deliver every car on all three import lists (San Fierro).

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Nov 13th 2015 Guest
:v em ngại nhất là chặng đua 22 đường phố và các nhiệm vụ chuyển phát nhanh đồ
ID #624938
Aug 18th 2015 Guest
[color=red][/color] guysi love this site
ID #599696
Aug 8th 2015 Guest
Hi I wold like some cheats if u got some Thaks ps just put them up on coment page
ID #595419
Jul 31st 2015 Guest
Jenk kw
ID #592162
Jul 7th 2015 Guest
tell me that how many missions are optional
ID #581095
May 17th 2015 Guest
Hi I'm having trouble completing the game
ID #557507
Mar 6th 2015 Guest
What is the cheat for 100 percent competition
ID #524868
Aug 11th 2014 Guest
im a girl and im addicted to tjis game!!! is that bad? lol
ID #434880
Apr 8th 2014 Guest
how to get a swat tank as in finale mission
ID #372684
Mar 28th 2014 Guest
i can give you a cheat code for never die L1 square circle L2 R2 R2 CIRCLE IF THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY.
ID #369153
Mar 16th 2014 Guest
What is the cheat for 100 percent competition
ID #364916
Aug 23rd 2013 brokehiselbows
The lowrider mission control depends on your TV's aspect ratio - standard ratio, you hit on the beat, but with 16:9, you hit on the offbeat......
ID #306323
Aug 23rd 2013 brokehiselbows
Where is Roboi's Food Mart in Los Santos?
ID #306322
Mar 18th 2013 Guest
u cant get a lamborghini in gta. its just another mod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ID #264830
Jan 24th 2013 Guest
how u get the lambogini
ID #246003