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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Cheats for Xbox

Cheats and Tips for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

GTA: San Andreas Guide
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas GuidePacked with strategies for each and every mission in the game... This guide contains a complete game walkthrough and tons of videos... It is in our ..

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A huge collection of cheats including codes for money, armor, health, and weapons. There's even a code to turn you into Superman.

We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 2 : PC : iPhone/iPad : Android : Xbox One

You can also ask your question on our Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Questions & Answers page.

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Cheat Codes
This collection of codes are entered using the D-Pad (not the analog stick) during gameplay. If you enter the code in correctly a confirmation message will appear on the screen telling you that the cheat has been activated.

Health and Stats

$250,000, full health and armor -
R Trigger, Black, L Trigger, A, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up

Super man costume/powers
1.At noon in your game go to the costume shop.
2.Use jetpack to get on top of the roof.
3.You should see a cape on top of the roof, grab it.
4.Pause the game then unpause it about three times.
5.You should see a shirt on the roof, grab it.
Reapeat step 4.
6.You should see pants on the roof, grab them
Reapeat step 4.
7.You should see gloves on the roof, gra.. Unofficial Guide to GTA San Andreas
For everything you need for GTA San Andreas check our complete guide: Unofficial Guide to GTA San Andreas

There is a complete walkthrough of all the missions, this includes all side missions and all asset missions.

We also have maps and guides to help you find:

All ..
Zombie town mission
You have to beat the game and go too area 69 and theres a book and in the words it has a cheat I dnt want to spoil the cheat but it makes a zombie mission it's cool but scary
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas cheats
Keep weapon after getting busted:
Date Barbara

Keep weapon after getting wasted:
Date Katie

Medic Outfit:
100% with Katie Zhan

Pimp Outfit:
100% with Denise Robinson

Racing Outfit:
100% with Michelle

Police Outfit:
100% with Barbara

Ak-47, Tec-9, Sawn-Off Shotgun, and Molotov Cocktails:
In Los Sa..
Kiss your girl friend
When you go to your girl friends house and she comes out you can press the l button and kiss her
Jason voor hees
Beat the mission were after sweet says getsome clothes well got to binco get combat jack et go to pro laps and get a hockey mask
Girl freinds
is at the El Quebrados Sheriff parking lot
from 16:00-06:00

is from the Burning desire mission
she is home from 16:00-06:00

is at the Blueberry,Redcounty auto ammu-nation
from 08:00-12:00 and 14:00-02:00

is at the Avispa Country club
from 12:00-00:00

si at the San..
How to become Goku from DragonBall Z(Can also transom from super
First, go to your hood where you first start off and kill 10 of your friends.(the ones in green)Second go to the second city when you finish the first city and jump off a cliff.(hint: where you did the first mission in the country)You should die, when you appear again go back to your first city and take all of the ballers terrority.(the purple ones)When you finish, go back to the cliff and jump ..
Turn CJ colers
Waik into the paint shop look above the door and shoot the paint can and CJ will change colers -WARNING- DO NOT SAVE
never wanted

GTA San Andreas XBox cheat codes
Enter during gameplay: White, Black, L, R, White, Black, Y, X, B, Y, White, L
Fast gameplay – GTA 3 cheats

Enter during gameplay: Y, Up, Right, Down, X, L, White
Flying cars (Analog to jump) – GTA 3 cheats

Enter during gameplay: R, L, Black, L, Left, R, R, Y
Foggy – GTA 3 cheats

Enter during gameplay: L, White, R, Black, Black, R, White, A
Planes with guns
Ok press.


