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- Ken Rosenberg's Missions

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Ken Rosenberg's Missions

Once you have completed the “Don Peyote” mission in Wu Zi Mu's mission line, you will receive a call from Kent Paul. You can now accept missions from Rosenberg by stepping into the red marker at the back of Caligula's Casino.

Mission Start

Mission 1: Intensive Care

All is not well between the families in Las Venturas; Rosenberg needs you to sort things out. Johnny, a member of the Sindaccos family, is currently in a shock-induced coma in the hospital across town. Rosenberg is afraid that the Forellis will use this as an opportunity to take him out. If the Forellis succeed, Rosenberg will be killed, so you have to go to the hospital and move the body somewhere safe. You'll need an SMG to complete this mission so make sure you have one before you get going. Once you're all suited up, travel to the hospital outside of the Las Venturas Airport and drive into the red marker. You discover that an ambulance already arrived to pick Johnny up. That can't be good. There are currently three ambulances cruising around the city, and one of them must have Johnny.

You will have to track one of the ambulances down and ram into it to see how the driver reacts. If two paramedics step out, it is a genuine ambulance, so leave it be. Furthermore, ramming the wrong ambulance will cause the paramedics to send a distress call to the other ambulances in the city, effectively alerting the Forellis that you are after them. You then must find the Forellis before they can flee the city with Johnny in tow. When you do find the ambulance that is transporting Johnny, you then have to damage the ambulance until the driver stops. Use your SMG to accomplish this task; you don't have to worry about blowing up the ambulance and killing Johnny, because the ambulance is indestructible at this point.


Always drive on the left side of the ambulance, because driving on the passenger's side will allow the second mobster to fire at your vehicle. Once you have hit the ambulance with enough gunfire, waste the two gangsters that step out, get in the ambulance and start towards the meat factory (denoted on your radar by a yellow icon). Be careful now as the ambulance can be destroyed while you're driving it; if the ambulance is destroyed the mission is a failure, so don't get careless. Some backup will show up to stop you, but you should still be able to get Johnny to the meat factory with little difficulty because, with the ambulance's sirens blaring, the other cars on the road will clear the way. Drive into the red marker outside of the meat factory to complete the mission.


Meat Factory

Mission 2: The Meat Business

Make sure you have a powerful weapon and some Body Armor before attempting this one. Get yourself a ride and start towards the meat factory where you dropped Johnny off at the end of the previous mission. When you arrive, enter through the main door to trigger a cutscene. Afterwards, crouch down and start picking off the witnesses at the other end of the room. There are more guys in the room beyond the fire, so take them out so Rosenberg can extinguish the flames. The factory is absolutely packed with enemies, as you can see by taking a glance at your radar. There is a vest of Body Armor nearby if need be; just turn right upon entering the processing area, it's at the back of the freezer. Once you have killed every single enemy in the factory, exit through the door at the back of the stockroom and drive Rosenberg back to Caligula's to complete the mission.



Mission 3: Freefall

Get to the Las Venturas airport and follow the blue icon on your radar to a hangar. Pick up the Body Armor in the corner, then board the plane in the hangar. Take off and start towards the yellow icon on your radar. Continue to ascend until the yellow icon changes into an arrow pointing downwards. Once you have the plane at this height, continue moving towards the plane. When the plane comes into view, fly past it and then swing around and start heading towards the corona above it. Fly into the corona to have CJ jump out of the plane and board the hitmen's flight.



Once onboard, kill all five of the hitmen to take control of the plane. Fly the plane back to the Las Venturas airport and land it on the runway to complete the mission.

Mission 4: Saint Mark's Bistro

You're going to hit Saint Mark's Bistro in Liberty City. Make your way to the Las Venturas airport. If you recall there is a vest of Body Armor in one of the hangars along the runway so be sure pick it up before getting into the jet. Once you're strapped in the jet, take off and start towards Liberty City. When you reach the city you'll be under fire right off the bat, so stay low. Kill all of the mobsters in the initial area, then hug the railing and try to kill as many of the enemies below as you can. The shotgun-wielding thugs by the bar are quite deadly, so proceed with caution.

Once the bar is clear of enemies, head through the doorway next to the counter and start towards the kitchen. Move through the kitchen and the proceeding corridor to reach the target. If you have a long-range weapon such as the M4, you will be able to take out the target and surrounding mobsters from the top of the stairs, otherwise you will have to climb down and move up until you are close enough to get a clear shot. With the target taken care of, fly back to Las Venturas airport and land on the runway to complete the mission.

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Jul 5th 2011 Guest
yu get a plane tghat is marked with blue mark on ur map it is parked obviously
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Apr 2nd 2011 Guest
please exsplane how to get planes it is getting enoying because i cant get one when i am on hill top farm there flying over my head but i cant get them
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