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- Finale

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Finale

Step into the red marker outside of Madd Dogg's mansion once you have completed both of Sweet's missions and the first three missions in CJ's mission line to get started.

Mission 1: Riot

This is the beginning of the end. All you must do here is drive Sweet to the red marker outside of his home in Ganton. Sweet will not leave his car at any time so keep it in good shape. Rioting has broken out all over the city so watch for exploding cars as you make your way to Ganton. If you see someone step out of their car, hang back and wait for it to explode before moving on.

Mission 2: Los Desperados

Step into the red marker outside of Sweet's house to trigger this mission. Here you will help Cesar reclaim his home. The city is still in riot mode so remain vigilant. Recruit a couple of Grove Street Families gang members and pile in a four-seater. Make your way to El Corona and drive into the red marker to meet with Cesar's allies. El Corona is swarming with armed Vagos, all of whom must be eliminated. Each Vagos is marked on your radar so there won't be any surprises. Just stay close to your buddies and you'll be fine.

Gang Members


When you're through the neighborhood, head for the alleyway that's marked on your radar. Cesar's friend Sunny is armed with a Rocket Launcher but you'll still end up having to do most of the work. Eventually Cesar's katana-wielding friend will fall. At this point, a large number of Vagos will climb into the alleyway. A few more will appear behind you also; take them out quickly because the mission is a failure if they manage to kill Sunny. Afterwards, kill off the last batch of Vagos around the house across the street to complete the mission.



Mission 3: End of the Line

Before the final mission can be triggered, the Grove Street Families must control the majority of gang territory in the city. If you have only participated in the obligatory gang wars, you'll need to clear about ten of them before the mission is available. This prerequisite is decidedly tedious, but think of it as an opportunity to stockpile ammo and upgrade your weapon skills for the upcoming fight. Once you have claimed enough territory, Sweet will phone and tell you to meet him at his place. You'll definitely want to pick up an M4 for this mission. Invest in an M4 before setting out, as you will be able to procure a large amount of ammo for it by picking up the AK47s of fallen gang members.

When you get the call from Sweet, step into the red marker in Ganton to start the mission. Get in the car with Sweet and make your way to the marked location in East Los Santos. Drive into the red marker to trigger a brief cutscene. You'll need to use the SWAT Tank that's parked a few blocks down in order to break down the crack fortress' reinforced door. The SWAT guys by the barricade will shoot at you if you are too close; take them out from afar so you can get up close to the tank. When the coast is clear, hop in the tank and drive it back to the crack fortress. Ram into the entrance to break the wall and gain access. Crush the Ballas down the initial corridor and step out of the tank at the end of the way.



The crack fortress is comprised of four floors. Smoke is up on the fourth floor, so you'll have to work your way to the top for the final showdown. Each floor is packed with Ballas and Vagos. There are several Body Armor and health pack pickups along the way, but you'll definitely want to take it slow here. There is always a multitude of cover in the areas where a large-scale firefight takes place—be it a corner or a crate. Be sure to stay behind cover to avoid being cut down by enemy gunfire. There is absolutely no reason to go Rambo here. The yellow icon on the radar points to where you must go next, so follow it to find your way to each proceeding floor. There is a Body Armor pickup at the start of each floor so be sure to freshen up before moving on. Keep moving up until you reach the fourth floor…


Body Armor

Smoke is one tough customer. He is outfitted with a bullet-proof vest and, as such, it will require plenty of gunfire to take him down. If you aim manually, however, you can focus on Smoke's unarmored body parts, such as his legs and head. It would be easy enough if you could just take Smoke out from a safe distance but unfortunately there are re-spawning goons to help him out. To make matters worse, at the start of the fight the lights go out, making it difficult to see without the aid of infrared goggles. Once you have retrieved the goggles that are underneath the walkway, equip them, then climb up onto the walkway and hold there.


The walkway provides a nice vantage point, allowing you to avoid Smoke and take out any Ballas below. Just try your best to kill Smoke's goons before they can reach the walkway stairs at either end. Remember, there are two health packs in the alcove along the walkway, and some guns and Body Armor in the small room on the first floor. Use these sparingly, as this will likely be a lengthy fight.

Health Packs

Once Smoke has fallen, Tenpenny shows up. On his way out, he destroys a machine which causes the whole place to go up in flames. So here's the predicament: Armed with a fire extinguisher and night vision goggles flipped on, you now must make it back to the first floor of this burning, enemy infested, dimly lit factory. Oh, and you only have 5 minutes to do so. This task is about as easy as it sounds. That is, not very. Be sure to take any remaining health items with you before leaving the penthouse suite. The three floors below this one are teeming with enemy gang members so you're going to have to take it slow. As the game indicates, it can be difficult to make out the flames with night vision goggles, so switch to normal vision when clearing away flames if that helps.



When you've made it back outside, start following Sweet and Tenpenny. All you must do for the first part of this run is keep up with the fire truck. Gangsters will toss Molotov cocktails your way as you drive by, but pay no heed to these because your car is indestructible. As you speed through the streets, keep an eye out for barricades and scrapped cars that could impede your progress. Eventually an officer will appear and climb to the end of the ladder that Sweet is hanging off of. At this point, a meter will appear in the top-right quarter of the screen. You must drive right up behind the fire truck to catch Sweet before he loses his grip. Don't fret if you fail at this, just return to the red marker outside of Sweet's place to retry this portion of the mission.



Afterwards, Sweet will take the wheel and it is then your job to gun. The car is no longer indestructible and if the car health meter reaches zero, it's mission failed. Since the fire truck is indestructible, focus on keeping the police and gangs trailing behind at bay. This is an on-rails sequence so all you have to do is keep protect the car. Eventually a cutscene will trigger… Mission complete!

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Sep 14th 2015 Guest
thanks for all the help u guys gave to us .. thanks a lot Smile
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Aug 17th 2015 Guest
thanks for the help
ID #599098
Aug 7th 2015 Guest
my last mission didn't come
ID #594896
May 28th 2015 Guest
I think killing big smoke with a minigun is easier than a shotgun.
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Apr 15th 2014 Guest
ID #375257
Mar 31st 2013 Guest
EAsy way to kill BS is to use sawn-off shotgun. especially when you have hitman rank in it.
ID #269146
Sep 18th 2012 Guest
in the final mission when sweet is come in passenger seat and they change driver when car is blowing up why please tell me solution
ID #187074
Jun 27th 2012 Guest
my car blasts away when sweet takes the wheel what should i do?
ID #157768
Apr 6th 2012 Guest
Hehe, escaping the crack factory is easy when cj has completed all firefighter missions
ID #130352
Feb 19th 2012 Guest
what the cheat when cheat is fast complete?
ID #116613
Sep 14th 2015 Guest
ID #608468
Oct 24th 2011 Guest
u never find your family

ID #82575
Sep 9th 2011 Guest
when do you get and find your family
ID #73496
Jun 21st 2011 Guest
i think its inpossible without cheats
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Jun 21st 2011 Guest
HI..Can any one please tell how to recruit gang members...which button to press after aiming at them...thanx
ID #50862
Sep 14th 2015 Guest
press G or H
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Feb 26th 2011 Guest
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