No cops.b,rigt,b,right,left,x,y,up

Cool boat land and water.y,y,x,b,a,l,white.down,up.
Plane: Y,Y,X,B,A,L,L,down,up.
Health,armour,money{250,000}: R,black.L,A,left,down,right,up.
Unlimted ammo: L,R,X,R,left,black,R,left,X,down,L,L.
Cars drive on water: right,black,B,R,white,X,R,black.
Unlimeted health: down,A,right,left,right,R,right,down,up,Y.
No cops: B,right,B,right,left,X,Y,up.
Multiplayer Locations
In the GTA game it is possible to play a little free roam game in the city but the locations where you can find this things are hidden very well so I will give you the locations so it's a bit easier

- At any of your girlfriends house(Play as Girlfriend Only)
- Parkinglot Behind San Fierro Garage(Play as Multiple Characters)
- Lounge Shop in El Quebrados(City where Girlfriend..
Find a go kart
you can find a go kart at eastern basin in san fierro at the x-zoomer. go behind the gas station in a ally type thing and in the grass there should be a go kart. somtimes its not there though.
Jet Pack


Full Weapon Aiming When Driving Up, Up, X, White, Right, A, Right Trigger, Down, Black, B.

Infinite Health
(Explosions, drowning, and falling will still hurt) Down, A, Right, Left, Right, R Trigger, Right, Down, Up, Y.

No Cops
Press R Trigg..
Flying Money
Alright this is an awesome little cheat that I found out after beating the game.

It's pretty fun way to earn money. What you do is get a fast or not so fast car ddoesn't matter what you use, then put flying car cheat which you can find here oon supercheat. Just simply put the cheat in and fly about. It's a cool and fun way to earn money.
How To Get Tank International Criminal
1.Get a gun.
2.Shoot a police man once.*
3.Steel a car.**
4.Run away untill you see cop cars chasing you.
5.Get out of the car shoot the cop car until it explodes.***
6.When the fire truck comes steel it.
7.Drive around until you see cops on the street or on motorsicles.
8.Run them over.****
9.Get out of the fire truck when a police jeep comes after you s..
San Andreas Cheats
Keep weapon after getting busted:
Date Barbara

Keep weapon after getting wasted:
Date Katie

Medic Outfit:
100% with Katie Zhan

Pimp Outfit:
100% with Denise Robinson

Racing Outfit:
100% with Michelle

Police Outfit:
100% with Barbara

Ak-47, Tec-9, Sawn-Off Shotgun, and Molotov Cocktails:
In Los Sa..
Beat the Cock!!
In San Andreas there is actually a little hidden minigame witch involves a triaathlon to do for CJ. It's very much fun to do so I reccommend doing because there's also a money reward if you win the race.

Here are the locations that I found:

- Santa Maria Beach(Near Lighthouse, San Andreas)
- Red County(Near Palomino Creek, Little beach where Chainsaw Massacre house is)..
Secret Weapon in Los Santos
Pistol: Behind a house in Grove Street/Emmet's Place
Tech-9: On top of Sweet's house.
Grenades: In Idlewood, at the motel near the Ganton Gym, located on the stairs.
Shovel: Behind Ryder's house.
Shotgun: Beginning of the game; kill the Pizza man; and take the gun.
B Knucks: In Grove Street; under the bridge.
Spray: On top of CJ'S house.
DE .50: In ..
Spawn Hydra:y,y,x,b,a,l,l,down,up
Trash master:b,R,b,R,left,left,R,L,b,right
Hot ring racer:R,b,black,right,L,white,a,a,x,R

Weapons set 1:R,black,L,white,left,down,rig..
Tractor Towing
Find a tractor and look at the back of it. You'll see a lever. Get in the tractor and you can use the right thumbstick to move that lever up and down. Move it down as much as possible then find a parked car (I say parked but you can use stationery cars as well, just it's easier with a parked one). Now reverse the tractor into the front of the car. Once the lever is underneath the car, lift the l..
criminal rankings
Criminal Ratings have been around since Grand Theft Auto III, but Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas takes it to the next level. A Criminal Rating is basically a high score, the more cops you wreck and more havoc and chaos you create, the more points you get, but if you get wasted or busted, that rating goes down. Depending on your points the game gives you a name of who you are, such as Godfather or..
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