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- C.R.A.S.H. Missions

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - C.R.A.S.H. Missions (Las Venturas)

A ‘C' symbol will appear on your radar following the completion of the “The Meat Business” mission in Rosenberg's mission line. You can then stop by Prickle Pine in north Las Venturas and accept a mission from officers Tenpenny and Pulaski.

Mission 1: Misappropriation

Your mission is to take out an DEA agent in Aldea Malvada and bring the evidence dossier he is carrying back to Tenpenny. Aldea Malvada is quite a ways out, but hopefully you're up for the journey. You'll want to pick up a Sniper Rifle for this mission, and perhaps Body Armor. It might be a good idea to stop by the abandoned airstrip in Verdant Meadows and pick up the jetpack by the control tower to make the trip a bit shorter.

When you reach Aldea Malvada, if you are spotted by an FBI agent the DEA agent will flee in a helicopter. There is another helicopter on the site for you to use to chase after him, but it would be much easier to simply kill him outright and avoid all the hassle. Approach the site from the hill in Tierra Robada and use your Sniper Rifle's scope to scan the perimeter. As you can see, the target is in an enclosed area, while the two escape helicopters are nearby.



There are a couple of ways you can go about killing this guy. There is an abundance of eagle-eyed FBI agents scouting the perimeter, and they're packing some powerful weaponry so you'll want to be careful. If you creep along the ridgeline southwest of the site and get as close as possible to the two helicopters, you can try to kill the target before he can get into his escape helicopter. When the message appears onscreen informing you that you've been spotted, immediately sprint towards the two helicopters and gun down the target before he can escape. Better yet, with a jetpack equipped, use the mountainside southwest of the site as cover and fly yourself up next to the target's escape copter. When you are spotted he will run out of the ruins and towards it; simply gun him down to avoid having to chase after him.



The only problem here is that you'll have the heavily-armed FBI agents to contend to; but with the vantage point up on the rocks next to the helicopter you shouldn't have too much difficulty dealing with them. The mission is complete as soon as you pick up the evidence dossier, so you can avoid facing the FBI agents if you wish.

Evidence Dossier

Mission 2: High Noon

You'll receive a call from Tenpenny sometime after completing “Freefall” in Rosenberg's mission line. He wants you to meet him at El Castillo Del Diablo, a ghost town in Bone County. Make sure you have an SMG before heading over there. Step into the red marker in El Castillo Del Diablo to get started. After the cutscene you have to chase after Officer Pulaski and kill him. He quickly speeds off in his car, but luckily there's a Bandito parked by the graveyard, so hop in and start after him. He's fast, but there's no reason to stick to the road with your vehicle.

Pulaski will lead you down to Fort Carson, a small settlement where he will drive around until you manage to kill him. To take him out you'll first have to hit his car with gunfire until it explodes. His car is very fast and definitely outclasses the Bandito, so ditch the Bandito for a motorcycle when you come across one. While on a motorcycle you are able to shoot straight ahead of you, and since you will likely be tailing Pulaski for the majority of this mission, this is essential.



Pulaski's car is exceptionally durable so you will likely be chasing him around for awhile. If Pulaski happens to get stuck in a corner, exit your vehicle and use a more powerful weapon to damage the car. Once you have destroyed the car, gun down Pulaski to complete the mission.

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