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- Jizzy's Missions

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Jizzy's Missions

Mission 1: Jizzy

Travel to Jizzy's club which is beneath the Gant Bridge in the northwestern part of the city and step into the red marker. After the cutscene, hop into Jizzy's car and drive his girl to downtown San Fierro. With that done, your next task is to take out his competition; a pimp operating in Hashbury. You have two hours (San Andreas time) to make the hit, so waste no time. Try to take him out with a quick drive-by when you first roll up; that, or you can just run him over. If he manages to take off down the alleyway, step out of your vehicle and chase after him. Gun him down before he can get to his car, because if he does manage to, you'll need to return to your own car to chase him through the streets.


Next, Jizzy wants you to save one of his girls; she's being pummeled by a couple of punters beneath the overpass in Foster Valley. Make your way to the spot and take out the two punters before the victim's health bar is depleted. The last job is the toughest; you have to chase after the preacher and destroy his limo and the escort. You aren't able to drive them off the road so you'll have to use your Machine Pistol; drive right next to a target vehicle and fire away until it catches fire. Keep your distance from the flaming vehicle to avoid taking damage from the subsequent explosion. The mission is complete when both vehicles have been destroyed. You'll have a two-star wanted level afterwards, so make your way to a spray shop to lose the cops.



Mission 2: T-Bone Mendez

You will be automatically placed onto a motorbike when you reach the ambushed van. You must retrieve the packages from the four bikers before they reach their rendezvous point. Use your radar to track down the thieves, then get close enough behind one to snatch the package from the back of their motorbike when the prompt appears (L1 on the PS2 version). These guys can be hard to tail as they'll occasionally do a 180 and head the other way, or take a sharp turn onto a different street. Just don't let up and eventually you'll close in on them.



The bikers can also be killed with a Micro SMG, but doing so is a bit tougher than just snatching the packages. If you happen to find yourself beside one though, use your SMG to knock him off his bike. When your target has fallen, get off your bike and retrieve the package from the fallen biker's motorcycle. Each biker is carrying a Micro SMG so be sure to pick up the weapon after downing one. Regardless of how you carry this out, bring the four packages to Jizzy's club in order to complete the mission.

Mission 3: Mike Toreno

One of T-Bone's associates, Mike Toreno, has been kidnapped. It's your job to rescue him, but unfortunately he is trapped in the back of a van and can't tell you where he is. To make matters worse, his cell phone battery is low, so you'll have to locate him in under six minutes. The van is actually at the Easter Bay Airport at the other end of the city. Rather than wasting your time putting around town, open up your map and put a target at the airport entrance and head over there.


You'll start to receive a signal from Mike's tracking tag when you reach the airport gate. The van is located somewhere in the airfield behind the terminal building, so make your way onto the airfield and head in the direction that fills the Signal bar in the top-right quarter of the screen. When you've found the van, chase after it—knocking the two goons off of their motorbikes—until it stops. In order to save Mike, you will have to kill the goons that emerge from the van. After the cutscene, help the others destroy the van (one shot to its fuel tank should do it), then quickly hop back in the car and drive to the airport gate.



Head to the nearest spray shop to lose the three-star wanted level, then return to Jizzy's club to complete the mission and receive a sizable cash reward.

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Comments for - Jizzy's Missions

14 comments, latest first.
Oct 19th 2014 Guest
Ok it's weird but I've done it twice. I have the never wanted cheat on & the red mark disappeared on me. I got out, got in a different car & drove until it told me I left them behind, went back got back in limo & it gave me the club destination. You can switch cars also but it has to be 4 door.
ID #460690
Jan 26th 2014 Guest
i am doing the t-bone mission and what happens is tht i hav a SMG so even when i right beside the enemy bike i can only puch him using the gun i cant snatch the packet ..... i have to kill the guy for tht and then get off the bike and then collect this wastes lots of time
plz help
ID #348294
Mar 30th 2013 Guest
thanks man.................
ID #268569
Jan 5th 2013 Guest
Here is a tip for the red marker when leaving the Airport in the mission "Mike Toreno." If you have the Never Wanted cheat activated, you will not be able to finish this mission. When you reach the red marker after leaving the airport, a three star wanted level is supposed to activate and you are supposed to evade the cops via your local Pay 'n Spray. Because the cheat prevents any wanted level from occurring even from in-game events, the game does not know how to handle the rest of the mission due to certain conditions not being met (i.e. the wanted level). You will be stuck in this mission with no new objective until you load a saved game.
ID #237898
Dec 13th 2012 Guest
if you are using the never wanted cheat, the marker disapears and you cant continue the mission. disable the cheat and re do the mission. it should work.
ID #220683
Nov 22nd 2012 Guest
why the red marker dissapear
ID #211158
Jul 17th 2012 Guest
how do you get a plane
ID #165314
Jul 15th 2012 Guest
U tags are queer
ID #164489
Jul 14th 2012 Guest
I have the same problem I get near the airport gate on the way out and the red circle goes away and the mission keeps going and the marker on the mini map says that I need to turn around but the thing isn't there! I always have to rage quit and start again!
ID #164176
Apr 25th 2012 Guest
It wont let me get into the red circle at the gat as sson as i get close to it it disapears
ID #136841
Mar 1st 2012 Guest
why is the yellow mark staying there
ID #119522
Nov 28th 2011 Guest
it keeps a yellow mark there.
ID #91246
Apr 19th 2011 Guest
Hey man I am trying it will let u no in 10 mins
ID #38274
Mar 27th 2011 dragonx557
it dosent work
ID #34519