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- Ryder's Missions

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Ryder's Missions

This mission line becomes available after completing the first mission in CJ's mission line. After completing “Big Smoke/Sweet and Kendel,” enter CJ's house and touch the floating diskette in the kitchen to enter the Save Game menu. After saving your game, head back outside to continue. Ryder's house is just across the street from CJ's; follow the ‘R' on your radar and step into the red marker to start.

Save File

Ryder's House

Mission 1: Ryder

This mission serves as an introduction to a couple of the outlets in the city of San Andreas. Get into the driver's seat of Ryder's car and start towards the yellow square that appears on your radar. The barbers is the first stop; drive into the red marker that the yellow square points to, then step out of the car and enter the shop. Once inside, step into the red marker to enter the selection menu. The hairstyle you select for CJ has absolutely no effect on the core gameplay, so it all comes down to your preference. If you're just starting out, then chances are your funds are limited, so pick something cheap and exit the menu.

Barber Shop


Back outside, walk across the street to the Restaurant and head inside. Step into the red marker at the front counter and buy a pizza. Afterwards, Ryder attempts to hold up the place, which causes the man behind the counter to take out a shotgun. Once you're back outside, get into Ryder's car. You can simply drive away or run over the shotgun-wielding cashier and take the weapon for yourself. Follow the yellow square to Ryder's home and drive into the red marker outside to complete the mission.



Mission 2: Home Invasion

This mission is available following “Drive-by” in Sweet's mission line, and can only be undertaken between 12:00 and 20:00. Ryder knows the location of a retired military officer's home who supposedly possesses a large amount of high-power weapons. Ryder wants to go to the officer's home before dawn to steal the weapons. You're in an armored truck for this one, which is incredibly slow but unmatched in durability. There's a time limit, too, so waste no time. Drive to the yellow icon on the radar and hit the red marker to start the robbery.

Armored Truck

Move very slowly once inside, as you don't want to wake the house's occupant. Keep an eye on the Noise meter in the top right corner of the screen as you move around the house and cease movement if it's close to being full. To move quietly around the colonel's house, gently push on the control stick to move forward and do not brush up against anything. There are three crates of weapons in the house that must be picked up and brought back to the truck outside. One crate sits behind the cannon in the living room, another can be found at the very top of the stairs, and the third at the end of the upstairs hallway. CJ can only carry one crate at a time, so you'll have to carry one to the front door, put it into the truck and then head back inside to retrieve another.

Colonel's House


Once you've placed the three crates of weapons in the back of the truck, travel to the yellow icon on the radar to reach the lockup. Park the truck in the lockup to complete the mission.

Mission 3: Catalyst

Ryder's accompanying you again for this one. Get in the truck and start towards the yellow icon on the radar. When you reach the train, you discover that the two officers set you up for a shootout, as two rival gangs were also informed about the shipment. Step out of your vehicle and fight off the gang members already in the process of robbing the train. Crouch to increase your accuracy, and wait for the Ballas to exit their vehicle. Take out the Ballas and then step into the red marker to investigate the shipment.


Rival Gang

The train starts to move once you step on. Now you must toss ten of the crates to Ryder within the time limit. Hold down on the button as instructed to power up, then release it to launch the crate towards the truck. Don't hold down the button for too long, though, as the crate will bounce with too much power or you'll overshoot the truck. The amount of power required depends on the truck's distance, so it's hard to know exactly when to release the button. Essentially you want to aim for the truck's hood or roof so the crate bounces or slides into Ryder's open arms. Wait until Ryder sets down the crate before throwing another one.



The train ride ends once Ryder has ten crates. You're given a three-star wanted level, so follow the yellow icon on the radar to reach a spray shop. The police will pursue you aggressively with a three-star wanted level, but luckily you can stay on the train tracks most of the way, only turning into the street to travel a short distance to the spray shop. Drive into the spray shop for a paint job. Wait until the wanted stars stop flashing before pursuing the yellow icon on the radar. Hit the red marker to complete the mission.

Mission 4: Robbing Uncle Sam

This is another theft mission; you're stealing weapons directly from the army this time. Make sure you have weapons of your own before attempting this. The warehouse is located in the Ocean Docks, which you'll have to cross a bridge to get to. Drive into the red marker outside of the base to get started. Face the wall and jump up to grab hold of it. Pull yourself up and drop down to the opposite side of the gate. Kill any soldiers standing nearby, then take aim and shoot the switch next to the gate to open it.



Once the gate is open, take out the soldiers outside of the warehouse. Take aim and shoot the switch next to the warehouse door and kill the two soldiers inside. Quickly board the forklift at the back of the warehouse. You need to use the forklift to load a total of six boxes onto the back of the van. Picking up a box with the forklift is delicate work, as the fork must be lowered completely and then placed into the skid that the box sits on. With the fork placed correctly, raise the box up about three-fourths of the way. Turn back towards the van and push the box into the back of the van to automatically load it.



While Ryder will try to keep the angry soldiers at bay, he can't take them all, so you'll have to stop what you're doing and help him out. It's mission failure if his health bar reaches zero, so get out of the forklift when you hear gunfire and kill the soldiers. Once the four boxes at the back of the warehouse have been placed onto the back of the van, move the forklift outside and start moving the boxes near the warehouse. The soldiers may shoot and destroy a box you are carrying, so in that case you'll have to venture a bit further from the van to get another box.

Once six boxes have been placed onto the van, hop into the driver's seat and start towards the yellow icon on the radar. Army vehicles are in hot pursuit; you can signal Ryder to toss one of the boxes at the oncoming vehicles by sounding the van's horn. Wait until a vehicle is directly behind the van before honking the horn. If the box hits, the vehicle will veer off the road and eventually explode. The enemy vehicles will try to tip your van over, so avoid making sharp turns because it's all over if your van falls on its side. Drive to Emmet's and into the red marker to complete the mission.


Red Marker

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Jul 28th 2015 Guest
to bring up and down the crates you want to use the delete key for up and the end key to go down
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Mar 24th 2015 Guest
where to find the next Ryder mission after completing the mission robbing uncle sam
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Aug 24th 2014 Guest
i play this game from ma laptop after carring the weapon boxes how can i put the weapon box inside the truck i cant put inside the truck ??
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Jul 6th 2014 Guest
We need a cheat to complete the game we don't Want to know how to do missions
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Jul 11th 2013 Guest
At 22:00 is best too start bulgari mission
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Jul 11th 2013 Guest
Start bulgari mission at 22:00
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Jun 22nd 2013 Guest
ID #291942
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why cheats do not work when on a mission
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how many missions does it take to open first land
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